Pulp fiction analyse


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Pulp fiction analyse

  1. 1. Pulp fictionPulp fiction is a gangster movie set in los Angeles it based on low life crime drugs andmoney, the two main characters dress very smart in suits and give out their own corruptjustice it is set In a nonlinear fashion in which the film is mixed together to create a perfectmess .Quentin tarantino is quite easily one of the best directors of all time and has createdsome amazing films one of his newest being inglorious bastards. The actors who stared inpulp fiction also made the film, and are also very iconic actors,John Travolta, Samuel L.Jackson, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman these are some of the main people who stand out inthe film.I categorize Quentin Tarintino as a auteur director because he is the creator of his own workhe is a very unique director and always seems to break boundaries he also wrote thescreenplay for pulp fiction (1994) in which he showed the crime circuit in a different wayand was expressed in a nonlinear fashion. Pulp fiction is very violent and in some parts quiteshocking film it has a very bold ideological message of how violent and corrupt 20thcenturysociety can be it also shows a lot of drug use in which is very iconic of a crime film yet mostfilms would stay away from things like the main villan being rapped. I suppose it shows thatthe world is a very messed up place and im sure that this would of shocked audiences whenit was first released, even though today people would find it quite vulgar and bad but thesort of society we live in now is desensitised of the way of life people live.Quentin is afilmmaker who demonstrates technical excellence he is a very raw and intelligent man Afilmmaker who demonstrates technical excellence who makes films of artistic merit ratherthan commercial valueA filmmaker who makes films with an individual style and themesThese individual styles and themes will often appear across a number of differentfilms/genres, by the same directorMarc foster directed the film quantum of solace in 2008 it is clearly a James bond film and isproduced by eon films, James bond film a very hard hitting fast paced action film you cansee them a mile of as they have the use of anchorage they have very iconic stars usuallyusing silhouettes and very sexy seductive women the mise en scene in the openingsequences consisted of it and also guns car chases and violence in bond films women areoften shown as objects and very week they seem to be captured or used and it appeals tothe target audience very well. It is always set some very exotic and appealing to the Britishaudience as they want to go these place and live the fast action packed life. James bond isidolised by almost everymanWhen analysing a film you have to take certain things in to consideration iconography, narrative,themes, characters, setting, and codes and conventions a auteur director tends to stray away fromthese generic codes and you will easily be able to tell soon on in the film. Auteurs a very unique andcreative there films can sometimes by scrutinised as it quite risky playing around with this almost set
  2. 2. guide lines of how to make a film I personally like people who brake the boundaries and mix it up alittle I personally love Quentin as he has created so many amazing films in which have been criticizedheavily yet has produced some of the best films in the world