Identity branding


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Identity branding

  1. 1. Identity Branding Bethany Harvey
  2. 2. Relationship between the tasksAs you can see from my final magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread they all relate to each other inorder to create an identity. This means that whatever page a customer sees, they will know what magazine it’s frombecause of it’s attributes such as; the colours, fonts, images and layouts.As you can see, I have used all different images on each page, however they are still relatable because of the people in theimages and also their clothes. Because of this, the band are recognisable throughout the magazine.I have used the same house font throughout my magazine, because I thought it would be more appropriate and also it helpsthe 3 pages have an identity brand. However, some fonts I haven’t used throughout, e.g. The band name on the front coverbecause I didn’t want it to be to action packed on the front. Also, I came up with the idea for the band name on the doublepage spread after I produced my final front cover, but this could be one of the things I would change.I have used the same house style of; red, black and white all the way through my magazine because the colours stand outand also makes the magazine relatable from page to page, go well together and make the magazine look effective. Also,when researching other magazines they also used these colours, therefore I used these colours so that my magazine wouldstand out also.The layout of each page is different and this is because you don’t find many magazines with the same layout the whole waythrough because it depends on the amount of information and images you have to spread across the magazine. As you cansee my contents page is a double page spread and this was because I wanted a lot of information on there because this isthe second page a customer will look at, therefore I wanted it to be as informative as possible.The information on each page all relate to each other because there of the same band, which is also why I wanted to keepthe fonts, colours and images similar so that they all have a relationship and the magazine starts to produce an identity.
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