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Social Search Optimization (SSO)


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  • 1. Social Search Optimization (SSO)How To Maximize Your Efforts toAchieve Marketing SuccessPower of Digital Series Christy Belden, Vice President Media + Marketing February 23, 2012
  • 2. Christy Belden 2Vice President Media + Marketing Experience: 11 years The Courier-Journal University of Louisville SEMPO-Certified Google AdWords Individually Certified Christy knows marketing. PPC, SEO, social media, email, mobile, traditional —she’s been there and done that. She continues to build a deep well of experience and is always in touch with the trends and strategies that provide a solid return on clients’ investments.
  • 3. LeapFrog Interactive 3Connect with us!Twitter: @LFI #SSOFacebook: LeapFrog InteractiveBlog:
  • 4. Agenda 4+ Social Media Overview+ SEO Overview+ SEO + Social Media+ Google++ Google Search Plus Your World+ Best Practices+ Now what?+ Questions
  • 5. 5Social Media Overview
  • 6. Social Media 6 Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue…
  • 7. Social Media 7 Dialogue is the key. Brands use social media to create the conversation between brand and consumer through engagement and interaction…
  • 8. Social Media 8 Source:
  • 9. Social Media 9 How many people are on Social Media? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Pinterest? Google+?
  • 10. Facebook 10Facebook is King+ 845 Mil active monthly users by end of Dec 2011+ 80% of users are outside of US+ 425 Mil active mobile users by end of 2011 Source: and Hubspot-The Social Media Data Stacks
  • 11. Facebook 11 v=xJXOavGwAW8&feature=player_embed ded#!
  • 12. LinkedIn 12LinkedIn is Professional and Global+ As of 2012, largest professional network+ Over 150 Mil users in over 200 countries+ Only 9 years old Source: Infographic:
  • 13. Twitter 13A Little Birdie Told Me…+ Over 100 Mil monthly active users; 50% login everyday+ Surpassed 250 mil tweets/day in June of 2011+ Link life is 2.5 hrs on Twitter vs. Facebook’s 1 hr link life Source:
  • 14. Google + 14That’s a Plus…+ 90 Mil Users as of Jan 2012+ Tagging and hashtag features+ Open for teens (+13) Source:
  • 15. Pinterest 15Pin-teresting Facts…+ Over 10.4 Mil registered users+ 97.7% are Female+ Drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube combined+ Users spend more time on site than Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn combined Source:
  • 16. 16SEO Overview
  • 17. SEO 17Search Engine Optimization This means…Improving a website or page’s visibility organically on a search engine by updating “fresh” relevant content…
  • 18. SEO 18 How many people know what it actually does or how it works?
  • 19. SEO 19Search- “pet shops Louisville”
  • 20. SEO 20Why SEO is important…+ Consumers can’t buy what they can’t find+ 42% of all searchers click on top-ranked results+ 62% click on a page-one result Source: LFI Presentation on Digital Trends 2011
  • 21. SEO 21How Companies Implement SEO…Onsite Activities+ Keyword rich URLs+ Meta content+ Fresh, relevant content – blogs, articles, white papersOffsite Activities+ Link building+ Forums+ Social media content
  • 22. SEO 22How Companies Utilize SEO+ Help increase over visibility online+ Increase Sales+ Increase Site Traffic+Track Leads Source:
  • 23. SEO + Social Media
  • 24. Social Search Optimization 24What is SSO?SSO = Social Search Optimization This Means…optimizing content on social properties and other content such as photos, blogs, and page descriptions to improve organic search results.
  • 25. Social Search Optimization 25ImpactSocial content will now affect your company’s ranking on search engines. As well as display your social media sites in conjunction with other hits.
  • 26. Social Search Optimization 26Social Search Optimization Meaning, if you want to maximize your search results… You NEED to be involved with social media, and the more the better.
  • 27. Social Search Optimization 27Social Impact Source: Infographic Why Content for SEO?, Brafton
  • 28. Google +1
  • 29. Google +1 29What is Google +1? +1 is Google’s share feature which closely resembles Facebook’s ‘like’ or Twitters ‘retweet’ button.
  • 30. Google +1 30
  • 31. SEO 31 How many of you have +1 Content?
  • 32. Google+
  • 33. Google+ 33What is Google+? Google+ is Google’s social media platform that allows users to share content to specified “circles” or publicly…
  • 34. Google+ 34Features…+ Can share pictures, videos, links, and posts+ Users can own pages ! much like Brand/Company pages+ Hang-out feature allows users to interact via video conferencing+ Has featured games+ Links to gmail accounts+ “Plus one” action (similar to Facebook’s ‘like’) used as a ranking system
  • 35. That’s a Plus 35 v=sVf3UaZePC8 v=bo390-3ohW4&NR=1&feature=endscree n
  • 36. That’s a Plus 36 v=sVf3UaZePC8 v=bo390-3ohW4&NR=1&feature=endscree n
  • 37. Google+ 37
  • 38. Google+ 38 How Often are you updating your Google+ page, if at all? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? I was supposed to update that thing?
  • 39. Google+ 39Fresh content matters… Google+ profiles with no posts in the last 72 hours don’t show up in the “Related people/pages” or “plus box” in Google search results Source:
  • 40. Google+ 40But…Updating content is not enough. You must laser-target your audience bysharing content that will get “+1’s” and shares. The object is to get users to your static site from your social page in a deep search manner Source:
  • 41. Google Search Plus Your World
  • 42. Search Plus Your World 42Announcement Google announced in January of 2012 that they would be integrating their social posts into’s query results.
  • 43. Search Plus Your World 43Why this changed the game… Now content, brands, people, and companies that are on Google+ will be favored in Google searches…when a user is logged into Google
  • 44. Google Search Plus Your World 44Personal Search+ Opt-in search option that shows personal and public search results+ Shows privately shared content from friends and family+ Users can switch between personalized and un-personalized searches Source:
  • 45. Google Search Plus Your World 45Old Search- “flowers”
  • 46. Search Plus Your World 46Search-”LeapFrog Interactive”+ When logged into Google,Google suggests searches foryou
  • 47. Google Search Plus Your World 47 UnPersonalized Personalized
  • 48. Google Search Plus Your World 48 v=8Z9TTBxarbs&feature=player_embedded
  • 49. Google Search Plus Your World 49Common Concerns…+ Privacy+ Google+ favoritism+ Not linked with Facebook orTwitter content+ Not much different than Google “suggestions” for certain content
  • 50. Google Search Plus Your World 50How Search Plus Your World Affects SEO+ Priority on search list+ Social content is the new link building+ You want your company to be in circles of people in your industry to increase chances of sharing+ Increase Google+ page promotion vs. tradational Source:
  • 51. Search Plus Your World 51Newest Addition…+ Just this WEEK Google added its newest feature to the home page to ensure Google+ will succeed+ You can now share straight from the Google homepage+ Search meets share Source:
  • 52. Google Search Plus Box
  • 53. Plus Box 53
  • 54. Plus Box 54Factors that affect Plus Box placement…+ Circle membership+ Number of posts (frequency)+ “+1” per post+ Re-shares per post+ Freshness
  • 55. Plus Box 55 Plus Box Research Project A case study conducted by Ian Lurie in February of 2012 to help solidify what variables affect placement on the “Plus Box” in the new Search Plus Your World feature… Source:
  • 56. Plus Box 56Reach…+ Circlemembership ofthose who put youin their circles.+ Higherreach=moreinteraction Source:
  • 57. Plus Box 57 Take Aways…. + Only certain searches show the “plus box” + Plus Box results often rotate + Ranking of attributes from most important to least… Reach Circle Membership Freshness Post Frequency Average +1’s per post Re-shares and Replies (comments) per posts
  • 58. Bringing it All Together
  • 59. Bringing it All Together 59What this means for Social Search Optimization… Your social content is more important than ever. It now becomes a part of your SEO strategy, not just your over all brand image. Source:
  • 60. Bringing it All Together 60What this means for SEO… Companies now must look at their SEO strategy and analyze them fromboth a owned site and non-owned site perspective. It will require an SEO strategy to incorporate social media outlets.
  • 61. Bringing it All Together 61Best Practices…+ Use keywords in your descriptions+ Use the +1 button+ Post and share great content+ Optimize your posts on all social properties (Twiter, FB, etc…)+ Update all social content frequently Source:
  • 62. What Can You Do Today?
  • 63. What Can You Do Today? 63Take Action…+ Look at your bios, about us pages on social media properties and make sure they are using keywords within each section+ View your upcoming posts and do they include keywords and links to your website+ Is the content you are created optimized for search and are you distributing the content on social media sites+ Start a Google+ page
  • 64. Questions? 64
  • 65. 65Thank You!