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Family tree navigation

  1. 1. Pedigree Navigation
  2. 2.  The Family Tree program is a biological pedigree open to both Church members and anyone who has registered on It is a ‘live’ program, which means that changes are instant. Anyone who is able to sign in can see and change anything. It depends on sources to determine the most correct information.
  3. 3. Go to on the internetand Sign In to see the Family Tree.
  4. 4. Use your LDS Account Name and Password
  5. 5. Family Tree option appears -Click on tab to access program.
  6. 6. Top part of screen for researchBottom part for Pedigree program
  7. 7. Couple pedigree – Husband’s ancestorsabove, wife’s ancestors below. Children to the left.
  8. 8. Zoom in or out (plus & minus) to size screen.Use arrows to move screen.Click on small circle inmiddle to reset screen tooriginal position.
  9. 9. Hover your mouse over acouple on the pedigree toshow ordinance status andmore relationships.
  10. 10. Click on [All Wives] to seeboth wives.
  11. 11. Click on [Children] to see allchildren in the family.
  12. 12. Click on [Parents] to see allparents connected to aperson in the program.
  13. 13. Click on [Expand Tree] tosee more generations.
  14. 14. Click on arrow tocollapse generations.
  15. 15. Click on Person’s nameto view Summary card.
  16. 16. I D numberClick to view Detail Screen
  17. 17. Six Detail areas available on screen.Click on [Open] for Vital Information.
  18. 18. Shows Vital Information – seeEdit Power point to learn howto add, edit or delete. Close Vital and Open Other Information
  19. 19. Shows Other Information – seeEdit Power point to learn howto add, edit or delete. Close Other and Open Family Members
  20. 20. Person is Boldedin black as aspouse and achild. Showsboth families.View FamilyPower point tolearn how tomake changes.
  21. 21. Click on a person’s name,summary box appearsand then click on [ViewPerson].
  22. 22. Click on any name in light blue to view their tree or details.Close Family and Open Sources.
  23. 23. Shows sources that have beenattached to Person. Click on[Open Details] to view details ofa source.
  24. 24. Shows details of a source. View Source Power point to learn how to Create or Attach a source to a person. Close Source and Open Discussions
  25. 25. Shows any discussion orold dispute fromnew.familysearch Close Discussions and Open Temple Ordinances
  26. 26. Shows details ofTemple Ordinances Click close when done viewing
  27. 27. Shows latest changes onright of screen
  28. 28. Click on [Watch] to tell the system youwant a notification email if thisperson’s information or relationshipschange.
  29. 29. Reopens the Family Tree program.Tree Tab goes to original person on pedigree. View Tree puts person in main position on pedigree. Click on [View Tree]
  30. 30. Click on [History]to view up to 10persons visited inthe past.
  31. 31. The Programkeeps a listfrom previousvisits to thewebsite.
  32. 32.  Exciting new program that is easy to maneuver around and is user friendly. Based on a biological pedigree and is source centric. Sources or proofs need to be kept in a personal pedigree program on your home computer. Still in the development process so look for changes and updates.
  33. 33. September 2012