Gedcom uploads and copying to family tree


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Power Point on uploading a gedcome into family tree

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Gedcom uploads and copying to family tree

  2. 2. All registered users of can upload GEDCOM files for inclusion in the Pedigree Resource File, however, GEDCOMs cannot be uploaded directly to Family Tree. With your FamilySearch or LDS Account you have access to Family Tree, and you can copy information from an uploaded GEDCOM file into Family Tree.
  3. 3. The GEDCOM upload process has many planned enhancements, but until they are complete: • You cannot currently add the notes, sources, and multimedia links that are in your GEDCOM file to Family Tree. • During the upload process, you compare what is in your GEDCOM file to what is already in Family Tree. If you stop before you finish comparing, simply make a note of which filter and person you left off on. • You can include records of living people in your GEDCOM file. However, they are not available for searching on Nor can you add those records to Family Tree.
  4. 4. To upload a GEDCOM file, you must be signed in to Click Search and Genealogies on the dropdownmenu Scroll to the bottom of the Genealogies page and click Submit Tree.
  5. 5. Click Add GEDCOM, click Choose File, and find the GEDCOM file on your computer Enter a tree name and in the Description field, tell others about where this tree came from and the research behind it Click Upload The name of the GEDCOM file is added to a list of your uploaded files. In the Status column of that list, the word “Uploading...” appears until the file is uploaded. When it is finished, the word “Uploaded” appears, and the Compare button is now available to click.
  6. 6. Click Compare. In the Status column of that list, the word “Comparing...” appears until the comparison is done. Instead of a Compare button, you see a View button. You cannot click the View button until the comparison is finished. After the system has compared your GEDCOM file to Family Tree, you can see the results in the Comparison Results box for: Potential Matches, Add to Family Tree, Already in Family Tree or Invalid and Living
  7. 7. Potential matches are people in your GEDCOM file who might already have a record in Family Tree. The record in your GEDCOM file is different enough that you need to review the information and confirm the match. Potential matches are marked with a triangle icon. Compare each possible match indicating “Yes” or “Not A Match” for each record in this filter.
  8. 8. If your GEDCOM file contains people who are not in Family Tree, you can easily add them to Family Tree. Records that can be added to Family Tree are marked with a plus icon User-added image.
  9. 9. Some people in your GEDCOM file may already be in Family Tree. However, your GEDCOM file and Family Tree may have different details about them. You can review the differences and decide whether to replace what is in Family Tree with what is in your GEDCOM file. Records that are already in Family Tree are marked with a check mark icon
  10. 10. Because you cannot add living individuals through your GEDCOM submission, you will need to Add living people in Family Tree to bridge to the deceased ancestors you have added and compared as you worked with your GEDCOM. When you are ready to link to your deceased ancestors that you have submitted, try to “Find” them, and click the blue “Select” button when the system finds a match based on the information you entered into the system to find your ancestor.
  11. 11. When you copy information from your GEDCOM file to Family Tree, your entire GEDCOM file is still available for searching on If you delete the GEDCOM file from, the information is no longer searchable on However, any information that you copied into Family Tree remains in Family Tree.