Family tree 3 family members


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Family tree 3 family members

  1. 1. Edit, Add or DeletePeople and relationships
  2. 2.  When learning the system use the beta website on Family Search or the sandbox as it becomes available. Sign in with your LDS account. Look for the red rectangle in Family Tree to make sure you are on the beta website.
  3. 3. The Beta websitecan be played withand used withoutchanging the livesystem.
  4. 4. Click on name to viewSummary card.Click on View Person toshow detail screen.
  5. 5. Click on [Open] to viewFamily Members.
  6. 6. Controls for hiding orshowing children. Click on [Hide All], [Show All] or [Children] to adjust view on screen.
  7. 7. Couple box – click on[Edit Relationship] fordetails about couple.
  8. 8. If needed you can delete a couple relationship.This would be a good placeto attach a marriage record.View Source Power point.
  9. 9. For an extra, unneeded Marriageevent - Click on Marriage date toview edit box. Click on [Delete].
  10. 10. Type in reason and click on [Delete].
  11. 11. Changes can be viewed byclicking on [Show all].
  12. 12. Scroll down to view All Changes. Click on [Go Back] to return to Family screen.Option: Click on[Restore] to go toprevious Event.
  13. 13. Hover mouse overchild to activateview box – clickon [EditRelationship] andrelationshipscreen appears.
  14. 14. Use this screen todelete or edit peopleand relationships. This would be a good place to attach a census or birth record. View Source Power point.
  15. 15. Click on Name to access editbox. Click on [Remove] todelete, Click on [Change] toreplace with another man. Click
  16. 16. Fill in name fields – leave otherfields blank for a wide search. Click on [Find].
  17. 17. Scroll down list to find personClick on [Select] or [Add].
  18. 18. Explain reason for replacementand click on [Change].
  19. 19. Don’t be discouraged if you seethis sign in Beta. The system isbeing updated. Give it an hourand try again.
  20. 20. Father has been replaced with different man.Click [Go Back] to returnto Family Screen.
  21. 21. Different Father and only one child in family. Repeat steps to exchange to original Father.Click on [Edit Relationship] toreturn to edit screen.
  22. 22. Click on [Biological] toaccess edit box.Click on [Edit].
  23. 23. Edit relationship box appears.Click on down arrow to chooserelationship.
  24. 24. Fill in event fields andreason, click on [Save].
  25. 25. Relationship changed,close edit box.
  26. 26. Click on [Go Back] toreturn to Family screen. Options: Click on [Show all] to view or restore.
  27. 27. To add a person orrelationship, click on[Add Spouse].
  28. 28. Find Person is a default screen,Click on [Add Person] to add anew person to the data base.
  29. 29. Fill in Name and Event fieldsand click [Continue].
  30. 30. Possible match! Click on[Select] if same person, clickon [Add] if this is a newperson.
  31. 31. New Person and Marriagerelationship added.
  32. 32. Click on [Add Child] toadd a new person as achild into a family.
  33. 33. On default, Find Personscreen, type in Surname ofchild and Father’s name(a parent search).Click on [Find] to view list ofpossible children.
  34. 34. [Select] person or [Add] as new to system.
  35. 35. Agnes Meta Duner is nowadded to this family.
  36. 36. Hover mouse overchild’s position toactivate view box andclick on [EditRelationship].
  37. 37. Click on [Delete Relationship] toremove child from family.
  38. 38. Type in reason for deletion andclick on [Delete].
  39. 39. Child removed from family.Click on [Edit Relationship]in Couple box to showrelationship screen.
  40. 40. Click on [Delete Relationship] toremove relationship from couple.
  41. 41. Type in reason for deletion andclick on [Delete].
  42. 42. Click on [Show all]to showchanges and restore.
  43. 43. Person Changes screenshows all changes. Clickon [Go Back] to return toFamily screen.
  44. 44. Scroll down toview everything.Click on [Restore]to go back toprevious change.
  45. 45. Only change people andrelationships with goodsources and reasons.
  46. 46.  Making changes in a Family is easy in this user friendly program. Keep a record of your proofs or sources in a personal pedigree program on your home computer. Remember family relationships are open to be edited by anyone so Reasons are important! State them clearly – have proof!
  47. 47. September 2012