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Jack Mulligan                                           Remaking FilmsWithin film making people remake films for different...
Jack MulliganColumbia pictures who distributed the original karate kid also produced the remake as well and thisis referre...
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Remaking film essay


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Remaking film essay

  1. 1. Jack Mulligan Remaking FilmsWithin film making people remake films for different reasons like if they want to give an old film newlife by bringing it to the 21st century or to make money. Ways of doing this is by putting big stars,trends, synergies between films and the distribution. The film I will be looking are the original filmREC (2007) and the remake Quarantine (2009) and the classic karate kid (1984) and the remakekarate kid (2010).REC was a Spanish horror film which was directed by Jaume Balaguero. It was filmed in the style of aTV documentary and that was the give the feeling that you were actually there in the building, thestyle also resembles a first person video games like left for dead and Dead Island. The styles in thefilm of the first person video game, reality TV shows and the video cameratechniques are trends and ways of establishing their target audience becausethe audience who will like these shows and games will enjoy the film. Youcan see the similarities within the film and it trends, throughout the film youcan aspects of the first person shooter games like when there fighting theinfected you can only see the persons arms at the side, this is to make youfeel that you are actually therein the building with the infected. The realityTV where there camera style never changes and constantly hand helddocumentary style.Now Quarantine is the American remake of the Spanish film REC, quarantine is more or less shot forshot compared to the original. As Quarantine had a bigger production costs of $12,000,000 theycould afford to have more known actors in the film where as REC didn’t. The distribution factorsbetween the two films are different as REC was small time called Filmax but Quarantine’s distributorwas Screen gems which is a subsidiary of Sony production. As Screen gems produced the film, theyshowed the film in cinemas which they own and there making money from the DVD sales of REC, thisis what you call synergy. As you see that the remake was made just one year after when REC wasmade and that is because this style of film was getting more and more popular with film likecloverfield and dairy of the dead, so they released the remake Quarantine to an English speakingaudience as popularity grew.In the remake of the karate kid there are many factors which caused the production of the remakeand made it successful like the way will smith produced the film and his son was the star role. Withthe Smiths in the film there now get more money to make the film and because of the celebritystatus more people will come and watch or buy the film. With Jackie Chan in the film which is a bigstar in martial arts film this will bring the film to an Asian audience. During the film release therewere many products which help advertise the film and also make money of its popularity, karate kidphone applications were release before and during the film’s release, soundtrack and merchandisewere release to boost its popularity.
  2. 2. Jack MulliganColumbia pictures who distributed the original karate kid also produced the remake as well and thisis referred to as horizontal integration. By endorsing the product in different ways sony will bemaking more money with the popularity and the amount of advertising of the new remake peoplewho has seen the remake might want to watch the original to compare the films. While remake ofthe film will be on DVD sale the original will be put next to each other, there will be merchandisefrom both films such as t-shirts, posters and toys.When Steven Spielberg released his remake of war of the world he released it sent an ideologicalmessage of anti terrorism and how the world should stand together on the war on terror. The filmalso has resemblance of the 9/11 acts in America. Such as scenes where the voice over man at thebeginning is saying the world is being watched over, this is a reference to bin laden watching overthe world. Another scenes where references are made about the 9/11 attacks are when the bigspace ships are blasting the cities and people are running away, also near the ending when tomcruise gets back home he is covered in white ash. The production factors aboutthe remade film are that the two films are produced by the same companyparamount studios, this is synergy by producing the remake the popularity ofthe original will therefore increase and they are making more money from bothfilms.