Rec an quarintine


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Rec an quarintine

  1. 1. Rec and quarantine are both great films they are both of the horror genre and tended to be quitepopular with the younger generation obviously people from England will tend to think the remakeof the Spanish film is better as films with subtitles are usually cast aside. Rec is the original Spanishfilm and in my opinion a lot better than quarantine even though there are very little differencesthere are just a few key things that make rec stand out. The reason for this article is to look into thereasons behind the remake of rec apart from the obvious which is the financial aspect. Whenquarantine did come out it actual made the sale of rec on dvdrise as people wanted to see thecomparison or would maybe of liked to see the inspiration behind the original.The basic story line which Is used in both films starts with a camera crew getting the inside view of afire station with a few interviews and rough cuts filming there, after a short intro the alarms go andthe fire brigade roll out on what seems to be a routine job to apartment blocks the camera crew goand film everything that unfolds. It is a very fast paced film why things go wrong very quick endingup in a full scale lock down as a horrible virus breaks out. It Is a very gripping film and has a veryjumping ending. Rec was made in Spain in 2007 shortly followed by quarantine which was directedby john Eric Dowdell in 2008 this was based on rec and pretty much the same except it was set inAmerica and there was a few differences in scenes , a large subsidiary company which is screengems bought the rights for rec so they was allowed to create the film since the release of both filmsthere have been sequels made due to the popularity I personally think they did not do the previousfilms justice and may of even ruined the whole aspect of the hand held horror style creations butthat’s just my opinion, when rec was realised there was also two other films realised with it whichwas clover field and diary of the dead im not sure whether this was deliberate or just a really bigcoincidence but by them all realising around the same time the hand held genre became quitepopular and all films did very well.Remakes are done for many reasons the whole aspect of taking a good idea that wasn’t producedproperly and re-inventing it is brilliant also they can get actors in which have their own star factorand will bring in more views for the new relies. Obviously back in the day they still had very goodcreative ability just lacked the technology to produce the standard of film we all now live by this iswhere remakes come into play and can take those amazing ideas which had really shoddy cgi ormaybe even still in black and white and turn it in to a brilliant film.The 1953 War of the worlds was directed and produced by BryanHanskin the remake was directedin 2005 by Steven Spielberg .