Transmedia jam presentation july 30 2012
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Transmedia jam presentation july 30 2012

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TransmediaSF July 30 meetup - TransmediaJam case study

TransmediaSF July 30 meetup - TransmediaJam case study

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  • 1. Presenting
  • 2. Whats the recipe for a Transmedia Jam? • The concept of Jam Session comes from music - Jazz or Rock - used by musicians to develop new material, find suitable arrangements, or simply as a social gathering and communal practice session. • Game Jams are spaces for rapidly prototyping games and injecting new ideas into the industry.We took the same concept and applied it to the Transmedia Jam merging the rapid prototyping concepts with a strong community building aspect to create a new form of Transmedia Hack-a-thon/Incubator
  • 3. Special Thanks to our Sponsors:
  • 4. What were our goals:• Create the very first Transmedia Jam• Help foster a community of creatives and technologists working together.• We set a goal of having 4-6 finished projects – we got 6• Create our own Transmedia Jam project while producing the event
  • 5. What did we accomplish:• 6 projects completed• 4 Awesome platforms sponsors• 1 Great Fordela giving us space andsupport•1 remote team – Seattle/Vancouver• Our own Transmedia Jam produced on 3levels.• A lot of media buzz
  • 6. JAM ON!!
  • 7. 5 Ingredients1.Use one of the sponsoringplatforms2. Main character is apersonified object3.Work with another team tocreate a bigger story world4. A San Francisco landmark5. Tell a story in “real time”
  • 8. Remote Vancouver- Seattle
  • 9. Planning the Project
  • 10. Third Level of Storyworld: The Sock Story• Write the story the 4 Jammers come up with• Create story and characters• Designed original art work• Give us the same restrictions as the actual Jammers (3 of 5 ingredients and 24hrs total to make)• Implemented in
  • 11. Drawings by
  • 12. Story told throughemail using: To experience the story email: Write in subject: Follow my story
  • 13. Mindmapping all the interactions
  • 14. Second Level of Storyworld: The Strawberry Jammers• Developing the 4 characters• Create arcs similar to actualexperiences• Tell a story through social networks •These jammers would be the ones writing the third level story
  • 15. ExperienceOn Transmedia Jam FB page
  • 16. Story told throughinteraction with jammers,organizers and staff.
  • 17. First Level of Storyworld: How to Jam Documentary • website launched • Social media – twitter - #transmediajam • Instagram Jam Jars - transmediajam • Series of “How to create a Transmedia Jam” blog posts on • Videos posted • Spreading the Jam concept • Developing our Jam personalities – level 1
  • 18. Thank you!!!