Family tree 6 sources


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Family tree 6 sources

  1. 1. Attach or Create a Source
  2. 2.  When learning the system use the beta website on Family Search or the sandbox as it becomes available. Sign in with your LDS account. Look for the red rectangle in Family Tree to make sure you are on the beta website.
  3. 3. The Beta websitecan be played withand used withoutchanging the livesystem.
  4. 4. Top portion of screen for research.Bottom portion of screen for Pedigree program.
  5. 5. Click on name to viewSummary card.Click on View Person toshow detail screen.
  6. 6. Click on [Open] to view Sources
  7. 7. Click on [Create a New Source].
  8. 8. 4 areas to complete:Source Title – Type in fieldWeb page – paste in fieldCitation – type or paste in fieldDescription – paste in field
  9. 9. Copy information ontoa notepad for ease ofcreating a source inFamily Tree.
  10. 10. Use Notepad orWord program
  11. 11. Type in title.Copy & Paste inother fields.Click on [Save].
  12. 12. Type in why this is a good source.Click on [Attach].
  13. 13. Source is attached.Click on [Open Details].
  14. 14. Detail box for Source:View, Edit, Detach andTag.Click on [Detach].
  15. 15. Simple one step to detach a Source.Type in reason, click on [Detach].
  16. 16. Click on [Edit] tochange Source data.
  17. 17. From this screen you candelete a source.Click on [Delete Source].
  18. 18. This is a drastic step – it is much better todetach. Be sure before you click [Yes]. Click Cancel to go back to edit screen.
  19. 19. Choose part ofSource to edit.Click on [Edit].
  20. 20. Change, type in reasonand click on [Save].
  21. 21. At this time you have toclick on [Go Back] to gothe previous page andclick on [Open Details]again to view choices.Look for this to change ina future update.
  22. 22. Click on [Tag]. Tag lets you copy a source to other events about the person. Checkmark Birth and click on [Tag].
  23. 23. Source is copied to Birth eventand shows in edit box.
  24. 24. Tag shows Source hasbeen copied one time.Close Detail box
  25. 25. Click on [Go to Source Box].
  26. 26. A holding area or que for sources that isconnected to the research portion of website.Choose Source and click on [Attach].
  27. 27. Type in reason and click on [Attach]
  28. 28. Paperclip shows that Source is attached to person. Click on [Go Back to Sven Duner].View My SourceBox Power pointto learn about thisresearch tool.
  29. 29. Census Source is attached.
  30. 30. Another place to attach Sources. Click on [Edit Relationship] inside couple box.
  31. 31. On this screen attach a source for the relationship.Click on [Create a New Source].
  32. 32. Type in Title and copy – paste from notepad.
  33. 33. Click on [Save].
  34. 34. Type in reason and click on [Attach].
  35. 35. Source is attached.
  36. 36. Another place to attach asource. Hover mouseover child.Click on [Edit Relationship]in child’s view box.
  37. 37. On this screen attach asource for the relationship. Click on [Go to Source Box].
  38. 38. Choose a Source and click on [Attach].
  39. 39. Type in reason and click [Attach].
  40. 40. Source is attached.
  41. 41.  Attaching a source by using the Source Box in Family Tree is simple and easy. When you create a source using a Notepad or Word program it is easy to copy and paste information. Keep in mind the 4 required fields: Title, Website url, Source Citation and Description of record. Get in the habit of making good Sources.
  42. 42. September 2012