(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Industrial or Social - what type of marketer are you?


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For over a century we have practised marketing based on industrial principles continuing to manifest its DNA in advertising, PR, marketing and product development. Marketing historians will look back on the beginning of the 21st century as the defining point at which social marketing finally gained the necessary tools - social media, the mobile phone and digital distribution to become a realistic proposition to deliver consumer value.

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Industrial or Social - what type of marketer are you?

  1. Industrial or Social : What type of marketer are YOU?
  2. “ We are moving from an era of one where marketers find customers for their product s to one where they need to find products for their customers ”
  3. “ How we view the problem is the problem” Einstein
  4. For each slide choose which statement ( A or B ) you most agree with. At the end, you’ll find out if you’re INDUSTRIAL or SOCIAL
  5. (A) We are the brand owners (B) We are the brand custodians
  6. (A) We sponsor events (B) We create events
  7. (A) We want to be a market leader (B) We want to be the most relevant
  8. (A) Marketing’s role is to help sell our products (B) Marketing’s role is to empower customers already sold on our products
  9. (A) Marketing is a department (B) Marketing is a mindset
  10. (A) We call them “end users” (B) We call them “consumers”
  11. (A) Marketing is what we do to our customers (B) Marketing is what we do with our customers
  12. (A) Our competitors are those companies in our category (B) Our competition is everything our customers spend time and money on
  13. (A) Our market is the mass market (B) Our market is a group of tightly defined consumer beachheads
  14. (A) Our consumer insight comes from focus groups and the labs (B) Our consumer insight comes from the streets
  15. (A) Marketing is about creating awareness (B) Marketing is about creating relevance and building trust
  16. (A) Marketing’s role is to support our organization’s goals (B) The organization’s role is to support our marketing’s objectives
  17. (A) Marketing is defined by campaigns (B) Marketing is defined by relationships
  18. (A) Our goal is market share (B) Our goal is share of customer
  19. (A) The marketing department drives marketing (B) Customers drive marketing
  20. (A) Product development managers evolve the products (B) Customers evolve the products
  21. (A) Product appeal is all about fun, cool and personalization (B) Product appeal is about maximizing social currency
  22. (A) Customer service is a cost center (B) Customer service is our best marketing strategy
  23. (A) We see our industry as a “value chain” (B) We see our industry as an “ecosystem”
  24. (A) Product adoption requires educating the customer on how it works (B) Product adoptions requires educating ourselves about customer needs
  25. (A) We target early adopters as the route to market (B) We target consumers passionate about our product as the route to market
  26. (A) We are focused on our highest spend customers (B) We are focused on our highest lifetime spend customers
  27. (A) Corporate values are for the PR department (B) Corporate values are an integral part of our marketing
  28. (A) We sell a product (B) We sell a lifestyle
  29. If you answered with “ A ” your organization is practising INDUSTRIAL marketing Low product adoption rates Price based competition High impact campaigns Focus on technological features High account management costs High customer churn Friction between product devt and marketing Benchmarking
  30. If you answered with “ B ” your organization is practising SOCIAL marketing Grass roots movement Projects define marketing Prioritize dialogue Take risks Focus on social currency and advocacy Integrated product development and marketing Churn and loyalty key to marketing success
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