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  1. 1. Sophie Malone Same Film, Different Time and PlaceI am looking into the different production factors that influence the remake of a film, thesecan include trends, stars, synergy and vertical integration. Films are always being remadebut certain factors are taken into account.I have looked at two horror films that have been remade; the original film was Rec a Spanishfilm directed by Jaume Balagueró in 2007, the 2008 remake was Quarantine directed byJohn Erick Dowdle. Both films are about a reporter who is filming the local fire departmentand follows them on a call to an elderly lady trapped inside her apartment, when they reachthe emergency they enter the building and discover that the building isn’t what theyexpected. They begin to get attacked by the elderly woman; she bites one of the firemenand he plummets to his death, after this incident more horrific occurrences begin to happen. The entire building becomes blocked off and nobody know what is going on inside. All of the goings on are captured on camera by the TV presenter and her camera man, they witness all of the further attacks and the people that begin to change and become infected by something mysterious. Rec is a Spanish film released in 2007 and directed by Jaume Balaguero. The film is in a documentary style and keeps to this theme throughout the entire film. The main actress that stars in the film is Manuela Velasco, she is a Spanish TV presenter turned actress, and the chosen actress is a clever way of convincing the audience that the film is actually realitybecause of her status in Spain of being a reality TV presenter. The film wasdistributed by Filmax, a small Spanish production company. The film budgetwas €1,500,000 and the box office takings was $32,492,948, the film wasvery successful after being distributed around America.This type of film is very popular because the audience want to see the realitystyle, the most popular TV documentary is reality TV, things like Police,Camera, Action that involves real life situations are becoming increasingly popular, so using this style allows the audience to relate to it and this thought in itself can be very scary. Other film of the same style such Cloverfield and Diary of Dead were released at the same time, the audience want to see these type of movies, the reality aspect is very well-liked as well as being intimidating and scary. This means that the production factor influencing this remake in trends, the reality trend is popular and well received. The movie Rec was then remade in 2008 by the American film director John Erick Dowdle and distributed by a big Hollywood company Screen Gems, this time round the film was meant to be a big blockbuster horror that everyone would see. The film starred bigger and better known actors and unlike Rec the film was English with no subtitles. The budget of this movie was much higher than
  2. 2. Sophie Maloneprevious and in total costing $12 million and taking in $41,319,906 at the box office.Both Films were successful although REC had a much smaller budget, at the box office itdidn’t make that much less than Quarantine which was suppose to be a big Hollywoodhorror film. Screen Gems wanted to make and release Quarantine so quickly because thepopularity of Rec was becoming more obvious so getting the film out quickly would havebeen the best plan, people love the idea of Rec and so screen gems know what the audiencewill feel about Rec and so they know what the reaction will be to quarantine. Also ScreenGems had bought the rights to Rec and releasing the film across America and the UK wouldmean the company are doubling the money, but people were still watch REC instead ofgoing to see its remake Quarantine. The production factor influencing this film is synergy, thismeans that both films are profiting at the same time whilst being distributed.The film REC and Quarantine were both distributed by the company Screen Gems this wasdone around Europe and America and this means that both films were distributed at thesame time which allows the company to generate more money. The company Screen Gems is a subsidiary of Sony, Sony is responsible for the production, distribution and consumption of the films, Sony is a vertical integrated company. Sony have their own production company called Sony Pictures, it is where all of their films are made. Sony will then distribute their films, they will circulate their films all over and sell them to different audiences, and lastly they will get their film into shops to sell them. This means they will profit from all areas of production distribution and exhibition through vertical integration. Another film I have looked at is the 2010 film The Karate Kid directed by Harald Zwart staring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. It is remake of the 1984 film of the same name directed by John G. Avildsen starring Ralph Macchio. Both films are about a young boy who is beaten by a bully and is then trained by his building handyman in martial arts. The bully is arrogant and is trained to be vicious and cruel, the main boy is taught a different way and ‘the right way’. The boy ends up fighting the bully and beating him. Both films are about the relationship between the student and teacher, it’s about their understanding and commitment to each other. Both films were distributed by Columbia Pictures and were bothvery successful, in 1984 the films budget was around $8 million and at the boxoffice took in around $90,815,558 and now in today’s ever growing film industry the currentfilm had a much bigger budget of $40 million and took in $359,125,613. The success andresponse to the first movie meant that a remake was always in question with expectationsof being not only as good as the original but also better, with the different technologyavailable today such as CGI and different special effects as well as the ability to watch amovie in HD meant that a new generation would be a to watch the film bigger and better
  3. 3. Sophie Malonethan previous. The actors are also a big influence in the movies, inthe 1984 version the stars used in the movie were not consideredbig Hollywood actors but in the 2010 version the actors are muchbigger, bother actors are well known, the young lead is the son of one of Hollywood’sbiggest actors and the older lead in famous for the style of acting he does.Remaking this film was a good idea, parent would be able to take their children tosee a film they watched at a similar age, this benefits the distributor as they aredoubling their takings not only are their target audience, children, going to see thisbut also their parents, brothers, sisters and all other age groups will watch this film to. The original version of The War of the Worlds is a film adaptation of H.G.Wells story and was produced in 1953 and was directed by Byron Haskin. The film is about the people of a small town in California who find a meteor that has landed in the hill. They soon realise that the visitor aboard the meteor aren’t so friendly. The film was produced at Paramount Pictures studios. In 2005 director Steven Spielberg remade the 1953 film War of the Worlds, the film was made at both Amblin Entertainment and Cruise/Wagner. Thefilm had a huge budget of $132 million and took in $591,745,550 at the box office.This film was a much bigger production with bigger and better effects, cast and crew.The storyline of the film is Earth is invaded by alien tripod fighting machines and onefamily fights for survival. The story of this film has the same bases but is interpreted alittle different. The factor surrounding the remake of this film is a firm political reason. Spielberg is trying to compare this movie to the September 11 th 2001 tragedy of the Twin Towers. Spielberg says that Earth is being watch and has been for some time, he uses the aliens as a way of showing Osama Bin Laden. In the film the aliens begin to just take the lives of people in seconds this also refers to the scenes in downtown Manhattan on the morning of one of history’s darkest moment, when lives were being taken in an instant. The film also uses intertextuality from 9/11 there is a scene within the film in which people are putting up pictures of missing family members and friends which is what happened during 9/11 people would put up pictures to desperately try and findmissing loved ones. The audience sees this message and can understand it, given a reason toremake this film.
  4. 4. Sophie Malone