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The moon
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Moon Phases

Moon Phases

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  • 1. The Moon
  • 2. The Moon
    The moon is essentially a chunk of earth that broke off during a collision a long time ago.
    The Moon is as old as Earth. 4.6 billion years old. Its about the same size as Earth.
    There is no oxygen and 1/6 the amount of gravity. The moon is held around the Earth by Gravity. This gravitational force actually causes Moonquakes
  • 3. The Moon
    The moon does NOT actually produce its own light.
    It is reflected sunlight that bounces off of it.
    16. How are the Earth, Moon, and Sun arranged
    The moon revolves around Earth.
    As it revolves, it also rotates.
  • 4. The Moon
    While the moon is revolving
    around Earth, the Earth is
    revolving around the sun.
    Of course, as Earth revolves
    around the sun, it also rotates.
  • 5. The Moon
    Earth’s rotation period = 24 hours
    Earth’s revolution period = 365.25 days
    Moon’s rotation period = 27.3 days
    Moon’s revolution period = 27.3 days
    The moon rotates once on its axis
    in the same time period it revolves
    once around Earth.
    We always see the same side of
    the moon.
  • 6.
  • 7. Moon Phases
    Moon phases are the changingappearance of the moon AS SEEN FROM EARTH.
    Moon phases are caused by the Earth, Moon, and Sun being in different positions relative to each other.
    As we look out from Earth, we can only see certain parts of the moon.
  • 8. The Moon Phases
    Phases of the Moon
    Can you name any????
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11. Waxing means to grow.
    This means that the light part of the moon is getting larger.
    It wants to ultimately become a full moon.
    Example: First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous.
    Waning means to shrink.
    This means that the light part of the moon is getting smaller.
    It wants to ultimately become a new moon.
    Example: Waning Crescent.
  • 12.
  • 13. What are the moon phases and what causes them?
    Remember, as the moon is revolving around Earth, Earth is also
    revolving around the sun!!!
    The moon has to make up this extra time. Moon goes through one cycle of
    phases in 29.5 days, or one MOONTH
  • 14.
  • 15. Once in a blue Moon
    Sometimes, there are 2 new moons in the same month!!!
    But that only happens once in a “blue moon”
    - Moon phase = 29.5 days
    - Average length of month = 30.5 days
    - Sometimes we have two new moons…the lunar cycle repeats itself beforethe end of the month..