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Danielle Leitch presents Social Media Bootcamp to ACEC Sr Exec Class, Fall 2012 in Boca Raton, FL.

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  • andrew HEADLINE AND SUMMARY (for SEO) Often your LinkedIn profile appears when people search for you on the web Tailor a unique headline and summary to let visitors identify your unique skillset Helps your profile turn up in relevant search results Add a photo EXPERIENCE Include both current position and past positions Detail specific accomplishments in each Let typeahead find your company, so you can connect with past colleagues GET RECOMMENDATIONS Reinforce your professional identity online OTHER INFO Click through to your company or personal websites See honors or awards that represent your accomplishments Find you in search results via keyword
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  • You need to upgrade to HootSuite  Pro  ( $5.99/month ) to access the bulk upload feature
  • Tab views will help to see what content is of interest – are people aware of the other tabs available…
  • ACEC_Social Media_Danielle Leitch_Fall 2012

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA BOOTCAMP ACEC Sr. Exec Institute Class Presented: October 13, 2012 Boca Raton, Florida
    2. 2. Danielle Leitch Exec Vice President
    3. 3. Social Is?• NOW, Real-time• Publicity, Branding, Awareness & PR• Lead Generation / Raise Interest• Informational and Educational• Client Engagement and Communication• Everywhere & Everyone – Desktop, Tablet, Mobile/Smartphone – All demographics; B-to-B and B-to-C - Regional, local or national / global• Content of all Types – Video, Image, News, Blog, Text, Widget
    5. 5. Search Landscape
    6. 6. Google 2 Years Ago… 7
    7. 7. Google 2011 8
    8. 8. Present Day…+1 in Search Results
    9. 9. Social Media, SEO & Multimedia Can rank independent of website content; Can link to website content to help it rank. New and noteworthy … status updates: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Be where your audience is. Create relationships directly with customers and prospects. Broaden your overall content saturation. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.
    10. 10. Social Media Best Practices• Post frequently• Be responsive• Mention others, share content• Post links to news / research• Incorporate photos and videos• Develop content calendar, strategy and daily management plan• Have a plan in place for crisis management• Determine what success will look like• Monitor and track 11
    11. 11. Considerations• Incredibly dynamic environment• Intense publicity and user engagement• Must enter with a sound strategy• Incorporate customization and branding• Engagement, participation, listening, monitoring & tracking all required
    12. 12. Relevant Social Media Channels• LinkedIn• SlideShare• YouTube• Google+• Twitter• Facebook• Pinterest
    13. 13. LINKEDIN
    14. 14. LinkedIn Benefits• Manage your professional information• Be introduced to potential partners/clients• Create, collaborate on projects• Gain insights from like-minded professionals• Discover new connections / add to network• LEARN, ENGAGE and GET CONNECTED
    15. 15. Creating Your Profile MoreVisibility 2010
    16. 16. Account Settings - Privacy
    17. 17. Applications
    18. 18. Applications: SlideShare(Another Social Network)
    19. 19. ~ SLIDESHARE ~• Upload presentations publicly or privately• Embed on blogs, websites, company intranets• Share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn• Leadshare: generate business leads with your presentations, documents, pdfs, videos• Embed YouTube videos into presentations• Use SlideShare PRO for premium features like branded channels, analytics, ad free pages etc
    20. 20. Groups
    21. 21. Ask and Answer Questions 23
    22. 22. Research/Network Events
    23. 23. Paid Search-Social Media
    24. 24. LinkedInTargeting:Target ByDemographics
    25. 25. COMPANY PAGES
    26. 26. YOU TUBE
    27. 27. Videos Are Watched• 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute, (nearly 8 years of content uploaded every day)• Over 3 billion videos are viewed a day• 150 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook and every minute more than 500 tweets contain YouTube links• 100 million people take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc) every week 29
    28. 28. GOOGLE +
    29. 29. All About Google+• Google’s social media platform / Facebook’s competition• Promotes “Real-Life Sharing” on the web.• Features include Circles, Hangouts, Games and Search.• A personal Google account/ profile is required to set-up a Google+ page for a business.• Referred to as G+, Google+ and Google Plus
    30. 30. Not to be confused with “+1”Google’s +1 Button• “Liking” a search result / website• Displayed when users are signed in to a Google profile or account• Visible on Paid (SEM) & Organic (SEO) results• Factored into algorithm ??
    31. 31. Manage Page
    32. 32. Page Administrator (s)
    33. 33. TWITTER
    34. 34. SAY IT IN 140 or LESS
    35. 35. Opportunities• Leverage hashtags (#) in your tweets to reach wider audience on specific subjects or categories related to tweet• Coordinate or participate in Twitterchats to engage the community; more visibility• Advertising options include: Promoted Accounts or Promoted Tweets
    36. 36. Hootsuite Scheduling
    37. 37. FACEBOOK
    38. 38. Largest social media channel availableNo website neededFully customizable to your audienceIntegrates all other channels and forms of socialmedia in one locationOnline reporting and unique URL available for allbusiness pages (Need minimum of 25 “likes”)
    39. 39. Facebook Insights • Review individual post impressions and feedback • Fan growth and demographics • Tab Views • External referrers to page • Monthly active users • The ability to export data from the dashboard using the Export button MoreVisibility 2012 45
    40. 40. PINTEREST
    41. 41. Uses of the Channel• Share with your audience pictures and images of interest to your organization by “pinning” them to your company board• Make comments and allow people’s feedback.
    43. 43. TrackingProgress & Success
    44. 44. Ideas for Measurement• Web Analytics – Referring traffic to your website from channels • Direct from your content and account • By way of others sharing /posting content• Channel Stats – Followers, Subscribers, Likes to page/channel account – Engagement with company within channel – Content Sharing and commenting• In-platform analytics data – Facebook Insights – LinkedIn Insights – Twitter
    45. 45. Social Channel Referring Visits
    46. 46. Social Engagement
    47. 47. SUMMARY• Develop a strategy that is sound to your business and reasonable to maintain• Create content that’s of interest and unique• Establish a content calendar and brand guidelines/messaging for use within SM• Interact with the community, offer value• Leverage the community – great resources• Track and measure response/engagement