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Digital Storytelling at Case Western, part 2


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My Case Western digital storytelling talk, second part.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Digital Storytelling at Case Western, part 2

  1. 1. Flickr storytelling• Tell a story in 5 frames group “Gender Miscommunication” (Nightingai1e, 2006)
  2. 2. IV. Web 2.0 storytelling
  3. 3. IV. Web 2.0 storytelling
  4. 4. IV. Web 2.0 storytelling
  5. 5. IV. Web 2.0 storytelling“Gender Miscommunication” (Nightingai1e, 2006)
  6. 6. RemixingExample: "Food to Farm", Eli the Bearded (2008)
  7. 7. Social photo stories
  8. 8. Social photo stories
  9. 9. Social photo storiesFlickr, Tell A Story in Five Frames group ( "Food to Farm", Eli the Bearded (2008)
  10. 10. Social photo storiesExample: "Food to Farm", Eli the Bearded (2008)
  11. 11. Storytelling by podcastThe Yellow Sheet, by Librivox team (2007)• Text then podcast• he-yellow-sheet-by- librivox-volunteers/• More: Podiobooks, http://www.podiob
  12. 12. Web video storytellingConnect with I (http://www.con• Serial video• Fan content• Physical content
  13. 13. Web video storytelling lonelygirl15 ( • YouTube serial video content • Local fan content • Distributed response • Hoax plot
  14. 14. Multiplicity of platformsNew forms combining categories into one?VoicethreadStorybox (http://www .story- dex.php)
  15. 15. Gamingworld
  16. 16. Gaming as part of mainstream culture• Median age of gamers shoots past 30• Industry size comparable to music• Impacts on hardware, software, interfaces, other industries• Large and growing diversity of platforms, topics, genres, niches, players
  17. 17. Gaming as part of mainstream cultureAnecdata: number of Facebook CityVille players:44,800,000 (as of Mar. 2012, )
  18. 18. Games serious, public, and political • Oiligarchy, Molle Industries • Jetset, Persuasive Games • The Great Shakeout, California • DimensionM, Tabula Digita
  19. 19. How does a game tell a story?
  20. 20. Specific to games• Immersion: multimedia • Cut scenes • Fragments• Tutorials• Interface affordances
  21. 21. Old school storytelling• Setting, character*, plot**• Mystery• Social penumbra• Stories about play*First, second, third, and third-person**Rails vs sandbox
  22. 22. Architectures: ubiquitous computing“The most profoundtechnologies are those thatdisappear. They weave Mark Weiser, 1988ffthemselves into the fabric ofeveryday life until they areindistinguishable from it.”
  23. 23. Architectures: WorldBoard“Information objects... willbegin to populate real physicalspace on what we callWorldBoard channels. “• Link digital and physical objects and locations around the world
  24. 24. What it means, top-level“A device ecology” -Petra Wentzel, "Wireless All the Way: Users’ Feedback on Education through Online PDAs" (presentation at the EDUCAUSE annual conferenceAnaheim, Calif., November 7, 2003).
  25. 25. Searchable world
  26. 26. AR: first, the light stuff• Museum tours• GPS navigators (Garmin)• Location services (Yelp)
  27. 27. Augmented reality
  28. 28. Marking the worldRemember the WorldBoard?
  29. 29. Layaring the world
  30. 30. AR art
  31. 31.
  32. 32. The ultimate links Bryan on Twitter The New Digital Storytelling email:
  33. 33. Practices and principlesHow to start• Idea germ - maybe a character, a concept to explain• What audience?• Which platform tends to lead to the kind of results you’d prefer?
  34. 34. How to start: preparation• Lessons from ARGs –Preload lots of material before release –Art of lack of control• Basic PM –Build in risk control –Timeline (maybe milestones, maybe gates)
  35. 35. CDS 7 principles1. Point of view 5. Soundtrack2. Dramatic (and other media) question 6. Economy3. Emotional 7. Pacing content CDS Digital4. Voice (style) Storytelling Cookbook
  36. 36. The architecture of time• Wilkie • Big time: Collins: serial "Make em cry, make • Little em laugh, time: make em accretive wait"• keep it coming
  37. 37. Non-digital roots• Epistolary novels• Victorian serials• Pulp serials• Radio• Soaps (Dickens, Bleak House installment, PBS site)
  38. 38. Revision targets• Sense of crisis • Varied timing or problem • Enough time• Persons and • Beginnings characters and endings• Multimedia complement
  39. 39. The ultimate links Bryan on Twitter The New Digital Storytelling email: