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Paige stegne the nervous system   copy

Paige stegne the nervous system copy






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    Paige stegne the nervous system   copy Paige stegne the nervous system copy Presentation Transcript

    • The Nervous System  By: Paige Stegne  Grade 5 Fessenden School
      • Important Parts of the Nervous System 
      • spinal Cord
      • brain
      • facial Nerves
      • sciatic Nerves
      • sensory Nerves
      • mixed Nerves
      • motor Nerves
    • The Spinal Cord 
      • structure: made of a bundle of nerve fibres (called axons)
      • function: basically the information highway of the human body
      • messages are sent back and forth to the brain and other parts of the body
      • info: includes touch, temperature, joint position and signals telling muscles to move
    • The Brain 
      • structure: pink, jelly-like substance folded over itself to maximize its surface area
      • function: controls everything in your body
      • cells in the brain control heart rate, body temperature and respiration
      • hormone control of the renal glands, thyroid, reproductive organs and kidneys
    • Sciatic Nerves 
      • branches of the Lumbar nerves
      • longest and largest nerves in the human body
      • supply nerve impulses to the muscles and skin in hip joints, thighs, feet, lower legs and most of the skin below the knee
    • Facial nerves 
      • the seventh cranial nerve
      • begins in the spinal cord
      • branches into the face, neck, outer ear, and salivary glands
      • performs both motor and sensory functions
      • branches from the brain stem up
      • divides into smaller nerves to reach the face, neck, salivary glands and outer ear
      • controls the muscles of the neck, facial expressions, and muscles on the forehead
      • reports taste from front 23 of the tongue
      • carries sensations from the outer ear
    • Relationships with other body systems 
      • relates to the muscular system and the skeletal system
      • skull protects the brain
      • spine protects the spinal cord
      • nerves send messages to the muscles to tell you if something is wrong or hurt
      • in the cardiovascular system , the nervous system modulates heart rate, contractile strength and vascular tone
    • Healthy Effects 
      • have healthy fats with vitamins D and B12
      • vitamin B
      • potassium
      • sodium ions
      • practise writing everyday to exercise motor and sensory neurons in your brain
      • eat tomatoes, carrots, peppers and leafy green vegetables
    • Harmful Effects 
      • alcohol =BAD
      • drugs =BAD
      • tobacco = BAD
      • smoking =BAD
      • these mess with your brain
      • these things are NOT good for the nervous system
    • Diseases of the Nervous System 
      • spinal tumors:
      • tumors that involve the spinal cord or vertebral column
      • can either be primary or secondary
      • primary: originating from the spinal cord
      • secondary : spreading to the spinal cord from other parts of the body
      • can cause cases of a metastatic cancer
      • epilepsy:
      • a condition characterized by recurring seizures
      • seizures are abnormal over activity of the cells in the brain which affect variable regions of the central nervous system; mostly forebrain
      • any injury to the brain can lead to seizures and sometimes epilepsy
    • The most Interesting facts about the Nervous System 
      • divided into 2 parts- central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system 
      • nerves can pass messages in less than a fraction of a second 
      • there are MILLIONS of nerve cells in the human body 
      • the brain alone has about 100 million neurons , which lined up would make a 600 mile-long line 
      • thirty-one pairs of nerves of nerves originate from the spinal cord 
      • in humans , the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, and vice versa 
    • Even MORE Interesting Facts 
      • the weight of the brain in an average adult female is 1275 grams 
      • the brain looks like a giant , wrinkled walnut 
      • the weight of the brain in an average adult male is 1375 grams 
    • My References 
      • www.innerbody.com
      • www.answers.com
      • www.buzzle.com
      • www.nervoussystemdieseases.com
      • www.wikipedia.org
      • The Human Body by S. Bruno