Preactor 12 (Brochure)_What`s New (APS-system/Advanced Planning and Scheduling System)


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Preactor 12 (Brochure)_What`s New (APS-system/Advanced Planning and Scheduling System)

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Preactor 12 (Brochure)_What`s New (APS-system/Advanced Planning and Scheduling System)

  1. 1. 5IMPORTANTFACTS ABOUTPREACTOR 12Preactor 12 offers a numberof new features andfunctions that furtherenhances your Preactorsystem.SECURITY MODULEThe new security moduleprovides control over who canaccess Preactor and,depending on their designatedrole, what data and menuoptions they have access to.IMPORT/EXPORT WIZARDThe new import/export wizardhas many new features andimprovements to make it easierand more intuitive to use.PERFORMANCEFurther improvements havebeen made to Preactor 12which now works much fasterthan before, especiallynoticeable with large data setsand complex scheduling rules.OVERVIEWPreactor 12 offers anenhanced ‘look and feel’ anda number of new features suchas enhanced scrolling andzooming.STAGING TABLESPreactor now offers features foreasier integration to othersoftware using Preactor Linkwith staging tables that help topass data betweenapplications in a faster andautomated way.12345There have been a number of changes and improvements in Preactor 12 that will benefitevery Preactor user.SECURITY MODULEThe security module offers you the opportunity to control the access to Preactor and whichmenus and data tables a user can see and alter. You can choose the method of authentication.Menu options and actions in the Preactor Desktop are labelled generically as Workflows. Rolesrepresent the link between a Workflow and a User.IMPORT/EXPORT WIZARDThis tool has been completely re-written to make it more intuitive and easy to use. Mappingof data fields between the imported data and the Preactor tables now uses a graphical inter-face and drag and drop functionality.UNICODE SUPPORTPreactor now offers full Unicode support. The most obvious benefit is for translations intonon-Latin alphabets. They now work on any language version of Windows.What’s New in Preactor 12Installed by more than 4,000 companies in 75 countries around the world.
  2. 2. PERFORMANCEPreactor 12 has been updated to work better and fasterwhen handling large data sets. This includesimprovements in the performance of ancillary functionssuch as Import/Export and responsiveness. There is also asignificant reduction in memory requirements.OVERVIEWA number of improvements have been made to thePreactor Overview Gantt and Trace Charts in Preactor 12.We have improved the look and feel and added scrollwheel zooming and grab and drag scrolling. We have alsoincreased the responsiveness of these charts whenchanges are made such as after a drag and drop of anoperation.CALENDARSThere have been a number of enhancements made tocalendar functionality. There is now an option toautomatically consolidate calendar periods. Many users setup their calendars for each day so unless you work 24 hoursa day you are likely to have an off-shift period at the end ofthe day followed by another one at the beginning of thenext. As each state change is evaluated by Preactor thiscan slow down Preactor s performance. Consolidatingadjacent periods overcomes this.Also it is now possible to save the calendar applied to eachresource with the schedule. This is useful in comparingalternative schedules with different calendar templates. Itis also now possible to import and apply an alternativecalendar template into an existing schedule.WINDOW DOCKINGThe Material Explorer is now dock-able. Most otherwindows become float-able such as the Overview, TraceChart and Editor.STAGING TABLESStaging tables provide an area in the database for feedingPreactor with data from other systems. A common issue isthat data is usually in Order Header / Order Detail form.Preactor Parent / Child relationships effectively describethis, but the supporting tables are not in a normalized form.To make staging easier, parent and child records arenormalized.The Preactor 12 implementation of the staging tables willprimarily be aimed at supporting Preactor Link. PreactorLink v5 will be released to interwork with Preactor 12. Moregeneric facilities will be added in future releases.SSRS 2008 / 2008 R2 RDL SUPPORTIn Preactor 12 the latest version of Report Viewer isincluded. This supports Server Reports of 2005 / 2008 /2008 R2 RDL Schemas and Local Reports for 2005 / 2008RDL Schemas. The latest common schema is 2008 andReport Builder 2.0 can be used to build reports.CONTACT DETAILSThe Preactor Group LtdCornbrash ParkBumpers WayChippenhamWiltshireUnited KingdomSN14 6RATel: +44 (0) 1249 650316Web: www.preactor.comEmail: sales@preactor.comPreactor is a registered trademark of Preactor International Limited.Microsoft is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.G R O U PT H E