RHS and CMS internship placement


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  • While the initial Summer program only lasts about 2 days as an intern it is my duty to meet with a few of these students on a biweekly schedule and review their attendance and grades. I am also there to help them with another problem they may be facing.
  • The Peace Makers class teaches the students how to react in conflict. It teaches the students how to manage their anger and how to release it in a nonviolent way. The Life Skills class teaches the students of puberty and the changes that a persons body goes through during adolescence. As an intern at CMS I teach the Peace Makers class.
  • RHS and CMS internship placement

    1. 1. BY: Martiniana Flores SW 180
    2. 2. It is a K-12 public school system *It serves five different communities: Reedley, Orange Cove ,Navelencia Squaw Valley, Dunlap and Miramonte *The "KCUSD's mission is to provide a broad spectrum of educational programs and co-curricular activities for all students so that they may attain their highest potential"
    3. 3.  the district employs approximately 1,500 staff members and has a student population approaching 10,000  The district also offers programs such as:  Adult school  Alternative  Vocational  Special Education  Online Academy  Their mission statement is supported by all the different programs that KCUSD offer's they are trying to make it so that ALL students are able to reach their full potential.
    4. 4.  Public school that teaches 9th- 12th grade  In the 2008-09 school year RHS served 1,904 students in grades 9-12  The Deputy Superintendent for KSUSD is Ron Hudson  Then RHS principle is Rodney J. Cisneros  Assistant principles :  John Ahlin  Josh Darnell  Then the two learning directors:  Joe Arruda  Suzanne Rodriguez
    5. 5.  Two major steps towards success that both Reedley High School teachers and staff identify are:  ensuring the academic success of every student  And providing a safe and productive learning experience for all students  Mission statement  “Reedley High School will collaboratively empower students who will graduate as informed, ethical and respectful decision-makers. RHS staff will commit to a system of inquiry that guides immediate interventions. RHS students will demonstrate academic, technological, and individual achievements, which meet or exceed standards. the learning community will systematically structure academic, social, and safety networks which provide for individual learning needs, styles, and diverse backgrounds to build a PIRATE community.”  One program that RHS offers is a Pirate Bridge Summer Program  This program is offered to on coming freshmen who have a GPA of 2.0 or lower.
    6. 6.  Over three quarters (77.11%) of the students that attend Reedley High are Hispanic  And coincidentally, 77.11% of the students are socioeconomically disadvantaged  Moreover, one fourth (25.00%) of the students who attend RHS are English Learners
    7. 7.  3 ethical principles that RHS maintains are  Service- RHS helps people in need which is obvious because it is a public school and it offers an education to all students.  Social Justice- RHS peruses change. In their working with a community which has such a great percentage of uneducated and low income members they are trying to make it so that all students can reach their full potential.  Competence- RHS’s teachers all are well educated individuals.
    8. 8.  Is a public school  In the year of 2005-2006 it served a total of 638 students  That year Citrus also had a staff of 28 teachers  The superintendent is Ron Hudson  Then CMS principle is Roberto Gutierrez  Then the two learning directors:  Mr. Campos  Mr. Villasenor
    9. 9.  Mission Statement:  The mission of Citrus Middle School, in partnership with the family and community, is to provide a rigorous and positive learning environment. All students are expected to meet district, state, and national standards to achieve personal and academic growth. We commit to providing a comprehensive system of individualized support, interventions and opportunities to ensure that all students can succeed.  The school also has specified expectations for their students.  All students are expected to “meet district, state, and national standards to achieve personal and academic growth  They types of interventions that they offer are a Peace Makers class to 6th graders and a Life Skills class to their 7th graders
    10. 10.  97.56% of the students were Hispanic or Latino  Additionally, 52% of the students are English learners.  Also, the SARC showed that 100% of the students were identifies as being socioeconomically disadvantaged
    11. 11.  3 Ethical Principles that CMS exhibit  CMS exhibits Dignity and Self Worth by treating all the children equally, respectfully, and in a caring manner.  CMS also shows an importance of Human Relationships. They identify that students need healthy, respectful, and reliable relationships with teachers and/or counselors.  Additionally the teachers and counselors maintain their Integrity buy behaving in a trustworthy manner.