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Steven green rose chafer beetle steven's files

  1. 1. Green Rose Chafer Beetle By Steven
  2. 2. Scientific Classification • Kingdom – Animalia • Phylum – Arthropod • Class – Insects • Order – Coleopteran • Family -Scarabaeidae • Subfamily- Cetoniinae • genus – Cetonia • Species – C. aurata
  3. 3. Appearance• Iridescent• The furry stomach is a coppery colour• The wingcases are bright green and has white marks• Six legs• Two Antennas• V shape groove on the back
  4. 4. Green Rose chafer Beetle Habitat• They live in the southern central Europe• They also live in the southern part of the Uk• Logs• Tree holes• Gardens• Rotting wood• Flowers
  5. 5. Green Rose Chafer Beetle Life Cycle• First it is an egg• Second it is a larva• Third Pupate• Fourth it is a beetle• Fifth it lives for two years• Sixth Mates and it dies
  6. 6. Green Rose Chafer Beetle Diet• Flowers• Pollen• Leafs• Fruits• Buds of plants• In particular roses
  7. 7. Predators• Birds• Cats• And other small animals
  8. 8. How My Species Contributes ToThe Diversity Of Life• It has a toxin• That could kill birds• Cats• Or other small animals
  9. 9. How Humans Impact MySpecies Environment• Because they cut down threes• They cut down plants and flowers• And they wreck where they live
  10. 10. To Help My Species Survive• Don’t cut down trees• Don’t destroy plant’s and flowers• And plant more threes and flowers so they have more habitats
  11. 11. Interesting Facts• The green rose chafer beetle belongs to the same family as the dung beetles• Chafer is a word that is thought to mean ‘to gnaw’ and relates to the feeding habits of these beetles• In the winter the larvae hibernate in soil or in side rotting wood
  12. 12. References• The book called Insects• aurata•