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Turnaround School in Colorado Outperforms the State with Lindamood-Bell

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Center Colorado Results.doc

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Turnaround School in Colorado Outperforms the State with Lindamood-BellCenter, CO, July 24, 2012- As a result of its School Turnaround efforts, Haskin ElementarySchool’s 3rd Graders have outperformed the state average on the 2012 TCAP in reading. In 2011,41 percent of Haskin’s 3rd graders scored as proficient or advanced. This year, 76 percent of 3 rdgraders scored at proficient or advanced, whereas, the state average was 74 percent.Haskin Elementary is in Center School District, located in the rural San Luis Valley ofsouthwestern Colorado. According to the Colorado Department of Education, the district has oneof the highest percentage of students in poverty in the state (94%) and is 94 percent minority.The district also classifies 65 percent of students as English Learners. In 2010, the schoolpartnered with Lindamood-Bell to implement a comprehensive Professional LearningCommunity (PLC) based on literacy development.Despite the many challenges facing its population, Haskin Elementary School has demonstratedthat with an effective Turnaround plan, low-performing schools can significantly increasestudent achievement. Following the first year of its Turnaround model with Lindamood-Bell, thepercent of 3rd graders at proficiency in reading increased from 28 percent to 41 percent.After the second year, 3rd graders have increased from 41% to 76% proficient/advanced. In twoyears, Haskin’s 3rd graders have made a 48-point improvement, the largest of any schoolinvolved in the School Improvement program in the state.
  2. 2. Principal Kathy Kulp observed, "Lindamood-Bell has had an enormous impact on our school andon our students. The training our teachers received impacted all areas of their instruction and ledto increased student achievement across the content areas."All instructional staff, including the school principal and Director of Instruction for the district,received Lindamood-Bell® professional development in programs that develop reading andcomprehension. Lindamood-Bell’s sensory cognitive programs are integrated throughout theschool’s curricula and Response to Intervention (RtI) framework.Lindamood-Bell’s professional development model includes job-embedded support for allteachers. District Superintendent George Welsh noted that “having somebody who is here, livingin the community, spending the extra hours with you, who you can go to for an immediateanswer, who, when you have a teacher struggling can go to support them, that’s an outstandingmodel.”Haskin is now focusing on sustaining their success. Several instructional leaders in the schoolhave completed the Lindamood-Bell® Certification program, aimed at increasing teachereffectiveness and maintaining program fidelity. One of those instructional leaders, MelissaGarcia, is confident about reaching every student in the building: “I truly believe that choosing toimplement Lindamood-Bell at Haskin Elementary was a great decision. Our students are beingchallenged more than ever before and our teachers have the tools, the metacognitive strategies,and support to reach them.”About Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes:Since 1986, Lindamood-Bell has been an internationally recognized leader in the research anddevelopment of programs for reading instruction and remediation. The organization partnersextensively with school districts to offer innovative literacy solutions and professionaldevelopment. It is an approved professional development provider in the states of Colorado,Tennessee, Ohio, and Arizona, with emphasis in the areas of school improvement andturnaround/transformation initiatives.Lindamood-Bell has received national recognition from CNN, Newsweek, Time, US News andWorld Report, and the neuroscience journal Neuron, and has been featured on the PBS specialThe Secret Life of the Brain. More information on Lindamood-Bell is available online ###