Transmedia sf - presentation for the IABC Jan 16 2013


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A co-presentation by Beth Rogozinski and Maya Zuckerman

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Transmedia sf - presentation for the IABC Jan 16 2013

  1. 1. /////Building It Together/////
  2. 2. ////Why Transmedia?////
  3. 3. /////What is Transmedia?//// Transmedia Tools  All traditional media  Facebook, SN – and new add on tools – like Social Samba  IM, Twitter, email, photo sharing – Instagram, Chute  Internal communications tools – yammer, Jive, Basecamp  Broadcast synch apps – Miso  Location awareness and check-in apps – Foursquare, Yelp, GetGlue  UGC  AR – and other new techs on the horizon
  4. 4. Transmedia is about theStoryThe Audience and the ToolsThe mediumand the message
  5. 5. ////What it’s Not ////  Integrated Marketing: Similar foundation, expands beyond traditional IM campaigns and creates unique to “media” story enhancements and deployments  Franchising: Like IM, franchises often only focus on bring an IP across platforms and not creating unique story focus dependent on device/UX  Gamifcation or SM: Both of these can be essential elements of a successful TM campaign, but do not define it
  6. 6. /////Why Transmedia?//// Source: The New Multi Screen World – Understanding Cross Platform Consumer Behavior, Aug 2012
  7. 7. ////Sequential and Simultaneous Use////Source: The New Multi Screen World – Understanding Cross Platform Consumer Behavior, Aug 2012
  8. 8. ////Immedia Lab and Transmedia SF//// Engage and Delight Your Customers on all of their Devices – Wherever, Whenever, However- Inspires awareness and affinity- Improves brand value and understanding- Deepens relationships- Encourages and promotes NPV- Drives CONFIDENCE
  9. 9. ////5 P’s of Marketing//// Product Place People Price Promotion
  10. 10. ////Today’s Smart, Well Informed Markets//// B2B B2C P2P Relationship driven Product driven • Product, Brand, Maximize the value of Maximize the value of Relationship the relationship the transaction • Market segmentation and Small, focused target narrow casting Large target market market Multi-step buying Single step buying • Many people research process, longer sales process, shorter sales everything cycle cycle • Brand value is a Brand identity created Brand identity created relationship on personal through repetition and relationship imagery • Full spectrum communications Educational and Merchandising and awareness building point of purchase • Rational, Emotional - pain activities activities and pleasure Rational buying Emotional buying decision based on decision based on business - and status, desire, or price Know, friend and like personal - value your customers
  11. 11. ////Lessons for and from Business to Business//// CMM• Several Customers/Clients to Consider• Key Decision Makers• Key Influencers/Gatekeepers• “No” People/ “Yes” People Focus messaging on KDM – but consider all parties…
  12. 12. ////KDM and Gatekeepers////B2B – IT Sales (SGI) B2C – Breakfast Cereal• KDM – VP of Production, • KDM – MomCTO, CEO • Key Influencer – Kid• Key Influencer – Director, • Gatekeeper – Mom orLine Artist, Developer Dad• Gatekeeper – CFO ($),Head of IT (work)
  13. 13. /////CASE STUDIES////
  14. 14. ////Match Factor B2C (with B2B subset) Case Study//// • B2C Social Networking Game • Connecting and parsing = key value props • Playful approach to connecting, expressing tastes and defining interests • Objective: Develop and create effective channel for MVP to test business and outline effective TM strategy
  15. 15. Consumer Target Audience Gen I and AO Connected: Connecting via technology is a key part of their lives Who are they? • 60% are female • Between the age of 14 -28 • Mostly single, in a young and carefree life stage • Belongers – who seeks to connect with others • They aspire to build their connections and be well regarded • They are influenced by friends, society and mores What do they look for in games/brands? • Connecting with others is primary • Sharing and revealing themselves is key to their reward Business Indicators: • Entertainment, fun and creating • Highly connected – 500 friends • Very high involvement across all multimedia experiences • Willing to share personal info – 500 photos • Will spend time and money to connect with others and be well regarded • Distrust marketing, but believe WOM • Influence others and are influenced by others Motivators: CONNECTIONS INFLUENCE FRIENDS FUN RECOGNITIONSource data: Primary market research, 2012
  16. 16. Match Factor Identity Customer•College student, studying to be a nurse, works in theschool nursing office•Currently single, but would LOVE to be in arelationship•Is involved in and wants to be a part of manydifferent groups –In a sorority, plays in band, goes to church and has lots of friends•Many of her FB profile pics are with friends•Open about her life, tastes, religion, preferences,etc•Likes cloths and fashion - is into the latest stylesbut wants to also look unique•Has very eclectic taste in music, media and books•Is eager for recognition and attention Jillian Thomas –•Checks in on FB everyday, texts several times a friends call her Jillyday, Skypes with far away family and friends
  17. 17. Building a Life for Your Identity Customer Jilly
  18. 18. Match Factor Results, Brand Story and TM PlansBrand Story: Play Match Factor - Inspire play by showing others at play.Messages: • See How You Match Up • Meet Your Matches • Match Your WorldTM Strategy1. Launch on Facebook2. Tie IM component into play and rewards – not Twitter3. Create Mobile variation that connects to local “matches”4. Develop UGC tools to improve K factor and reach5. Other vehicles – Pinterest, Instagram, Fancy, Fab
  19. 19. ////Salesforce Storyworld////  Multiple channels and touchpoints of interactions with their customers and within the company.  Each channel tells a unique story – each product answers a specific pain in the customer and is also marketed in a specific way.  The brand narrative envelopes all the separate offerings into the brand storyworld.
  20. 20. ////Salesforce Storyworld////  Big brand storyworld – connect everything on the cloud  Brand mascot – whimsical use of their brand story – no software  Creates a fun object interaction within a company that is all cloud – no physicality.  Its name is SAASY... (a nod to the “software as a service...)
  21. 21. ////Salesforce Storyworld//// Massive immersive brand experience...or
  22. 22. ////Salesforce Storyworld////• 90,000 registrants at Dreamforce 12• 800+ sessions at Dreamforce 12• 350+ partners at Dreamforce 12
  23. 23. ////Salesforce Storyworld////  A space for customers, fans and the general public to interact with their brand identity.  Posters were spread all over downtown. Free perks for the whole city in the form of free admission to luminaries keynotes. Creating a “cool factor” to their brand narrative Letting both customers and the average Jane to engage in this experience be art of a bigger story.
  24. 24. ////Salesforce Storyworld//// All internal and external demo videos and other interactive marketing tell engaging stories. Use of animation and story centric tools in promoting new tools and software – both for customers and their own workforce
  25. 25. ////Salesforce Storyworld//// Use of story to help sell, explain, promote and keep engaging on the multiple channels, platforms, touch points of all their audiences – where ever they may be. Tell the right story on the right platform And all the rabbit holes lead to the bigger brand narrative
  26. 26. ////Transmedia for Brands and Corporations//// Engage and Delight Your Customers – Wherever, Whenever, However• Engage, Inspire and Create Confidence• Understand your customer first – where, when and how they want to engage• Develop unique born transmedia user experiences. Focus on the right screen and right message for the right audience.• Set “innovation” budget – ala ad agencies, Disney…