5.14.15 classwork tuesday


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5.14.15 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. ChristySamiraLeonKareenaPhiliciaAyannaLilahRemyDonovanMichaelYamileeJessicaLeslieCarlosBryanRicardoAlexisDavidJordanAlejandraKathyDianaIxzaEmilyJaileenJeffreyTuesdayMay 14, 2013Pretend that you are shopping at a garage sale whensuddenly you hear a toy doll speaking to you. Writeabout what happens next.EdwardAdrianette
  2. 2. DO NOW:Write the x9Times Table tentimes.Morning Work
  3. 3. 1. We did not plan the _______ of the event properly, so it was unorganized.2. The batter hit the ball with _______, looking effortless.3. Please bring a ________ of sticks for the campfire.4. Since I am group leader, I have to _______ the scouts.5. The wooded _______ gave me a feeling of peace.6. After three failed attempts, we felt _______.7. Her hard work _______ her success in school.8. The silver and gold were _______ together, making the ring look as if it had stripes.bundle coordination frustrated fusedguaranteed scenery supervise easecoordinationeasebundlesceneryfrustratedguaranteedfusedsupervise
  4. 4. ReadingAim: Camping Out(p. 668)Talk About ItHave you everbeen camping? How is camping outdifferent from living at home? Describe anyexperience youve had camping out. Whatdid you do?
  5. 5. Guaranteed means made sure or certain.When you supervise, you watch over anddirect what is going on.Frustrated means to have feelings ofdiscouragement.Coordination is the ability of parts or thingsto work together well.
  6. 6. Ease means to move slowly and carefully.Scenery is the sights of a place or region.A bundle is a group of items held together.Fused means blended or united.
  7. 7. ReadingAim: The Best Fourth ofJuly (p. 670)DictionaryA word can havemany meanings. ADictionary can helpyou decide whichdefinition is appropriate. For example, fusedcan mean "made into a liquid by heating orblended together by melting."
  8. 8. ReadingMonitor ComprehensionMake JudgmentsA Judgments Chart helps youjudge whether or not acharacters actions are agood idea. This will help youmonitor your comprehensionor understanding of the character and thestory. Use your Judgments Chart as youreread "The Best Fourth of July" to makejudgments about Jeans actions.Action Judgment
  9. 9. Action JudgmentLateesh and herbunkmates put offwriting their Fourth ofJuly skit so theircounselor Jean takescontrol.Lateesha and herfriends aresomewhat lazy.The bunkmates puton a skit but no onelaughed.Lateesha and palsresented Jeansideas.Lateesha enjoys ahike to LookawayMountain, butcomplains that shehas to carry heavygear.Lateesha is a bitlazy.Jean apologized fornot listening to thegirls.Jean always meantwell.
  10. 10. ReadingAim: Skunk Scout (p. 672)GenreRealistic Fiction has real­life settings, well­developed characters,and realistic problemsand solutions.Monitor ComprehensionMake JudgmentsUse story details to formopinions about thecharacters and their actions.
  11. 11. scout: a person who is sent out to getinformationhawk: a bird of prey with a hooked beak,long claws, broad wings, and keen sightcampsite: a place where people liveoutdoors in tents or other sheltersalibis: excusesgear: equipment needed for some purpose,such as camping
  12. 12. Reading HomeworkThink and CompareAnswer questions 1­5 on page691. You do not have to writethe questions but answer usingcomplete sentences.
  13. 13. MathAim: Review (p. 601)Lesson:Complete pages 601­603Homework:Study for exam tomorrow
  14. 14. Spelling1. clothes 11. cycle2. January 12. cyclone3. cereal 13. gigantic4. mortal 14. Olympics5. lunar 15. territory6. atlas 16. terrace7. ocean 17. parasol8. salute 18. fortune9. fury 19. furious10. echo 20. gracious
  15. 15. SpellingAim: Mythology WordsLesson:• Pages 174­175Homework:• Spelling words ABC order ten times each.
  16. 16. Language ArtsAim: Composition:Organization (p. 208)To produce a well­organized paragraph,writers must arrangetheir sentences in a clear and logical order.This means that ALL sentences in a paragraphwill relate to the main idea.
  17. 17. Language ArtsGUIDELINES• Organization in a paragraph shows a clear andlogical connection of ideas.• A well­organized paragraph presents sentencesin a logical order.• Two ways to organize information are by timeorder and spatial order.• Time order uses words such as first, next, and thento show the order in which an activity should bedone.• Spatial order uses words such as above, near,over, beside, next to, and on top of to makedirections clearer.
  18. 18. Write each sentence. Draw one line under the time­orderwords. Draw two lines under the spatial words.1. First, arrange shells in the bottom of a tray.2. Then, mix the plaster of Paris.3. Next, pour the mixture on top of the shells.4. After the plaster hardens, remove the tray and shells.5. Finally, you have "fossils."6. Kara fills the pan with water.7. She places the pan in the sun.8. Kara uses white paper to "catch" the rainbow.9. She leans a mirror at an angle in the pan.10. Kara moves the mirror to reflect the light onto the paper.Write each sentence. Add time­order words to organize thesteps of the activity in the correct order.
  19. 19. Language Arts HomeworkWriting Activity ­ A RecipeWrite a favorite recipe. Use time­order andspatial words to tell how to make the dish. Besure all the steps are organized in the correctorder.APPLY GRAMMAR: Be sure that you use thecorrect verb tense for each of the steps inyour recipe. Underline each verb and writeabove it whether it is in the present, the past,or the future tense.
  20. 20. ReligionAim: During the Liturgy ofthe Eucharist, we pray thegreat prayer ofthanksgiving and receivethe Body and Blood ofChrist. (p. 136)Lesson:• Complete "We Gather"• Read pp. 136­137• Define Key Words• Write TEN (10) facts about the chapter
  21. 21. Homework Summary for Tuesday May 14, 2013Reading1­5 on page 691MathStudy for exam ­ tomorrow (Chapter 8)SpellingSpelling words ABC order ten times eachLanguage ArtsWriting Activity ­ A Recipe (see lesson)Social StudiesStudy for exam ­ tomorrow (Chapter 8)ScienceStudy for exam ­ Friday (Chapter 16)
  22. 22. Attachments1314158Analogies TTT.notebook