Rec an quarintine


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Rec an quarintine

  1. 1. Rec and quarantine are both great films they are both of the horror genre and tended to bequite popular with the younger generation obviously people from England will tend to thinkthe remake of the Spanish film is better as films with subtitles are usually cast aside. Rec isthe original Spanish film and in my opinion a lot better than quarantine even though thereare very little differences there are just a few key things that make rec stand out. The reasonfor this article is to look into the reasons behind the remake of rec apart from the obviouswhich is the financial aspect. When quarantine did come out it actual made the sale of recon dvdrise as people wanted to see the comparison or would maybe of liked to see theinspiration behind the original.The basic story line which Is used in both films starts with a camera crew getting the insideview of a fire station with a few interviews and rough cuts filming there, after a short introthe alarms go and the fire brigade roll out on what seems to be a routine job to apartmentblocks the camera crew go and film everything that unfolds. It is a very fast paced film whythings go wrong very quick ending up in a full scale lock down as a horrible virus breaks out.It Is a very gripping film and has a very jumping ending. Rec was made in Spain in 2007shortly followed by quarantine which was directed by john Eric Dowdell in 2008 this wasbased on rec and pretty much the same except it was set in America and there was a fewdifferences in scenes , a large subsidiary company which is screen gems bought the rightsfor rec so they was allowed to create the film since the release of both films there havebeen sequels made due to the popularity I personally think they did not do the previousfilms justice and may of even ruined the whole aspect of the hand held horror stylecreations but that’s just my opinion, when rec was realised there was also two other filmsrealised with it which was clover field and diary of the dead im not sure whether this wasdeliberate or just a really big coincidence but by them all realising around the same time thehand held genre became quite popular and all films did very well.Remakes are done for many reasons the whole aspect of taking a good idea that wasn’tproduced properly and re-inventing it is brilliant also they can get actors in which have theirown star factor and will bring in more views for the new relies. Obviously back in the daythey still had very good creative ability just lacked the technology to produce the standardof film we all now live by this is where remakes come into play and can take those amazingideas which had really shoddy cgi or maybe even still in black and white and turn it in to abrilliant film.The 1953 War of the world’s action sci fi was directed and produced by BryanHanskin theremake was directed in 2005 by Steven Spielberg. The film is based on an alien invasion atfirst the earth is struck by meteors but nobody thinks anything of it and then the attackbegins. it Is set in America and became very popular when it was first realised as the wholeidea of a invasion was quite new to the public the 2005 version was quite different forobvious technology reasons there also was a slight change story as it became a man and hiskids trying to survive the attack in the film, they used tom cruise as their main actor the star
  2. 2. theory will have brought in additional publicity and created more of a hype around the filmtom cruise is a amazing actor and I think was perfect for the role. Also as the technology in2005 is far more advanced the use of the cgi effects just made the film spectacular.Spielberg was really trying to get a message across by remaking the film there are manypolitical factors and a very strong message was conveyed. it was produced just 4 years afterthe 9/11 incident and actually contained footage from it the film was a statement onterrorism and the fear behind it using aliens as a very symbolic messageThe karate kid tells the story of a young boy being bullied and eventually seeking guidanceof a kung fu master when the film was first realised in 1984 and made 90,815,558 at the boxoffice there was very wide merchandise behind the karate kid and that is where a lot ofmoney also came from the film had 2 sequels and was eventually remade in 2010 it wasproduced by will smith who instantly put his son as lead role alongside Jackie Chan this bothhave massive star factors which help to bring in such a big revenue Jackie chan appealed toall of the foreign market as he has played so man key roles in fighting films people wantedto watch purely because of him. The remake had lots of synergies and produced quite a fewsoundtracks and pretty much any item of merchandise you can think of even a game foryour phone they really took the market by storm and the public loved it the 2010 remakewas a spectacular film a did vary from the original.