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A summary of my rationale, efforts and ambitions for using computer games to engage with landscape and heritage.

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Second Site

  1. 1. Second Site engaging with landscape through computer games Keith Challis IBM Vista, University of Birmingham
  2. 2. an alternative to serious games?
  3. 3. an alternative to serious games? • use of FP games has a long pedigree in cultural heritage research
  4. 4. an alternative to serious games? Bob Stone • games as mediums of training and communication • scientific visualisation • simulation
  5. 5. an alternative to serious games? Dan Pinchbeck • games as research artifacts • rejection of rules • subversion of form • exploration of narrative structure/made meanings
  6. 6. Eddo Stern • fusion of games, installation art and performance • challenges to perception and engagement • breaking the medium an alternative to serious games?
  7. 7. an alternative to serious games? Robert Overweg • games as the subject for artistic representation
  8. 8. an approach
  9. 9. VISTA • Working in CryENGINE, CityScape, Source and Unity • Workflows to leverage remote sensing and survey data into game-based visualisation • In-game use of GIS-derived landscape data/analysis • Experiments in landscape texturing derived from remote sensing an approach
  10. 10. • Visualise and explore the wealth of high-density digital landscape data • Create sensory engagement with landscape and heritage • Invite active exploration of data and meaning an approach
  11. 11. an approach an archaeology of landscape • "the real work [in the study of landscape] is accomplished by the men and women with muddy boots..." (WG Hoskins) • like Hoskins we "explore England on foot"
  12. 12. an approach uniting quantitative/qualitative • a virtual phenomenological approach? • quantitative data driven visualisation • qualitative, sensory exploration of data/meaning
  13. 13. an approach GIS beyond the map • games extend GIS analysis • explore hypothetical scenarios • interactivity invites engagement not voyeurism
  14. 14. ambitions
  15. 15. • can use of games facilitate a novel approach to landscape? • fusion of digital heritage, story and artistic representation • abandon rules of time and linearity • mapping a new landscape of engagement ambitions
  16. 16. ambitions • community-focused digital heritage • open-source digital data creation • community history, stories and folklore • collected and mediated within an open-ended game environment • focus on a major historic city and river valley
  17. 17.
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