9.7.2012 classwork - friday


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9.7.2012 classwork - friday

  1. 1. Think of something that you could do to earn spendingmoney. Write an advertisement for your business. Friday September 7, 2012 Ayanna Emily Bryan Christy Jaileen Jackeline Leslie Ixza Alexis Philicia Carlos Remy Jessica YamileeAlejandra David Cindy Andrianete Ricardo Jordan Kathy Michael Lilah Jose Edward Diana Leon Samira Donovan Jeffrey Kareena Daeshawn Dariel Ericka
  2. 2. Morning WritingThe famous Americanpainter Grandma Moses, orAnna Mary RobertsonMoses, was born today inGreenwich, New York, in1860. Prompt: Grandma Moses didnt even start painting until the age of 78, and she is famous today. What advice do you think she would give someone who is afraid to try something new?
  3. 3. Reading ­ The Talent Contest (pg. 18)Context CluesSynonyms are words thatmean the same or almostthe same thing as otherwords.For example, huge is asynonym for gigantic.When you read anunfamiliar word, check tosee if there is a synonymnearby to use as a contextclue. unfamiliar
  4. 4. A person is slumped in his chair if he slidesdown.Soggy is how something feels when it is fullof water.
  5. 5. Strands are threads, or similar items thatcan be twisted together.Capable means you have the skill or powerto do something well.
  6. 6. Categories are groups or classes of things.Something gigantic is larger than otherthings.
  7. 7. Credit is something given by teachers forextra work.Something luminous is very bright andshiny.
  8. 8. Character and Plot Chart Characters Plot Danny cant decideDanny is scared. what to do for the talent show.Elena is a thoughtful Elena tries to calmperson. Danny down. Elena offers to helpDanny is worried. He Danny come up withthinks people will ideas for the talentlaugh at him. show. Elena suggests thatDanny is overly Danny do a dramaticdramatic and starts reading for the talentshouting. show.
  9. 9. Math ­ Place Value Through Millions (pg. 11)
  10. 10. Math ­ Place Value Through Millions (pg. 11) million hundred
  11. 11. five million, nine hundred onethousand,four hundred, fifty­two.
  12. 12. Write in expanded form
  13. 13. Spelling ­ Pretest 1. jut 11. gush 2. nick 12. scan 3. tenth 13. batch 4. shrug 14. rough 5. stuff 15. stump 6. sense 16. tough 7. damp 17. laugh 8. cot 18. guess 9. fling 19. lead 10. notch 20. dove
  14. 14. A Prayer Before GraceBless us, O Lord, forthese Thy gifts, which weare about to receive fromThy bounty, throughChrist our Lord. Amen.
  15. 15. ELA ­ What are sentences?A sentence is a groupof words that express acomplete thought.A sentence fragment isa group of words that sentencedoes not express a Joanncomplete thought. off the fragment leaving her team at a time when we needed her.
  16. 16. Read each group of words. Place a period on the line at theend if it is a sentence. If it is a sentence fragment, write an Fon the line.1. Sage missed vocabulary day because shehad a cold ______2. Finished defining the vocabulary words______3. Sage liked to make up her own definitions______
  17. 17. ELA ­ What are sentences?Every sentence begins with acapital letter and ends with apunctuation mark.A statement is a sentence thattells something. It ends with aperiod. statementA question is a sentence that We haasks something. It ends with aquestion mark. question Do you miscel
  18. 18. Place a period on the line at the end of the sentence if it is astatement. Place a question mark at the end of the sentenceif it is a question.4. Is "Musical Performance" the theme for thisweek ______5. She was looking forward to the TenthAnnual Vocabulary Parade ______6. Starr went to the end of the line after shespelled the word correctly ______
  19. 19. Rewrite these sentences. Be sure to use the correct end mark.7. Sage turned red when she heardeveryone laughing8. do you have a collection of unrelatedobjects9. Mrs. Page asked the students to spell anddefine the words10. why were they laughing
  20. 20. Specials Monday ­ Music Tuesday ­ GymThursday ­ Library/Computer
  21. 21. D.E.A.R. Time
  22. 22. Homework Summary ­ Friday, September 7, 2012No Homework Friday!Have a nice weekend
  23. 23. Range: Mode:7 Median: Mean: Reward 10 Pizza Party 8­9 Wheel of Fun 7 Spelling 6 BrainPOP 4­5 Silent Snack 2­3 Class Work 1 No Snack