Social media for small business


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This high-level presentation takes a look at popular scial media platforms and how they can be leveraged to increase traffic to your small business website. It covers tips, tools, examples, and processes for getting started in social media, as well as ideas for generating content.

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Social media for small business

  1. 1. Increase Traffic to your website [session 2]: Leverage Social Media to get More Business
  2. 2. how to get results Social Link Media strategy SEO (Keywords) Website
  3. 3. small companies focus on inbound 1-10 Employees 50 or more Employees (2010 Lead Gen Budget) (2010 Lead Gen Budget) other other Inbound 25% Inbound 21% 31% 44% email email 11% 16% traditional traditional 15% 37% Source: Hubspot’s State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  4. 4. How do I get started with social media? listen
  5. 5. How do I get started with social media? strategy commit listen manage content
  6. 6. Build traffic to your website • Encourage visits via links in your tweets • Offer special promotions •Get added to others’ lists •Develop relationships for “shampoo” effect •Tweets are google searchable • Entice via multimedia content in wall posts • Business page with website link • “Info” tab has website links • Encourage “Events” participation • Offer special promotions • Can show up on Info tab of fans • Entice via content of answers (and questions) to groups or your connections • Comprehensive personal profile, with links • Proactively seek out connections • Encourage “Events” participation
  7. 7. don’t just take my word for it… “Without content, using social media as a distribution mechanism and conversation starter is pretty pointless.” Joe Pulizzi, founder of Junta42 “Great content gives social media life, by giving people something more interesting to talk about than what they’re ordering right now at Starbucks.” Sonia Simone, senior editor at Copyblogger “Spend resources on creating content, more than beautiful design.” Mike Volpe, vice president of marketing at HubSpot
  8. 8. social media loves content Press releases Articles Slides Your website Video Images Blog
  9. 9. what if you don’t have content? 5 Easy Steps to Content That Drives Traffic!
  10. 10. #1: Who are you talking to? B2B Markets: • What industry? • What location? • What size? B2C Markets: • What title/position? • What location? • What gender? • What age? • What income?
  11. 11. #2: What will you say? KEYWORDS!
  12. 12. Wordtracker Keyword Questions Tool
  13. 13. #3: How will you say it? Press releases Articles Slides Your website Video Images Blog
  14. 14. #4: When will you say it? • Plan at least 3 months out • Use a mix of keywords/phrases • Use a mix of tools • Be flexible Consistency is the key to success!
  15. 15. #5: Say it! How to? Keywords Company News
  16. 16. EZ Content Template 1. Who is your prospect? 2. What do you want your prospect to do/feel? 3. How will your content help your prospect? 4. What does your prospect need to know? 5. What questions your prospect will have?
  17. 17. post content on the Web SEO Pay-Per Click Press releases Articles Slides Your website Video Images Blog Social Media Off-Line
  18. 18. How do I grow with social media? strategy listen manage content
  19. 19. Keyword research: – – – Social Media time-savers: Manage: – – tools – – Socialoomph Measure: – Facebook Insights – Google analytics – Hubspot (for a monthly fee) Social Media - grow your network: – – – Research using: • • Suggestions automatically offered by facebook or LinkedIn • Search specific media for groups
  20. 20. Thank you! Beth Carter Pat Price 630.330.9825 630.717.8332 @CopyWriterBeth @PatPriceInfo