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Family tree navigation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Pedigree Navigation
  • 2.  The Family Tree program is a biological pedigree open to both Church members and anyone who has registered on It is a ‘live’ program, which means that changes are instant. Anyone who is able to sign in can see and change anything. It depends on sources to determine the most correct information.
  • 3. Go to on the internetand Sign In to see the Family Tree.
  • 4. Use your LDS Account Name and Password
  • 5. Family Tree option appears -Click on tab to access program.
  • 6. Top part of screen for researchBottom part for Pedigree program
  • 7. Couple pedigree – Husband’s ancestorsabove, wife’s ancestors below. Children to the left.
  • 8. Zoom in or out (plus & minus) to size screen.Use arrows to move screen.Click on small circle inmiddle to reset screen tooriginal position.
  • 9. Hover your mouse over acouple on the pedigree toshow ordinance status andmore relationships.
  • 10. Click on [All Wives] to seeboth wives.
  • 11. Click on [Children] to see allchildren in the family.
  • 12. Click on [Parents] to see allparents connected to aperson in the program.
  • 13. Click on [Expand Tree] tosee more generations.
  • 14. Click on arrow tocollapse generations.
  • 15. Click on Person’s nameto view Summary card.
  • 16. I D numberClick to view Detail Screen
  • 17. Six Detail areas available on screen.Click on [Open] for Vital Information.
  • 18. Shows Vital Information – seeEdit Power point to learn howto add, edit or delete. Close Vital and Open Other Information
  • 19. Shows Other Information – seeEdit Power point to learn howto add, edit or delete. Close Other and Open Family Members
  • 20. Person is Boldedin black as aspouse and achild. Showsboth families.View FamilyPower point tolearn how tomake changes.
  • 21. Click on a person’s name,summary box appearsand then click on [ViewPerson].
  • 22. Click on any name in light blue to view their tree or details.Close Family and Open Sources.
  • 23. Shows sources that have beenattached to Person. Click on[Open Details] to view details ofa source.
  • 24. Shows details of a source. View Source Power point to learn how to Create or Attach a source to a person. Close Source and Open Discussions
  • 25. Shows any discussion orold dispute fromnew.familysearch Close Discussions and Open Temple Ordinances
  • 26. Shows details ofTemple Ordinances Click close when done viewing
  • 27. Shows latest changes onright of screen
  • 28. Click on [Watch] to tell the system youwant a notification email if thisperson’s information or relationshipschange.
  • 29. Reopens the Family Tree program.Tree Tab goes to original person on pedigree. View Tree puts person in main position on pedigree. Click on [View Tree]
  • 30. Click on [History]to view up to 10persons visited inthe past.
  • 31. The Programkeeps a listfrom previousvisits to thewebsite.
  • 32.  Exciting new program that is easy to maneuver around and is user friendly. Based on a biological pedigree and is source centric. Sources or proofs need to be kept in a personal pedigree program on your home computer. Still in the development process so look for changes and updates.
  • 33. September 2012