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How to structure content for sustainable multiple usage with recombinable character
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How to structure content for sustainable multiple usage with recombinable character


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Presentation at ICL 2007 / Villach, Austria

Presentation at ICL 2007 / Villach, Austria

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Flexible Teaching with Structured Micro-Content
      • Walther Nagler
      • AG Vernetztes Lernen – TU Graz
      • 27. September 2007
    • 2. Micro-Content TU Graz ABC-eBook
    • 3. Definition in the broader, newer sense Micro-Content Microcontent is information published in short form , with its length dictated by the constraint of a single main topic and by the physical and technical limitations of the software and devices that we use to view digital content today. (Anil Dash 2002 - ) RSS Bookmarking with micro-blogging mash-ups
    • 4. Definition in the narrower, common sense Micro-Content Microcontent is information for learning and teaching purposes published in splitted and structured form , with its length dictated by the constraint of didactical aspects . SCORM Learning objects Modular design
    • 5. Advantageous Characteristics Micro-Content
      • Enclosed piece of content
      • Exchangeability
      • Servicability just in time
      • Multiplicity
      • Easy Editing, Updating
      • Short information = Quick information
      • Supports communicational aspects
      • Supports informal learning = part of private life
    • 6. ELearning at TU Graz as by autumn 2006 TU Graz
    • 7. TU Graz Teach Center: TU Graz
    • 8. TU Graz Learn Land: / TU Graz
    • 9. Examples of Micro-Content at TU Graz TU Graz
      • Modular design of TU Graz Teach Center by so called S-Collections … like russian dolls
        • Structured Collections
        • addressable logical composites
        • navigable collections by linking
        • reusable in different contexts
        • moduls selectable
        • no basic course
        • NO DATABASE
        • XML, Ajax
    • 10. Podcasts as Micro-Content TU Graz
      • Short podcasts
        • for instructional purpose
        • for “Help desk” at TU Graz Teach Center
      … Example
    • 11. ABC-Concept for content ABC-eBook
      • „ Weighting the content“ depending on ECTS points
      • Collecting and Splitting content into micro-content
      • Realisation of content with ABC-design
      • Output of content as a ABC-course
        • Online on TU Graz TeachCenter (eBook)
        • Offline: CBT-CD ROM
        • Hard copy paper
      • Mixing, reusing, updating for former courses
    • 12.
      • Content: 3 parts of relevance
        • „ A“: basic content
        • „ B“: description content
        • „ C“: hyper content
      • Functional design
        • No scrolling
        • Information about Course
      • Wildcards
      • Screens collected in Units
      • Units in Modules in Chapters
      Micro-Content: ABC-Screen ABC-eBook „ A“ - content Hyper information about the course Wildcards „ B“ - content „ C“ - content Title of the Screen
    • 13. eBook: ABC-Course on TU Graz TeachCenter ABC-eBook S-Collections S-Collections S-Collections
    • 14. ABC-eBook
    • 15. ABC-eBook Future I: ABC-Manager
      • Professional Authoring Tool:
      • ABC-Manager for online and offline
        • editing
        • mixing
        • generating of micro content
        • on base of an ABC-screen pool
      • Implementation of mashup content into eBook
    • 16. ABC-eBook Future II: Implementation of Mashup-Content My annotations Electric arcs often cause broad range of damage. Professor says that they occure not very …
    • 17. ABC-eBook Summary
      • The idea of micro-content is integrated part of the overall TU Graz elearning strategy
      • It is implemented as a didactical principle …
      • Following the efforts of Web2.0
      • Building communities
      • by linking and tagging micro-content
    • 18. WG Social Learning Center of Computer and Information Services - TU Graz Head / Contact: Martin Ebner [email_address]