9.17.12 classwork monday


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9.17.12 classwork monday

  1. 1. September 17 is Citizenship Day. Describe threequantities of a good citizen. Monday September 17, 2012 Philicia Jordan Emily Ayanna Leslie Jackeline Christy Ricardo Bryan Kathy Cindy Alexis Ixza Jessica Leon David Diana Michael Kareena Jaileen Andrianete Remy Alejandra Yamilee Carlos Jose Jeffrey Donovan Edward Daeshawn Dariel Ericka Lilah Samira
  2. 2. Morning WritingClownfest begins today inSeaside Heights, New Jersey,where clowns from all over thecountry come together for fivedays of performances andcompetitions.Prompt: There are many kinds of clowns: sad ones,pretty ones, mischievous and silly ones, all with differingcostumes and make­up. If you were asked to designyourself as a clown, which kind would you be?Describe your costume and the way your make­uplooks: Is your face white or blue? Do you have a bigred nose? Furry eyebrows? Do you carry a horn?
  3. 3. Reading ­ American Legends (p. 48)Talk About ItWho are some of the legendaryfigures of American history? Whatqualities must a person have tobecome a legend? strong smart helpful brave courage
  4. 4. When you impress someone, you have astrong effect on that person.When you wring something you hold onto ittightly and twist it.A fireball is a very bright sphere made of hotdust, gas, and vapor particles.
  5. 5. When something is original, it has to do withthe origin, or beginning, of something.Commenced means "started or began."An advertisement is a public notice thatrecommends a product or service.
  6. 6. When officials are elected, they are chosenby voters.A person who sauntered into a room walkedslowly or leisurely.
  7. 7. Reading HomeworkUse the Vocabulary Words in a sentence.Use your HW notebook.
  8. 8. Math ­ Understand Place Value (p. 37) Page 35 period standard form decimal expanded form millions 2,000,000 ten thousands 50,000 four million, seven hundred thirty thousand
  9. 9. One tenths0 ­I Sunday
  10. 10. Math Homework"My Homework" page 41­42
  11. 11. Spelling 1. paste 11. theme 2. bride 12. type 3. shave 13. oak 4. spice 14. growth 5. greed 15. yolk 6. plead 16. folks 7. greet 17. aim 8. heap 18. prey 9. paid 19. tow 10. coach 20. grind
  12. 12. Spelling HomeworkWrite the spelling words ten times each.Write neatly!
  13. 13. ELA ­ Mixed Review (p. 12)Classwork• Copy the RULES on page 12• Practice 1­20 on page 12,13• Write sentences in notebook Homework Make a poster that describes what you would do in the event of a tornado. Check for correct use of capital letters, commas, and end punctuation.
  14. 14. Practice (page 12)Directions: Write each sentence. Add capital letters and endpunctuation correctly. Then write whether the sentence isdeclarative, interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory.1. turn on the radio imperative2. is there any news about the storm declarative3. the newscaster spoke about the weather declarative4. how heavy the rain is falling exclamatory5. close the windows and shut the doors imperative6. how dark the sky looks exclamatory7. the wind is blowing very hard declarative8. is the weather clearing, or is it getting worse interrogative9. look at the rainbow imperative10. summer storms come and go quickly declarative
  15. 15. Religion ­ Jesus invites people to follow Him(p. 24)Class Work• Complete "We Gather"• Read pages 24­25• Define Key Words• Write five facts about the chapterHomework1. What was Jesus mission?2. Why did Jesus use the parables?
  16. 16. Homework Summary ­ Monday, September 17, 2012Reading1. Write a sentence using Vocabulary words.Math1. "My Homework" on page 41­42.Spelling1. Write Spelling words ten times each.Language Arts1. Make a poster that describes what you would do in the event of a tornado. Check for correct use of capital letters, commas, and end punctuation.Religion1. What was Jesus mission?2. Why did Jesus use the parables?
  17. 17. Range: Mode:8 Median: Mean: Reward 10 Pizza Party 8­9 Wheel of Fun 7 Spelling 6 BrainPOP 4­5 Silent Snack 2­3 Class Work 1 No Snack