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Value creation through network orchestration

Value creation through network orchestration



The concpet of network orchestration is about experience innovation. It shows how to build and collaborate within networks. Through creative rethinking of your business you will be able to realize new ...

The concpet of network orchestration is about experience innovation. It shows how to build and collaborate within networks. Through creative rethinking of your business you will be able to realize new ways for growth.



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  • Marieke, thanks for your very astute expression of possibilities. I've been thinking some of the same thoughts, in the context of government operations, since I read 'Competing in a Flat World' when it came out. Best wishes!

    Kitty Wooley
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  • exellent presentation, vibrant and current thoughts ..beautifully presented
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  • Very interesting perspective as I was passionated by Thomas Friedman book. I'm quite excited about all the new opportunities of globalization + internet !
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  • Fabulous! May I have a copy of this?
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  • Interesting. Yes it is a Blue Ocean out there ready to be shaped. Tnx 4 sharing.
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Value creation through network orchestration Value creation through network orchestration Presentation Transcript

  • I am a network orchestrator Inspired by the emergence of the flat world Marieke Schoenmaker Experience Innovation Platform
  • Why, who and what is a network orchestrator?
  • ... connecting individuals, ideas and information anywhere with each other, primarily making use of digital and physical networks …
  • The world has changed from ……
  • The emergence of a global market …
  • To …. The rise of the multinational company
  • To…… The emergence of the flat world
  • Connected the unconnected Through :
    • The rise of the personal computer
    • Development of the Internet
    • Collaboration on projects with worklfow software
    • Move business processes to partners
    • Migration of manufacturers
    • Communities contribute online to collective products and services
    • Working with suppliers on efficiency scale
    • Integrate logistics
    • Knowledge on the fingertips by Google
    • Wireless, digital and personal technologies
  • This requires network orchestration Orchestrate or be orchestrated?
  • Are you ready for the flat world?
  • The power of network orchestration… Reduced prices
  • Improved on-time shipments
  • Raised quality
  • Reduced lead times
  • Meaningful
  • Responsiveness to new opportunities
  • Not owing everything
  • Not a supply chain city
  • Imagine an eBay on which existing products are not merely bought and sold, but are created by the Network …..
  • The customer thinks the thought … … the product is delivered
  • In the flat world, orchestration is one of the most important management skills. The skill of the orchestrator lies in drawing out the talent and creativity of the network, coordinating all the individual elements, and ensuring the success of the overall process
    • Designs and manages networks
    • Establishes the values and culture of the network
    • Develops its guiding principles
    • Creates broader network
    • Controls through empowerment
    • Builds trust
    • Acts entrepreneurially
    • Creates value through integration
    • Bridging borders
    • Leveraging company’s value and intellectual property across the network
    A network orchestrator looks like this:
  • Are you ready for the flat world?
  • Companies used to see competition as firm against firm. But a networked world is like a team sport. The final score depends not on one player, but on the strength of the entire team…
  • The new competition In a crew race, the coxswain does not row. He orchestrates
  • Companies with access to the best networks not only outperform competitors today, but have also the capacity to flexibly outperform them tomorrow.
  • Networks can work smarter than the individuals or firms that are a part of them. Orchestration is what makes smart networks smart.
  • A robust network is the soil from which customer solutions spring
  • Although information technology is at the centre of flattening the world, the heart of any network and enterprise consists of human judgement, trust human relationships, and business processes
  • Imagine …. Are you ready for the flat world?
  • Control through empowerment
  • In a flat world, consumers and the media might know about it everywhere, often before the companies themselves.
  • In a flat world it is much more about carrots than sticks. The focus is primarily on setting clear guidelines, offering education, and then inspecting to ensure results.
  • Every node in the network has connections with other networks. This means that ripple effects can come from one of these connected networks end move across the entire system.
  • The purpose of the business is to create a customer. Peter Drucker
  • Are you ready for the flat world?
  • This is the age of guerrilla companies
  • With powerful software and outsourced processes, a small competitor can go head-to-head with a large one. In this world, size is not necessarily an advantage.
  • Empower Little John Waynes And create a big-small company
  • Little John Waynes are entrepreneurial self-starters who have the ability to make decisions and live with the consequences.
  • To effectively integrate acquisition, companies need plug-and-play technology and systems as well as a plug-and-play culture.
  • Plug-and-play systems can streamline the process of growth. New businesses have immediate access to the knowledge and resources of the larger parent organisation, while maintaining their individual identities.
  • What is your position in the flat world?
  • Build living companies "Sometimes it's good to think aloud, and say to you See the funny faces up in the clouds A place to get crazy, where life gets so lazy There's no no, there's no yes, but everything is maybe Oh, I'd love to get lost in a dream, wash my fears In nature's streams... When I'm sleeping, I get healing Thinking of the color blue When I'm sleeping, I slow down my breathing Living in dreams, dreams that come true Thinking of the color blue Thinking of the color blue... yes..."  Neoqula
  • In a flat world companies need the flexibility to respond quickly to changes, but they also need enough stability so that managers can tell whether they are succeeding or failing.
  • Stretch targets result not only in transformation of the business, but in tremendous gains in performance. The Blue Ocean
    • Analyse and Brood
    • Create and Design
    • Co-create and Develop
    • Innovate and Interact
    Establish the stretch:
  • New Inspiration
  • New Experience concept
  • Experiential Platform
  • Exploitation plan
  • Imagine ….. Are you ready for the flat world?
  • The company around the customer instead of …… The customer around the company
  • “ Consumers have virtually unlimited choice and ever-rising expectations for performance, quality and value. They expect more from their shopping experiences and more from the brands and products they buy and use every day. They expect retailers and manufacturers to listen to them more carefully, and to learn from them more often.” A.G. Lafley Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer The Procter & Gamble Company
  • The route through the flat world begins with a customer and ends with a customer solution
  • Customer needs might change, but a flexible organization can reconfigure itself to meet the changes of its customers
  • Empowered end consumers now expect mass customization and instantaneous response
  • As the relationship develops, the company not only should be responsive to customers, but should actually anticipate customer needs and the needs of their end consumers
  • Are you ready for the flat world?
  • Engagement
  • Interaction with other customers in other parts of the world gives suppliers a broader view of the context of their projects and a more creative solution set.
  • Suppliers can realize many benefits in being part of the network, including the benefits in aggregated demand, access to customers, access to knowledge, demand smoothing and financing.
  • Imagine ….. Are your ready for the Flat world?
  • Looking beyond the entire value chain
  • Transform the customer from a passive recipient to an active participant, so companies have the opportunity to create and capture more value. Habitat: Build together for a better world
  • The long tail: search for new niches
  • Taking a broader view of the business Google’s Bus Network
  • Building collaborative networks Source: www.wethinkthebook.net/book/home.aspx
  • Orchestrate consumer and social networks Google’s Bus Network P&G’s Beinggirl
  • Innovative combinations Nike & ITunes
  • What is your plan for action? Executive most pressing challenges ….
  • How do you challenge your current mental models? Google’s Bus Network
  • How do you achieve profitable growth in the flat world? Google’s Bus Network
  • How can you build the competencies you need to compete in the flat world? Google’s Bus Network
  • Like the concept and the pictures?
  • Marieke Schoenmaker +31-622497148 www.experienceinnovation.blogspot.com www.linkedin.com/in/mariekeschoenmaker [email_address] Enjoy! “ Live is one big opportunity for growth”