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  • 1. Spider Monkey Devin
  • 2. Who Am I?  Spider monkeys live in the rainforest.  They don’t make nests or homes because they move a lot.  The are quite flexible.  Their lifespan in the wild is about twenty- seven years.  They sometimes use their tail as an extra hand.
  • 3. The Early Years  A female is able to give birth when they are four to five.  The baby is continuously carried in the front and at about five months of age it will begin to ride on her back.  It will ride for two years.  The adults are mostly out exploring or chasing, grappling, and jumping with their same age or with adults.
  • 4. Habitat Sweet Habitat  Spider monkeys have a nice home.  They live in evergreen rainforests, and mangrove rainforest.  They mostly live in the upper canopy rainforest. I think they like their rainforest in the wild.
  • 5. What”s on the Menu? The spider monkey eats a lot. Spider monkeys eat good food. Spider monkeys eat insects, leaves, twigs and fruits.
  • 6. Making Tracks  They are arboreal primates, which means they don’t live on the ground.  When they are standing on lookout, they use their strong tail to support them.  The tail is used as an extra hand.  It moves from place to place by swinging from tree to tree.
  • 7. Simply Irresistible  Spider monkeys have a large brain for their size.  They live in groups of about 30 monkeys.  The diet consists of 90% fruit and seeds.  They eat most of their food while they are hanging.
  • 8. Where In the World? Spider monkeys have been found in southern Mexico and South America.
  • 9. FACTS
  • 10. Resource List Had these once, does not have to do it again.