Same film diffrent time and place


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Same film diffrent time and place

  1. 1. Same Film Different Time and PlaceThere have been many remakes with films especially with the horror genre are most films look oldand are not as effective as what they could be as for A nightmare on elm street the original film was remade with more special effects to seem more scary and give the viewer something more to enjoy using the original story line as a base for the new film. I will be looking at the film REC and Quarantine as REC was a Spanish film made for a Spanish audience and was distributed by Filmax a small independent Spanish company that have become quite big off the film and it was remade for a western audience by America as Quarantine which sold as much as REC in comparison but wasn’t the better film as REC cost 1.5M euro to make and it made 31M in the box office were as Quarantine cost 12M to make and only made 41M and in my opinion REC was the better film. Vertical integration is when a company is responsible for the production and the distribution. For example sony has screen gems and they are responsible for the distribution and production and also they brought out REC and Quarantine at the same time so they used synergy as they are a verticalintegrated company. They distributed it in the western world alongside rec to double their money asquarantine was distributed to the cinema and REC come out on DVD. Screen gems bought the rightsto REC to bring it out at the same time as Quarantine to use synergy to maximise their profits.Rec used stars that were big in Spain and who actually diddocumentaries and this was useful as the acting came fluently andthen they added a horror feeling to the film. This film was madefor a Spanish audience so they didn’t have to use stars that wererecognised around the world as with the remake Quarantine ithad to appeal to a different and bigger audience with the westernworld such as America and the Uk. This was done by usingdifferent actors that were American and were not too big so itsaved the production money but they were upcoming actors so itdid make the film seem more appealing to the western world. Ithought that finding the an actor that looked like the maincharacter in Rec was a good decision as it made the two filmsmore similar and it also added to the synergy aspect as it madethe two films more similar and would make the audience a newview on cinema and but will recognise the main character. The technology in Quarantine is better as they had a Hollywoodbudget rather than only a million Euros in Rec, this included better recording equipment so thevisual aspect of the film was better quality and so was the sound but i think for a film of this categorythe lesser footage made the film more realistic and more scary as it had a better effect on me withthe shaky camera. Also they had more money to spend on makeup and design witch i thought wasbetter as the infected has more of an effect but you can’t beat the classic with fake blood and abit ofeye liner this was done in a way to make the film seem more realistic and was the more successful
  2. 2. film as it made more in terms of how much they spent to how much they made. In my opinion thelack of technology in Rec made Rec the better film as it had more of a horror feel to the film.The trends for this hybrid genre are important as it connects a reality television show into a horrorgenre. This makes the whole film more exciting as the Director is an Auteur as this movie had neverreally been produced with this amount of quality for Rec. This makes Rec a new classic. Also the filmwas filmed like a first person shooter so it links into the gaming genre as the footage looks like itwould do in a game. The demand for point of view film after Rec skyrocketed with Cloverfield andalso Quenrtine. Also before Rec there was the Blare witch project but REC professionally brought thegenre a success.Karate kid is also another film that has been re made and was a success at the box office. The first film that was realised is 1984 made $90,815,558, and this was in 1984 so the amount it made was over expected. The film was also nominated for an Oscar. Whereas the re make of the karate kid that was released in 2010 made $178,591,618 but wasn’t nominated for anything. The different between these films are the quality and the story and the actors. It still has the base of the story such as a kid is bullied and then learns karate to combat that problem and then learns there is more to fighting than karate. They re made this film to bring the whole karate kid series to a new audience also they can bring out new toys and action figures and posters and all merchandise and this is the company that made the 2010 karate kid are using synergy as they are producing a new marked to go with the film for example a video game to go along with the with the film but then the film company will sell them rightsto the game. Also they can bring out the 1984 Karate kid on re release DVD and a box set of themtogether to boost sales. This is done so the company can make more money and through marketingthey make millions from an idea.The Karate kid 2010 uses stars that are big in Hollywood rather than in the old one they uses no aswell known and were famous through the film. The 2010 karate kiduses Will Smiths son who has inherited his name through his dad andis already a Hollywood star. Jackie Chan was also used in this film ashe is a big star in Asia so it opens a doorway to a whole differentaudience who can watch and enjoy the film and then also see actorsthey recognise. This makes the re make more of a successful film asit has a wide audience. I think that the original is a better made filmas you can tell the difference in the acting compared to the modernacting. You also get more of an original feel from the movie as withthe film quality. The reason they used Hollywood actors was just tomake more money, as if you see an actor you like then you are morethan likely going to see the film that you recognise the stars ratherthan a film that you wouldn’t as you expect a professional standard
  3. 3. from them. The technology in the modern karate kid is so much more advance than the 1984 version although all the karate is done by Jaden Smith who practiced for the film and also went to karate classes and learned gymnastics from Damien Walters as Will Smith saw his videos on Youtube and asked him to teach his son for the Karate kid film. Also Jaden put 110% in learning karate as he managed to do the splits and as a report says “After his first lesion he had tears in his eyes and it broke Will Smiths heart but as they finished Jaden was excited to do it again” this shows the dedication that was put into making this film a success. The film was very advance in teams of filming as it had high quality cameras to film the whole film and then has a Hollywood budget to reinforce that. They had $40 million dollars to spend on the film and with that the produced a Hollywood blockbuster that made $359M.Karate kid 1984quality Karate kid 2010 quality As you can see from the pictures the modern karate kid has a better quality camera and is also filmed in more exotic locations. As the modern karate kid was filmed in China and this gave them more to film as they could film in the old temples and film with karate masters which gives the film much more of a feel to it. This makes the Karate kid 2010 more appealing with the exotic locations and the famous actors. It looks more of a better quality film and this is the reason films are re made as it gives an old classic a new burst of life. You can’t improve on the old karate kid because it is a classic and is recognised all over the world but with this fresh burst of life for this film it gives the world a whole new idea on the film and also gives a new generation the old film. Another remake was war of the worlds as the first one that came out was first radioed and as an interesting face it was heard as a news report in a depressing story a man killed himself and his family because he genuinely thought that there were aliens. The first war of the world’s film that was released was corny and it looked fake but at the time it was ground breaking with the first stages of CGI and it made a massive impact on how people looked on extra terrestrials. The film had $2,000,000 as its budget and in that they used CGI and special effect to make the film look more
  4. 4. realistic the film made a fortune of the fact of people wanting to see it and also the synergy with toys and people wanted to read the book also made the film a lot more money. The remake of war of the worlds was massive it has amazing special effects such as a train flying past on fire as well as the massive alien ships. The CGI in this film didn’t look corny and it had amassive budget spent on it. It had $132,000,000 spent on it and world wide it made $588,929,061this shows how much of a successful film it was as it more than doubled the budget. This shows thatwith the synergy of the film how it brought out the old on DVD and with the sales of the new oneand the book it made so much more revenue. I think that remakes such as this bring a whole newaudience to a film and brings back the old one for a new generation but on the downside it willnever be as good as the original and shall always be second best. The film companies have the rightidea by remaking films to bring in whole new revenue that makes them millions of dollars.