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Me and my movies

  1. 1. ARE WE THERE YET directed by Brian Levant starring Ice Cube. It was produced by Revolution Studios distributed by Columbia Pictures
  2. 2. GROWN UPS directed by Dennis Dugan written and produced by Adam Sandler distributed by Columbia Pictures. The film was a box office success grossing $162,001,186 A sequel, titled Grown Ups 2, was released on July12, 2013.
  3. 3. TED directed, co-produced and co-written bySeth MacFarlane, with MacFarlane, MarkWahlberg and Mila Kunis leading roles. The supporting cast includesJoel McHale and Giovanni Ribisi. distributed by Universal Pictures
  4. 4. WHY DO I LIKE THE GENRE? I have always loved comedy and these are a few of myfavourites I really enjoy the relaxed and always full ofsurprising sort of feel to films I really enjoy the aspect ofbeing made to laugh and have grown up watchingmany comedys they mostly family friendly and fun towatch with friends the actors also have a big influencein what films I choose to watch as you tend to havefavourites for what ever reason
  5. 5. Star theory This Is a very effective way of bringing inthe customers if used effectively startheory is where a actor or actress hasbecome extremely famous from a film orfilms they have done and are known for itthen when they star in other films peoplewill watch simply because of them
  6. 6. How did I hear about the films There many different ways in which films can beadvertised Social networking ,Web apps Blogs,Magazines I don’t really know how I first came in to contact withthese most probably through adverts and bill boardsthese are very affective in getting my attention
  7. 7. Reception theory This is what tells that were you come andyour background reflects on what sort ofthings you would be interested so saymaybe a old man who was around duringthe war will enjoy watching war films I think is quiet true but obviously not in allcases
  8. 8. Are we there yet is a classic it isset in America and based on icecube trying to get a womanand to do so he offers to helpout with her kids resulting in aroad trip with a nasty turn ofevents it is a narrative movie.
  9. 9.  Four old friends decide to take there families to a cabinwhen there old school teacher dies It is set in America I a family film and has scenes of many out door activitieslike rope swings and basketball It has four of the most famous comedians in It and hasbig star appeal to the audience
  10. 10.  Codes and conventions: a child with no friends makes a wishand his teddy bear comes to life they then get older and lifebecomes harder they will have used a lot of special effects tocreate a teddy Its set in America Most scenes a very visible with use ofbright lighting and natural light Alcohol, drug use, parties and in the work place Comedys there always seem to be a party as the are goodenvironment that every one can connect with ad somethingfunny always happens