Dvlpt of tourism


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Dvlpt of tourism

  1. 1. Introduction• Tourism is an important vehicle for economic and social development.• It has the potential to generate : Foreign exchange earnings Create employment Promote development in various parts of the country Reduce income and Employment disparities Strengthen linkages among many sectors of the national economy Help to alleviate poverty
  2. 2. Tourism in India • 0.8% share of world market • Tourists (2005) • Export earnings (2006) – International 3.97 million - US $ 9.6 bn – Domestic 3.67 million• Employment • Contribution to GDP –Direct 10.7 million –Direct 2% –Indirect 24.4 million –Overall 5.3%
  3. 3. However, the tourism industry does not give a complete picture of the potential contribution thattourism can provide for developing country ……
  4. 4. SWOT Analysis •Vast geography •Infrastructurestrength •Varied culture •Safety •English knowledge •Specific tourist location among the locals •Medical facilities •Increased privatization •Terrorism •Go green initiative •Economic slowdown •Increased hotel facilities •Better facilities an prices •Common wealth games 2010 by other countries •International student exchange program
  5. 5. Issues taken up by theDepartment of Tourismwith the Ministry ofFinance• Reduction of expenditure tax.• Rationalisation of service tax.• Incentives under the Income Tax Act forthe tourism industry.• Reduction of levies on aviation turbine fuel(ATF).• Waiver of inland air travel tax.• Rural tourism to get the same benefits asagriculture.• Part refund of excise duty for luxury buses.
  6. 6. Preservation of Heritage sites• Many of our art works are in shambles now and thus need to be restored and preserved,eg,Taj Mahal.• Can take services of hoteliers, industrialists and businessmen.• Ample in-house expertise and artisans are available to restore and conserve our rich architectural heritage.• There are also many NGO’s working in this field like INTACH[Indian national trust for art and cultural heritage] who can help us in developing neglected monuments.• The National Cultural Fund[NCF] and Archaeological survey of India[ASI] can also help in restoring the monuments by providing funds.
  7. 7. Transportation•Indias transportation system is in need of a seriousoverhaul..• In order to improve the transport system, India needs toenforce its traffic laws and reduce railway overcrowding•The transportation can be improved by-increasing publicfunding for transportation.• Improving rural access by launching the Pradhan mantrigram sadak yojna• Upgrading infrastructure and connectivity in thecountrys twelve major ports by initiating the NationalMaritime Development Program (NMDP).•Privatization and expansion of the Mumbai and NewDelhi Airports and development of new internationalairports at Hyderabad and Bangalore.
  8. 8. Protection of environment• The destruction of these forests leads to a loss of habitat for many of Indias famed fauna, such as Bengal tigers, Asian elephants and Indian ringneck parrots.• India needs to preserve ecotourism by protecting its forests and the animals that inhabit them.• The environment can be protected with the help of people working in fields such as : Geographic Information Systems, Wildlife Management, Wildlife Photography, Marine Biology and Oceanography, National and State Park Management,etc.
  9. 9. Promoting the country The country can be promoted in the following ways- • Campaigns like ‘Incredible India’. • Advertising in the Print & Electronic Media. • Seminars, Workshops, Road Shows & India Evenings • Brochure Support/Joint Advertising with Travel Agents / Tour Operators. • Inviting the Media and Travel Trade to visit the country under the Hospitality Programme I
  10. 10. Eco tourism Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile and usually protected areas, intended as a small scale alternative to standard commercial tourism. Ecotourism tends to be geared to a young and wealthy market as activities marketed are lifestyle emphasized The goals of ecotourism are : -- to help the environment, preserve natural resources -- help the local communities and economies -- the resorts are designed using labour forces and local materials thereby providing employment opportunities
  11. 11. Package Tours• Faster preparations• Lower costs•Can put a whole diverse package together• If trip does not work out you cansometimes get partial refund. If you plan ityou are stuck with your mistakes.• Travel agent works with all the likes anddislikes and plans accordingly• Easier to get insurance• Notification of all travel deals
  12. 12. Encourage Internal Tourism• Travel within the country• In many countries internal tourism is very popular-people strive to learn more about their country.• National Income
  13. 13. Conclusion • Employment • Increased hotel facilities • Foreign exchange • Eco-tourism • Conserving our culture• Tourism is a multi-dimensional activity However, India needs to fight thewar on TERRORISM to sustain …..