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9.25.12 classwork tuesday


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Published in: Technology, Education
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9.25.12 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. Would you rather start school in the morning and finish inthe afternoon or start school in the afternoon and finishin the evening? Explain. Donovan Tuesday Jordan September 25, 2012 Jose Ayanna Samira BryanPhilicia Christy Jessica Emily Leslie Michael David Ricardo Alexis Diana Yamilee Kareena Alejandra Jaileen Kathy Edward Ixza Lilah Carlos Adrianette Leon Jeffrey Remy
  2. 2. Morning WritingThe last full week inSeptember is NationalDog Week. Imaginethat you are openinga dog spa whereowners can bring theirdogs to be pampered.Describe threeactivities that you willoffer at your spa.
  3. 3. Reading ­ Exploring Space (p. 90)Talk About ItWhat draws people to wantto explore space?Why should we continue toexplore space?Picture PromptLook at the picture andrespond in writing.
  4. 4. A mission is a special assignment or task.Disasters cause destruction.To function is to work or act.Gravity is a force that pulls objects on Earthssurface toward Earths center.A maze is a confusing network of paths orpassageways.
  5. 5. When something is adjusted it is changed orarranged differently.The environment includes the air, water, andland that surround living things.A zone is an area or space that has aspecial rule or use.
  6. 6. Reading ­ Jobs In Space (p. 92)Context CluesDescriptions orexplanations can beContext Clues that willhelp you figure out themeaning of unfamiliarwords. Sometimes you can What is a Summary?find these clues if you keep A summary is a short statementreading until the end of a of the most important ideas or TAP TO REVEALsentence or paragraph. information in a selection.
  7. 7. Main Ideas Main Ideas Main Ideas Summary
  8. 8. Reading HomeworkOn Level Practice Book O,page 23.
  9. 9. Math ­ Problem­Solving Investigation (p. 61)
  10. 10. check
  11. 11. 1 Understand2 Plan3 Solve4 Check
  12. 12. Math Homework"My Homework" pages 65­66Quiz tomorrow.
  13. 13. Spelling ­ Word Sort 1. heart 11. barge 2. swear 12. thorn 3. aboard 13. marsh 4. squares 14. force 5. swore 15. harsh 6. chart 16. scarce 7. scorn 17. coarse 8. starch 18. flare 9. source 19. course 10. fare 20. sword
  14. 14. chart Scornfare
  15. 15. Class workComplete page 21.
  16. 16. Spelling HomeworkSpelling words, ABC order, ten times each.
  17. 17. ELA ­ Plural Possessive Nouns (p. 102)RULESA plural possessive noun is a examplesplural noun that showsownership.To form the possessive of a Think and Write Nounsplural noun that ends in s, add In your writingonly an apostrophe (). book, write how you know if a noun is a plural possessive noun.
  18. 18. surgeons twins
  19. 19. children
  20. 20. doctors
  21. 21. volunteers
  22. 22. friends
  23. 23. Guided Practiceexercise 1­5 on page 102More Practiceexercise 6­20 on page 103
  24. 24. Language Homework"Extra Practice" exercise 1­20 on page 162
  25. 25. Religion ­ Sing­alongs
  26. 26. Scholastic Code JYYWZ
  27. 27. Homework Summary ­ Tuesday, September 25, 2012Reading• Practice Book O, page 23Math• "My Homework" page 65­66Spelling• Write the spelling words ABC order, ten times eachLanguage Arts• "Extra Practice" page 162, exercise 1­20Science• Draw a picture describing how we can help our Earth by recycling plastic. Use construction paper or white printing paper.
  28. 28. Range: Mode:5 Median: Mean: Reward 10 Pizza Party 8­9 Wheel of Fun 7 Spelling 6 BrainPOP 4­5 Silent Snack 2­3 Class Work 1 No Snack
  29. 29. Today is first day of school. Imagine that you have justanonymously received the perfect gift. Write about whatit is and how you will figure out who gave it to you. Wednesday September 5, 2012 Emily Ayanna Bryan Jaileen Christy Leslie Jose Edward Philicia Samira Ixza Ricardo Leon Jessica Alexis Michael David Donovan Jordan Kareena Lilah Yamilee Remy Kathy Alejandra Diana Carlos Jeffrey Adrianette
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