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Simatic it mes_and_beyond

  1. 1. SIMATIC IT: MES and beyond Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Adapting manufacturing operationsto variable marketsDynamic markets with increasing demand variation, raising prices of energyand raw materials, quality and environmental regulations, place significantchallenges upon manufacturers.If they want to compete in the market they are forced to achieve the highest market,level of resilience in global operations, while at the same time maintainingcost efficiency, quality and speed.This isThi i possible at th single plant l ibl t the i l l t level – or at the enterprise level, where l t th t i l l hcompanies are organizing networks of plants with varying capabilities.It takes an innovative vision on implementing and managing manufacturingIT in general, and Manufacturing Execution Systems in particular. The application of integrated manufacturing strategiesRights Reserved. © Siemens AG 2012. AllPage 2 will help realize manufacturing responsiveness Industry Sector
  3. 3. The crucial role of an INTEGRATED systemProduct Development (PLM), Business Management (ERP) and Execution((MES and Automation) must work together ) g The MES role:The Strategic needs of Manufacturers One full Closed-Loop Integration between PLM, ERP, MES and Shop FloorMake-to-Individual PLM ERPReduce global Time-to-MarketIncrease productivity and optimize costs in p y pthe plantSupport Global Plants MESProvide visibility to all levels within theSupply-ChainStandardize business processes to let Shop Floorthe system provide higher quality SIEMENS is in a unique position © Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved. to supportPage 3 these INTEGRATION requirements Industry Sector
  4. 4. Industry Automation Division – A leading position in automation technology and industrial software Industry Sector – Industry Automation DivisionIndustrial Automation Sensors and Control Components & PLM Water Systems Communications Systems Engineering Software Technologies (AS) (SC) (CE) (PL) (WT)SIMATIC S7 (PLC) Process SIRIUS Control Digital Product Industrial Solutions Instrumentation Components Development (NX)SIMATIC PCS 7 Municipal Solutions Process Analytics SIPLUS Customized Digital ManufacturingSIMATIC IPC Industrial Solutions (Tecnomatix) Health ScienceSIMATIC HMI Identification Solutions S l ti SINVERT Collaborative DataSIMATIC IT (MES) Industrial Photovoltaics Management Aquatics and Leisure Communication (Teamcenter) SolutionsDigital Engineering ySolutions Factory SITOP Power Supplies S li& Process Aut. © Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved. Page 4 Industry Sector
  5. 5. Industry Automation’s Portfolio – Full support for the entire production workflow Manufacturing Industries Process Industries Life Sciences Industries MESProductProd ct Production MRODesign/Engineering © Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved. Page 5 Industry Sector
  6. 6. Product meets ProductionSiemens portfolio covers the whole chain from Product LifecycleManagement to Manufacturing Execution to AutomationM tt M f t i E ti t A t tiSuch a powerful portfolio allowsSiemens customers to enable aSi t t blseamless information flow fromEngineering to Execution and backIt provides the Strategic Infrastructureto enable Manufacturers to achieveconcrete benefits in all aspects of th t b fit i ll t f theManufacturing process from Design toDelivery © Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved. Page 6 Industry Sector
  7. 7. Siemens Industry Software for MES today:SIMATIC IT Portfolio Production Suite Production management and execution Scalability R&D Suite Efficiency Integrating R&D and manufacturing I t ti d f t i processes, workflows and data Profitability Intelligence Suite Consistency Real time Real-time data monitoring and historical data collection in a unified environment Flexibility Industry Libraries Discrete Manufacturing Visibility Process Industry Life Sciences Industry Quality Transparency Value Added Services A broad concept of Customer Care © Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved.Page 7 Industry Sector
  8. 8. Key FeaturesISA-95 as Siemens MES StandardCross industry standard softwareFlexible and ScalableTrue ERP collaboration thT ll b ti through i t h interoperability bilitLower cost of ownershipFast to roll-outSecure existing investmentsEasier compliance with regulationsTotally integrated i th SiT t ll i t t d in the Siemens offering f ff i forautomation, from the machine to the corporatelevelSIMATIC IT offers significant benefits improving © Siemens AG 2012. Alloperations manufacturing Rights Reserved. Page 8 Industry Sector
  9. 9. Customer BenefitsOptimized processes and integration Shorter time to first revenueOptimized Production, Quality, Inventory and Assetperformance make your plant the strongest link in the Supply ChainIntegrate the production operations into the businessand into R&D/Engineering operations maximum collaboration between organizations andsystems tInformation visibility at every level Real-time evaluation capabilities to drive performance,enable innovation efficiency and enforce brand valueFacilitate application roll-out to several plants fast ROI and low TCOAchieving optimum market and production responsiveness with SIMATIC IT © Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved. Page 9 Industry Sector
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention! Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved.