9.24.12 classwork monday


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9.24.12 classwork monday

  1. 1. If you had to spend an entire day in one room of yourhouse, which room would you choose? Explain. Monday September 24, 2012 Jordan Adrianette Bryan Jose Philicia Samira Leslie Ayanna Emily Christy Remy Alexis David Donovan Jessica Jaileen Kareena Ixza Kathy Edward Yamilee Diana Carlos Alejandra LeonJeffrey Lilah Ricardo Michael
  2. 2. Morning WritingNational SchoolSuccess Month iscelebrated inSeptember. Whatadvice would yougive other studentsfor how to besuccessful in school?
  3. 3. Reading ­ Exploring Space (p. 90)Talk About ItWhat draws people to wantto explore space?Why should we continue toexplore space?Picture PromptLook at the picture andrespond in writing.
  4. 4. A mission is a special assignment or task.Disasters cause destruction.To function is to work or act.Gravity is a force that pulls objects on Earthssurface toward Earths center.A maze is a confusing network of paths orpassageways.
  5. 5. When something is adjusted it is changed orarranged differently.The environment includes the air, water, andland that surround living things.A zone is an area or space that has aspecial rule or use.
  6. 6. Reading HomeworkOn Level Practice Book O,page 22.Define Vocabulary Words in yournotebook.
  7. 7. Math ­ Order Whole Numbers and Decimals (p.55)
  8. 8. from greatest to least
  9. 9. from greatest to least
  10. 10. Math Homework"My Homework" pages 59­60
  11. 11. Spelling ­ Pretest 1. heart 11. barge 2. swear 12. thorn 3. aboard 13. marsh 4. squares 14. force 5. swore 15. harsh 6. chart 16. scarce 7. scorn 17. coarse 8. starch 18. flare 9. source 19. course 10. fare 20. sword
  12. 12. Class workCopy spelling words in Practice Book, page19 and complete page 20.
  13. 13. Spelling HomeworkSpelling words, ten times each.
  14. 14. ELA ­ Singular Possessive Nouns (p. 100)RULESA possessive noun is anoun that shows who orwhat owns or hassomething.My brothers shirt is red and white.
  15. 15. ELA ­ Singular Possessive Nouns (p. 100)RULESThe possessive form ofmost singular nounsend in an apostropheand an s (s). Leos hat my guppys food Jamess scarf
  16. 16. Guided Practiceexercise 1­5 on page 100More Practiceexercise 6­20 on page 101
  17. 17. Language Homework"Extra Practice" exercise 1­25 on page 161
  18. 18. Religion ­ In the liturgy we celebrate ChristsPaschal Mystery (p. 36) Let us sing and shout our joy in God!Class Work• Complete "We Gather"• Read pages 36­37• Define Key Word• Write five facts about the chapterHomework1. What is the Paschal Mystery?2. How are we connected to the other members of the Church?3. How is the Church able to live and work today?
  19. 19. graceprayer love
  20. 20. Social ­ The World Awaits (p. 110) The World Awaits (p. 110)• In 1418, Prince Henry opens a school of navigation.• Aim of school was to make better ships, maps, and tools for navigation.
  21. 21. Social ­ Exploration and Technology (p. 108) New Technology (p. 110)• Sailors learned how to sail new kind of ship called a caravel.• Mapmakers drew better maps. astrolabe• Scientists improved two tools ­ compass and astrolabe.
  22. 22. 1 What factors helpd the Portuguese become early leaders in exploration? A They were close to Asia and Europe. Christopher Columbus was their B leader. They developed the caravel, and C had a school navigation. D The read Marco Polos book.
  23. 23. Social ­ Exploration and Technology (p. 108)A New View of the World• The Vikings sailed to North America in 1000 A.D.• Vikings fought with Native Americans and chose to leave.
  24. 24. Scholastic Code JYYWZ
  25. 25. Homework Summary ­ Monday, September 24, 2012Reading• Define vocabulary words• Practice Book O, page 22Math• "My Homework" page 59­60Spelling• Write the spelling words ten times eachLanguage Arts• "Extra Practice" page 161, exercise 1­25Religion1. What is the Paschal Mystery?2. How are we connected to the other members of the Church?3. How is the Church able to live and work today?
  26. 26. Range: Mode:4 Median: Mean: Reward 10 Pizza Party 8­9 Wheel of Fun 7 Spelling 6 BrainPOP 4­5 Silent Snack 2­3 Class Work 1 No Snack
  27. 27. Today is first day of school. Imagine that you have justanonymously received the perfect gift. Write about whatit is and how you will figure out who gave it to you. Wednesday September 5, 2012 Emily Ayanna Bryan Jaileen Christy Leslie Jose Edward Philicia Samira Ixza Ricardo Leon Jessica Alexis Michael David Donovan Jordan Kareena Lilah Yamilee Remy Kathy Alejandra Diana Carlos Jeffrey Adrianette
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