My source box 5 family


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My source box 5 family

  1. 1. Research tool
  2. 2.  Found on on Research portion of website or through Sources in the Family Tree Program. Go to homepage by clicking on Family Search icon. Search for a record about a person. Link to My Source Box appears when Source is found.
  3. 3. Type in basic information about person.Click on [Search].
  4. 4. Click on name to seeindex of record.
  5. 5. My Source Box appears - Click on [My Source Box] and choose [Add to My Source Box].
  6. 6. Click on [OK] to save to My Source Box.
  7. 7. Source added to list. This is a holding area or Que for sources.Click on [CreateFolder].
  8. 8. Type in name and Folder is created.
  9. 9. Checkmark sources to copy to Folder.Click on [Move] and choose Folder.
  10. 10. Sources are on list and in Folder.Name of folder appears on list.
  11. 11. Click on Folder to view Sources in folder.Folders can be useful as the ‘All Source’ list is chronological,not alphabetical, and it can grow to be long.
  12. 12. Click on New Tab. Find website Open Notebook, get ready to paste.
  13. 13. Copy url and other info and paste into anotebook or word program.
  14. 14. Click on [Create Source].
  15. 15. Type in title, copy fromnotepad and paste urlinto Web Page field.
  16. 16. Continue typing and pastinginformation into appropriatefields.Click on [Save].
  17. 17. Source is added to list. Close detail box.
  18. 18. Updated Source list.Click on Source title to open details.
  19. 19. Click on title to edit.
  20. 20. Edit title and type in reason. Click on [Save].Click on Viewor Edit.
  21. 21. Click on Close.Click on [Go Back].
  22. 22. Source changed, click on Close.
  23. 23. Remove a source from Box when it is no longer needed. Click on Title.
  24. 24. This source has been attached to a couple. It cannow be removed from the list of sources. Click on [Remove].
  25. 25. This action will not detach source from couple.Click on [Yes].
  26. 26. Source is removed from list.Tools will have future functions.
  27. 27. A holding place or Que for sources. It is easy to add to the source list from From other websites it is worth it to create a source if you want to attach it to more than one person in Family Tree. In the sources from the url will be persistent. Look there first.
  28. 28. September 2012