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  1. 1. BE BETA Family Tree Builder
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Add a new person • Edit person details • Add an image • Change details • Marriage details • Putting in dates • Change gender • Add a location • Magnification / zoom • Manage your trees • Import new GEDCOM file • Browse for a file • Rename your tree • Load an existing tree • Search • Screen navigation • Bugs and errors • Full screen preview • List of Individuals • Search More • Delete your entire Tree
  3. 3. Help Guide
  4. 4. Add a new person Click on this icon to add either spouse, mother, father, children or siblings.
  5. 5. Click in the desired text box to add or edit details of an existing person
  6. 6. Edit a persons details Click on this icon to edit a profile. Example - Add details of birth, marriage or death
  7. 7. Change details Use the edit option to change a persons gender, whether they are deceased, married or divorced.
  8. 8. Marriage Details Use these edit options for changing the marital status on somebody. You will need to do this for both people in the marriage.
  9. 9. Putting in dates Use these edit options for changing the dates by either using drop down dates or if the date does not go back far enough simply type in the correct one.
  10. 10. Click here to change gender
  11. 11. Add an Image Click on the FACE ICON to upload an image. Then SAVE photo JPEGS
  12. 12. Click here to add location Remember to SAVE each time you make a change
  13. 13. Magnification Use this as a zoom tool. The higher it goes, the bigger your boxes will appear.
  14. 14. Manage your Trees Go here To import a GEDCOM file Start a brand new tree Change the name of your Tree
  15. 15. Import a GEDCOM file • Click on the GEDCOM upload icon to import your new file
  16. 16. Browse for you file If you get an error or script de-bug message, please ignore this and close the error message. Once your tree has loaded you will need to go to the “Manage Tree’s” Option to open up that tree
  17. 17. Rename your Tree Click on the file name to change your tree name
  18. 18. Load A Tree Click on the TREE to load file Click on the STAR to make default Click on the CROSS to delete the tree
  19. 19. Screen Navigation Use this as a navigation tool. It may appear at times that your tree has disappeared, use this to move your tree up or down, or from left to right.
  20. 20. Bugs + Errors • Click on the bug to report to us any errors
  21. 21. Full Screen Preview • Click here to work in full screen
  22. 22. Search Names Click on the magnifying glass to search for people in your family tree
  23. 23. List of Individuals
  24. 24. Search More Click on a specific name and the search option will highlight that person in your tree. Click on the arrow key and hold the button to scroll through your list of names.
  25. 25. Delete your entire tree Click on this button to delete your entire tree. If you do this you cannot retrieve any data at all it will be gone forever. Please make sure you have a backup of your data in either paper or another electronic format.