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Grid07 4 Tzannetakis

  1. 1. The Role of the GRID in Engineering Simulation Where is the need? Where is the value? IBBT-Symposium on GRIDS in Science and Business Nick Tzannnetakis CTO & Product Director NOESIS & LMS International 12 June 2007 Gent, Belgium
  2. 2. The Future is in Intelligent System Simulation and Testing Agenda Key business challenges 1 in the manufacturing industries 2 LMS Profile 3 GRID in Engineering – Why? 4 Remaining Challenges 2 copyright LMS International - 2007
  3. 3. Addressing the key business challenges of the discrete manufacturing industries The industry’s focus remains on getting the “right” products out in the market, on the “right” time Win market share Compete with Differentiate through innovative designs appealing brand values Shorten time The Product Optimize to market Innovation Race price/performance Constantly renew and Reduce expand the portfolio costs and risks Manage the value chain 3 copyright LMS International - 2007
  4. 4. LMS, more than 25 years of engineering innovation The industry’s single provider that truly combines virtual simulation with physical testing Uniquely combining Engineering Services, Testing Systems, CAE software, Process Integration and Software Deployment Services Talented people, +800 professionals, +30 locations, committed to customers’ success The industry largest commitment to technology development and innovation – 30 % of budget in R&D Strong financial track record of double digit profitable growth for +25 years (Europe: 39%, Asia: 39%, Americas: 22%) 4 copyright LMS International - 2007
  5. 5. LMS, serving more than 3000 leading manufacturers in the auto, aerospace, fabrication and assembly industries Partnering with automotive manufacturers Partnering with automotive suppliers Partnering with aerospace companies Partnering with manufacturing companies 5 copyright LMS International - 2007
  6. 6. A next generation product portfolio, delivering Intelligent System Simulation and Testing LMS Imagine.Lab LMS Engineering and Deployment Services Enterprise-wide Engineering Collaboration Technology Transfer Simulation Integration in PLM Process Transformation & Best Practices System Support LMS Test.Lab LMS Test.Xpress LMS Virtual.Lab LMS Virtual.Lab LMS Designer LMS SCADAS Tec.Manager Mobile - Lab ASAM 6 copyright LMS International - 2007
  7. 7. Simulation Effectiveness - The Requirements: Process Integration including Data & Process Execution Management Capture, Organize and Federate Engineering Processes and the Organize the Process Execution Associated Data on HPC Environments NVH CRASH Process Integration Smart Experimentation and Data Mining Mr. Michael Kaufmann of Audi AG comments, “… has allowed us to complete a weight optimization project on a To provide Design Insight full vehicle with 100 design variables and 7 crash and NVH load cases under 30 constraints. We were able to demonstrate that it now becomes feasible and practical to perform large-scale multi-disciplinary optimization problems with OPTIMUS on Platform LSF-enabled networks. This implementation of OPTIMUS has enabled AUDI to complete MDO analyses that were until now impossible to run with typically several orders of magnitude shorter turn-around times.” 7 copyright LMS International - 2007
  8. 8. Grid Research Projects under FP6 supporting the Grid community international cooperation EU Funding: 130 M€ Grid services, Challengers Nessi-Grid Grid@Asia EchoGrid business models trust, security Bridge GridCoord Degree EC-Gin GridEcon GridTrust AssessGrid Edutain@ ArguGrid Grid Provenance BeinGrid SIMDAT BeinGrid A-Ware Sorma business industrial business experiments platforms, user simulations experiments environments data, knowledge, NextGRID Akogrimo BREIN semantics Grid4all KnowArc XtreemOS service mobile agents & services semantics Linux based Chemomen Gredia QosCosGrid architecture tum Grid CoreGRID operating K-WF Grid InteliGrid g-Eclipse GridComp system virtual laboratories Datamining OntoGrid UniGrids HPC4U Grid Wave 2 – start 2006 Specific support Integrated Network of Specific targeted action project excellence research project Wave 1 – start 2004 SIMDAT 8 copyright LMS International - 2007 © Fraunhofer Institute SCAI and other members of the SIMDAT consortium
  9. 9. The Application Project SIMDAT SIMDAT Overview End Users Four sectors of Seven Grid-technology international economic development areas: importance: Grid infrastructure Automotive Distributed Data Access Pharmaceutical VO Administration Capability Providers Aerospace Workflows Meteorology Ontologies Analysis Services Knowledge Services Grid Technologists The solution of industrially relevant complex problems using data-centric Grid technology SIMDAT © Fraunhofer Institute SCAI and other members of the SIMDAT consortium 9 copyright LMS International - 2007
  10. 10. GRID in Engineering – WHY? An example from the Automotive Industry 5h 1h 22h 11h 7h 14h 8h SIMDAT 10 copyright LMS International - 2007
  11. 11. Key Enablers – Key Speed-bumps “something to build on, something to focus in” A business framework to work on: New Business Models – Disruptive Transformation • Licensing strategies • Application transformation Legal infrastructure Infrastructure to operate in: Middleware – 1 Level up from the OS (?) STANDARDS – introducing simplicity and easiness in developing “GRIDified” applications An environment to deploy to: Service providers (internal or external) Managing it (IT versus Divisions) 11 copyright LMS International - 2007
  12. 12. LMS and SIMDAT – Clearly demonstrating the GRID Premium Value Two “critical path” developments Aerospace Activity • GRID/SOA based Workflow and Meta- Model Creation Web-Services • VALUE: Extended Organization - Collaboration Automotive and Aerospace Activity: • GRID/SOA based Test Data Search, Query and Delivery Web-Services • VALUE: Enterprise Collaboration – Test Data Integration Registry- Bus “Grid Middleware” Service Semantic Layer Ontology Service OGSA-DAI-Connector OGSA-DAI-Connector OGSA-DAI-Connector Transport Layer Data-Service Data-Service Data-Service Ready to deploy results (OGSA-DAI) (OGSA-DAI) (OGSA-DAI) SIMDAT Bus- Bus- Bus- Connector Connector Connector (OGSA-DAI) (OGSA-DAI) (OGSA-DAI) MSC.SimManager LMS Tec.Manager PDM-System 12 copyright LMS International - 2007
  13. 13. Are we there? Is it enough to address the speed-bumps? Too Application-Centric Is GRID Scalability going to unlock its value? GRID Success can only come if the Innovation PREMIUM is moved from the “Application” itself to the USE of the Application 13 copyright LMS International - 2007
  14. 14. A dream… =< SERVICE: Request Negotiate Get => Execute Release 14 copyright LMS International - 2007
  15. 15. Questions and Discussion 15 copyright LMS International - 2007
  16. 16. Thank you IBBT-Symposium on GRIDS in Science and Business Nick Tzannnetakis CTO & Product Director NOESIS & LMS International 12 June 2007 Gent, Belgium