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An open collaborative game development project: The Big NYC Game - the first city wide Augmented Reality game for New York - by New Yorkers.
Kicked off at the AR Dev Camp @ Topp 5-Dec-09

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Big NYC Game

  1. 1. The Big NYC Game An augmented reality game for NYC by New Yorkers Discussion Moderated by Ori Inbar AR Dev Camp NYC @Topp Dec 5th 2009
  2. 2. What is it? • Location-based - right here in NYC! • Social - viral, for everyone • Augmented Reality - cool! • Game=fun
  3. 3. How? A collaborative, open-source, game development project modeled after... Swarm of Angels open source feature film, and participatory filmmaking community. A new kind of film process and movement pioneering extreme collaboration & digitally-native cinema. With members now in the four figures we are reconfiguring our web presence to simplify involvement and clarify all the project developments.
  4. 4. Launch Target 2010 ...and on going after that ...then expand to other cities
  5. 5. What’s the Purpose Make NYC better • get people to shop locally • learning about the history of the city • Make NYC greener (e.g. get points for green transportation) • ghostbusters • Leave Manhattan (get to know the other boroughs)
  6. 6. Work Streams • AR Software & devices - Tish, Noah, Sophia, Omar, Steve’s students (GoblinXNA) • Game mechanics, link to social networks - Chris • Design, Story - Jon, Ralph • Promotion, sponsors, Government relationships, non profit - Don, Ralph • Legal (IP) - Zeke
  7. 7. AR Software • Sensors: GPS+compass, markers, NFT, PTAM, face detection, Sketch AR, ... • Focus on mature AR tools • Crowd source marker tagging around the city • T-shirt markers •
  8. 8. AR Devices goal:device agnostic • iPhone, Android phones, Symbian, Win Mo • any camera phone (MMS) • cell phones + sms • mini laptops + AR goggles • Projection
  9. 9. Game Mechanics • Loc: Quest, treasure hunt - across the city • AR: visual interaction • Social: pick a role and gang up to advance
  10. 10. game ideas • Mini games. prizes • Introduce AR concepts - step by step • find hidden markers by using social networks • put together several markers in a certain location + more folks - fits any demographic • capture the flag, turn of the century (history), mystery • user generated game based on the game infrastructure and story line • teach users to create AR games • cover the city with QR codes and markers • Start playing individually and converge into teams (everyone can find a role to play, no matter what tech they have) • easter eggs - to incentivize people to explore new locations in the city • References: The following, e.g. Green Edge
  11. 11. Game Time • Several hours? • On going (24x7)?
  12. 12. Contributors Sophia Parafina, OpenGeo, @spara, organizer, Marco Neumann, KONA, @neumarcx, Tish Shute, Web,@tishshute, Dimitri Darras, @dimitridarras, Heidi Hysell, Joe Lamantia, Muku / ARWave, @mojoe Kate Chapman, Web Developer, FortiusOne, @wonderchook Matthieu Pierce, itinerant poet, @matthieupierce, Ori Inbar, ogmento games alfresco Noah Zerkin, [1] , Ohan Oda, webpage – Columbia University; NYC Sean White, webpage , Steve Henderson, Columbia University, webpage, @stevehenderson Omer Gunes, [[2] webpage] , Steve Feiner, Jon Russek, NYC, website, @filmaddict Daniel Leslie, Reflexions Data, LLC @dan_leslie, Donald Schwartz, NYC, @Ishkahbibel David Oliver, Oliver+Coady, Inc. NYC, @davidmoliver , Chris Grayson, NYC, Twitter: @chrisgrayson | Blog: GigantiCo | Contributor: H+ Magazine Saul Devitt, NYC. Bert Picot, NYC , MZ , Jon Russek – film production + law + internet, Davide Byron – developed the game Spads and Fokkers Philip Ashlock @philipashlock, Michael Keating, The Open Planning Project Yohan Baillot, @yohanBaillot