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Relative clauses
Relative clauses
Relative clauses
Relative clauses
Relative clauses
Relative clauses
Relative clauses
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Relative clauses


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Relative Clauses Who? Which? Where? When? Whose? That? ????????
  • 2. WHERE WHEN WHOSE WHICH WHO Places: The city where I was born Time: A day when you made an important decision Things or people: A film whose main actor is J. Nickolson / A boy whose mother works here. Things: A thing which you use to cut the grass. WHICH can be replaced by THAT* People: A person who you know very well. WHO can be replaced by THAT* * Only when the relative clause is not between commas
  • 3. Look at these sentences: In one of them you can omit the relative pronoun and the sentence is still correct. This is the room which I like best. This is the room which has the best view. I
  • 4. 10) Is this the restaurant - you recommended? 9) The film, WHOSE theme song won an Oscar, is based on a true story. 8) The book you - you gave me is great. 7) Can I talk to the girl WHO/ THAT is sitting on the bench? 6) This is the man WHOSE house is on fire. 5) The robber stole the car - the lady had parked in front of the supermarket. 4) I haven't seen Frank, WHOSE wife is your boss, for a long time now. 3) Mandy is the girl - I met on Friday. 2) Yesterday I saw a car WHICH / THAT was really old. 1) This is the boy WHO / THAT had an accident.
    • A) The students, who passed the exam, are celebrating a party on Saturday.
    • B) The students who passed the exam are celebrating a party on Saturday.
    • In which sentence did all the students pass the exam?
    • In which sentence “who passed the exam” is extra information ?
    • In which sentence “who passed the exam” is essential information ?
    A A B
  • 6.
    • When the RELATIVE CLAUSE goes between commas it means the information is extra (not necessary).
    • Maria, who is my best friend, lives in Rome.
    • The book, which is really good, was written in 2003.
    • In these clauses:
      • which and who can’t be replaced by that
      • you can never omit the pronoun
  • 7.
    • My brother Rob, ______ lives in Australia, is a doctor.
    • who b) that c) which
    • We stayed at the hotel ________ you recommended.
    • - b) whose c) where
    • A friend of mine, _________ father is the manager of the company, helped me to get the job.
    • whose b) that c) –
    • This morning I met somebody ________ I hadn’t seen for ages.
    • which b) - c) whose
    • What’s the name of the man ___________ car you borrowed?
    • that b) who c) whose
    • Bill Clinton, ________ was president of the USA, has only one daughter.
    • that b) who c) whose
    • This is the place ____________ has the best views.
    • which b) where c) –
    • His father, ________ is retired, is going to live to California
    • a) that b) who c) whose