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From Jay Baer and Convince & Convert, The Power of Everything is an ebook from an all-star cast of modern marketing practitioners, who provides short reflections on the power of mobile, content, corporate culture, big data and more.

This ebook will inspire you to become a better marketer in 2013 and beyond, and fill you in on some of the key trends shaping social media marketing and digital marketing success in the modern age.

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The Power of Everything

  1. The Power ofEverything B R O U G H T T O Y O U B YContributors: Jay Baer, Joe Pulizzi, Amber Naslund, Tom Webster, Scott Stratten, Ann Handley, Jason Falls, Marcus Sheridan, Jeff Rohrs, Mark Schaefer, Tim Hayden, Eric Boggs, Gina Rau
  2. Welcome to Power of Everything The H as there ever been a more visceral, complex time to be a marketer? The rules (such as they are) are changing constantly, and new technology and rapid shifts in consumer behavior are giving best practices the shelf life of a ripe banana. It’s an era of exploration and experimentation that favors the nimble marketer. To help document some of today’s important ideas about business culture, research, social media, mobile, content marketing and more, I recruited an all-star team of 12 contributors for this Power of Everything report. This menagerie of friends and colleagues are working with some of the biggest companies in the world to remake marketing and innovation. Each was given the same assignment, to discuss the power of one important facet of successful business in approximately 250 words. Their lessons are insightful, useful, poignant and provocative. I hope you enjoy The Power of Everything. I’d love to hear what you think at Jay Baer, Convince & ConvertAboutWe are social and content accelerators. OPI and independent public relations and advertising agencies Visit Our Blog throughout North America.We work with leading companies and agencies to take their socialand content marketing prowess from good to great. We provide Our Convince & Convert blog is ranked as one of the world’s best Email Ussocial media and content marketing strategic planning, audits, and marketing resources, and we also produce a daily One Socialongoing advice and counsel. Clients have included Maersk, Caterpillar, Thing email, and the popular weekly podcast Social Pros. SocialPros PodcastVisit California, Speedway, BMC Software, ExactTarget, Petco, Nike,
  3. p 4 p 5 The Power of Content Strategy The Power of Culture The Power of a Question p 6 p 8 p 7 The Power of Awesome The Power of Storytelling The Power of Authenticity p 9 p 10 The Power of Information The Power of Brand The Power of Influence p 11 p 12 The Power of Mobile The Power of Listeningp 14 The Power of Data p 15 p 13
  4. By Joe Pulizzi, @juntajoe Content Strategy“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” – Uncle Ben to Peter Parker (Spiderman) A s marketers, we now have the power to create content of all types and deliver them directly to our customers and prospects. It was not too long ago that this wasn’t the case. JoeUnfortunately, just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. PulizziBlogging, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Pinterest, enewslet- “Create such great content About the Authorters, ebooks, magazines, apps – Often we focus so much on Joe Pulizzi is founder of the Contentthe channel, and that we CAN, we don’t stop to think that that your customers long for Marketing Institute and Junta42. Joemaybe we should take a step back and ask why. your marketing.” evangelizes content marketing around the world through keynotes, articles,If all your content marketing was swept up and removed from tweets , and his books , Managing Content Marketing and Get Content Getyour industry, would anyone notice? Think about that. Does Customers. If you want to get on his goodyour content fill a needed gap in the information marketplace? If not, you most likely have a problem. side, send him something orange. For more on Joe, check out his orFind your hedgehog. Take a step back and develop a strategy where you fill a gap that only you follow him on Twitter at @juntajoe.and your unique story can fill. Be an irreplaceable information provider. Create such great contentthat your customers long for your marketing.Answer the why first, both for you and your customers. If you do this with the right intentions, thechannels will follow. -4- Share this e-book:
  5. By Amber Naslund, @ambercadabra CultureC ulture is the bedrock of an organization. Make it strong, and it will become the backbone of your business. Culture is reflected in the words and actions of everyone in your company. Official spokesperson or not, each of them is a living, breathing ambassadorfor what you value.It’s no accident that the companies excelling on the social Amberweb have strong, positive cultures. They believe in hiring for Naslundmindset, attitude, and values and training for requisite skills.They preserve and nurture their culture above all, because it’s “The companies struggling About the Author Amber Naslund is a social businessthe foundation for smart decisions, good judgment, and an with social adoption don’t strategist and the co-founder of Sidera-environment of learning and collaboration. have infrastructure problems, Works, a social business consultancy. She’s a published author, professional speaker,The companies struggling with social adoption don’t have they have systemic culture community and social media strategist,infrastructure problems, they have systemic culture problems. problems.” and has worked with businesses of allThe best investment a company can make in their quest to sizes to solve business problems throughbe a social business? Healing, empowering, and fostering a better communication.healthy culture.Otherwise, you’re building social’s critical foundation on awfully soft ground. -5- Share this e-book:
  6. By Tom Webster, @webby2001 a questionW hen I was 30, I lived in a largely rent-controlled building in New York City with my (then) girlfriend, who was also my age. There were nine other residents on our floor: a young couple in their 20’s, and seven single elderly widows/widowers intheir 70’s and 80’s.The average age of our floor was 58. No one was 58. Tom WebsterWhile direct mailers were carpet bombing us with brochuresto switch our 401K funds to bonds, the residents of our “Success lies in your willing- About the Authorbuilding were either living off of pensions or just beginning ness to ask—and answer— Tom Webster is a 20-year veteran ofto invest. Trees were being slaughtered because someone opinion, media and marketing research,asked “What’s the average age of that building?” just one more question than and the principal author of Twitter Users in America, The Social Habit, The Podcast your competitor.” Consumer Revealed, and other widely-Every time we boil our marketing data down to a “what” cited studies of consumer technologyand leave it at that, we make the same mistake. usage. He is currently Vice President, Strategy for Edison Research, mostSuccess lies in your willingness to ask—and answer—just one more question than your com- widely known as the sole providers ofpetitor. U.S. Election exit polling data to all major media outlets.For most of us, it’s the same one: “Why?” -6- Share this e-book:
  7. By Scott Stratten, @unmarketing awesomeN o matter our job, we have opportunities every day to do awesome things in business. One of the most powerful opportunities we have for awesome happens when we make mistakes. Being awesome isn’t about being perfect. I want us to see our trip-ups aswindows of awesome opportunity. When it hits the fan in business, it’s not time to hide behindthe fan. It’s time to be awesome. Instead of putting out fires, I Scottwant us to fan the flames. StrattenEverything from rogue employees, to bad reviews will spread “One of the most powerful About the Authorlike wildfire across the social media tubes today. This is one of opportunities we have for Scott Stratten is the President ofthe reasons companies shy away from social media. But what UnMarketing. He is an expert in Viral,they don’t understand is that this is exactly why they need to awesome happens when we Social, and Authentic Marketing which he calls Un-Marketing. His book UnMar-be there. make mistakes.” keting: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging became a national best-seller before itWe create the difference between being known for our fail- was released, and is recently a Globe andures and being praised for our recoveries by how we react to Mail #1 Business best-seller, Nationalmistakes... with awesome. Post,,, and Amazon UK best-seller. -7- Share this e-book:
  8. By Ann Handley, @marketingprofs StorytellingS ometimes this notion of “storytelling” in business seems folly, conjuring up thoughts of bedtime, folklore, embellished narrative, and performance art. It reminds me of entertaining my young children on long car rides by listening to Kipling’s take on how the camel gothis hump. (Spoiler: The camel was a jerk, and that hump was a magic curse.)In Content Rules (newly in paperback!), C.C. Chapman and I talk about story in another way entirely: AnnHow does your product or service exist in the real world – Handleyoutside of your factory, or headquarters, or home office? “Good content is not about About the AuthorSo how do you pull stories out of your own organization? Ann Handley is a veteran of creatingSome advice: storytelling; it’s about telling and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and a truly connective story well.” individuals. Ann is the co-author of theTell a visual story. Play with how visual tools – Instagram, best-selling Content Rules: How toPinterest, Facebook Timeline photos – can help convey your Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos,story by showing how what you sell lives in the world: “If a Ebooks, Webinars (and More) Thatpicture alone is worth a thousand words, a picture with a little code is worth millions.” Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business (Wiley, 2011). Currently sheUse Twitter in an inspired way. Are you using Twitter in a fresh, compelling way and a sense of works as the Chief Content Officer ofpersonality, like our friends at FMW Fasteners? MarketingProfs and also contributes to Entrepreneur Magazine, the HuffingtonMake your customer the hero. Video is particularly effective here. If you’ve been to the cinema Post, American Express OPEN Forum,lately, you might have noticed how elegantly LL Bean is doing this. and Mashable.The key is this: Good content is not about storytelling; it’s about telling a truly connective story well. -8- Share this e-book:
  9. By Jason Falls, @jasonfalls authenticityW hen you’re authentic, you’re true to yourself. When your brand is authentic, it is true to its mission and purpose. The power in authenticity, whether in your brand or person, is that it leaves noquestions unanswered. People know where you stand, what you’re made of and what isimportant to you. Authenticity helps you define how they see Jasonyou, without risking they’ll be confused. FallsWhen you’re wishy-washy, there’s a lack of definition. Thus, “Being authentic means you About the Authorthere’s a lack of authenticity. When you contradict yourself, know who you are.” Jason Falls is the founder and CEO ofthere’s lack of definition. Thus, there’s a lack of authenticity. Social Media Explorer. He oversees its information products division thatWhen you always agree, follow the crowd and never stand includes market research, events, and afor something on your own, there’s a lack of definition. Thus, learning community. He is a leadingthere’s a lack of authenticity. thinker, educator, speaker, and strategist in the world of social media marketing,Being authentic means you know who you are. You define your place and parcel in life. You stand public relations, digital marketing, andfor something. And by being true to that something, no one ever questions the truth about you. communications. -9- Share this e-book:
  10. By Marcus Sheridan, @thesaleslion InformationT hey say we’re in the Information Age, and from the looks of it, they’re right. We live in a time of immediate answers. If you have a question, you get it, right then and there.

 And if you don’t get it, you keep looking, because that’s what you (and the rest ofus) have now been trained to do. MarcusIt’s for this reason that businesses can no longer be the ostrich Sheridanwith their head in the sand when it comes to information,consumer questions, and transparent marketing.
We’ve got “...businesses can no longer About the Authorto be real. We’ve got to be open. And we’ve got to give the be the ostrich with their head Marcus Sheriden passionately speaks andconsumer what he or she is looking for. writes about business and marketing on in the sand when it comes his blog, The Sales Lion, which is full of business, sales, marketing, and personalThe choice is rather simple really – We can have the conversation to information, consumer development consideration. Before Theon our digital platforms (webpage, fan page, etc.) or we caninvite them to go to one of our competitors and have the questions, and transparent Sales Lion, he built the most trafficked swimming pool website in the worldconversation instead. marketing.” through the principles of inbound and content marketing: River Pools and Spas.So the question is, which do you choose? Although he still owns his swimming pool company, he now spends most of his time delivering inspirational and educational presentations on the power of social media and inbound/content marketing. - 10 - Share this e-book:
  11. By Jeff Rohrs, @jkrohrs Brand A s a recovering attorney who dabbled in trademark law back in the day, I have long respected the power of brand. Brand cuts through clutter. It transforms the mundane into the emotional. It raises expectations.The best brand stewards understand that they aren’t responsible for protecting mere words,symbols, and sounds. They’re responsible for delivering on Jeffthe fundamental promise of any brand—that each customer’s Rohrsexperience will meet or exceed the last. “The best brand stewards About the AuthorBrands are not, therefore, static creatures. They rise and fall understand that they aren’t A recovering attorney turned digitalon the collective experience of their consumers. And while marketer, Jeff Rohrs heads up thenostalgia may insulate some brands from their missteps, responsible for protecting Marketing Research and Education Group at ExactTarget. He is a co-authorchange is a constant that all brands must weather through mere words, symbols, and of the award-winning Subscribers, Fansinnovation and evolution. sounds.” & Followers research series and is a driving force behind the company’s userSo what is the power of brand? It is the power to be uniquely conference. Jeff acts as a steward forunderstood, appreciated, and valued by consumers in a world ExactTarget’s thought leadership,of ever-expanding choice. And that is a power far beyond mere words. speaking at industry events about how the digital marketing world is evolving. - 11 - Share this e-book:
  12. By Mark Schaefer, @markwschaefer influenceL ast year, a young lady named Molly Katchpole graduated from college and, like so many young Americans, could not find a job. Desperate to make her student loan payments, she took a job as a part-time nanny.While struggling to make ends meet, she received a letter from Bank of America stating that ifshe didn’t keep a minimum balance of $20,000 in her account, Markshe would be assessed a $5 monthly fee. SchaeferMolly had enough. “It no longer matters what About the Author Mark W. Schaefer is a globally-recognizedShe connected to people through tweets, blogs and an you look like, where you blogger, educator, business consultant, andonline petition and within two weeks she had 300,000 names were born, or the color of author who blogs at {grow} – one of the top marketing blogs of the world. Mark hasbacking her plea for the bank to stop. A week later, they did. your skin. Everyone can worked in global sales, PR and marketingWelcome to the Era of the Citizen Influencer. It no longer publish content, make it positions for nearly 30 years and now provides consulting services as Executivematters what you look like, where you were born, or the color soar, and have a voice.” Director of U.S.-based Schaefer Marketingof your skin. Everyone can publish content, make it soar, and Solutions. His clients include start-ups andhave a voice. global brands such as Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, and the UK government. Mark isWill you join us? a faculty member of the graduate studies program at Rutgers University and is also the founder of Social Slam, a national social media event that takes place each April. He is the author of Return On Influence and The Tao of Twitter. - 12 - Share this e-book:
  13. By Tim Hayden, @thetimhayden mobileW ith the Internet in your pocket, at almost anytime in darn near any location (subways, wine caves and most airplanes be damned) you can summon information to settle a debate or sports bar argument in a moment’s notice. In those same moments, you canchase down friends’ whereabouts and monitor your finances during an office meeting. Heck, maybeyou’re reading this while your spouse is telling you how much formula to give the baby...uh-oh. TimAll of the above you could have made happen with a com- Haydenputer. But now, with that “smart” device you call a “phone”,you can send a message to your wife, your boss and your “With mobile, businesses About the Author Tim Hayden is a popular speaker andfriends that only they and no one else may ever have the can now better attribute marketing advisor to brands in the B2Cability to see. Your photos can solve crimes and break a sales to measure the efficacy and B2B marketplaces, continuouslynational news story. Perhaps you’re among the many who pay studying communications behavior anda credit card bill without ever making a call, opening an app of TV, billboards, direct mail the technologies that reshape it everyor using the browser. Only your mobile phone can do that. and street team efforts.” day. With more than 15 years experience in interactive marketing, entertainment andWith mobile, businesses can now better attribute sales to media consulting, Tim brings innovativemeasure the efficacy of TV, billboards, direct mail and street strategies to life through the integration of mainstream media, events, mobileteam efforts. Guess what, all of those mediums still “engage” consumers. Further, a brand marketer and social media. He currently works ascan now “track” your interactions from an email to the store and back to your mailbox. Creepy, huh? the Senior Vice President of Mobile Strategy at Edelman Digital.And, very soon, you won’t have to type or even look at the screen of your phone to do anythingoutlined here.That’s the power of mobile, and we are just getting started. - 13 - Share this e-book:
  14. By Eric Boggs, @ericboggs ListeningH e’d kill us if he had the chance. This ominous phrase lies at the center of the plot in Francis Ford Coppola’s brilliant 1974 thriller The Conversation. The film tells a story about listening. Gene Hackman plays Harry Caul – Eric a surveillance expert with a unique ability to record private conversations. Boggs He’s a clever investigator and he’s skilled at manipulating (the hilariously analog) 70s-era surveillance technology. About the Author Eric Boggs is the Founder & CEO of After bugging a particularly important Argyle Social, a venture-backed social conversation, Hackman’s character media marketing software provider spends hours and hours listening to “Too often we only hear what based in Durham, NC. He leads Argyle in its mission to help marketers drive the tape in search of answers. we want to hear. Or we listen meaningful business outcomes through But he doesn’t really listen. And people to the wrong conversation. social media marketing. Prior to launching Argyle, Eric was employee #1 and part die as a result. Or we listen to too many of the senior leadership team at Bronto Software. He completed his undergraduate Too often we only hear what we want conversations. Or we don’t studies at the University of North to hear. Or we listen to the wrong conversation. Or we listen understand why we’re listening Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned anto too many conversations. Or we don’t understand why we’re MBA from UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business in the first place.” School, where he was a Dean’s Fellow.listening in the first place.Listening will kill you if you give it the chance. - 14 - Share this e-book:
  15. By Gina Rau, @ginarau data A s our use of social media increases, so does the amount of information we share about our activities, our relationships and ourselves. Just ten years ago, marketers had to bribe customers to share a fraction of the rich data we have access to today.But data sitting in silos doesn’t help anyone, least of all the customer. Turning the data into usefulexperiences is how marketers unlock the power of data. Gina RauSince most people have at least one social profile, people arewilling to give marketers access to social data in exchange for “ sitting in silos doesn’t About the Authora personalized experience across the sites they frequent. help anyone, least of all the Gina Rau is a senior level marketer at Janrain, a social sign-in technologyThis high-value data allows marketers to develop more customer. Turning the data company based in Portland, Oregon. Gina has a successful track record in identifyingmeaningful, and profitable, relationships with their audience into useful experiences is the right strategies to reach businessin ways like (continued on following page): how marketers unlock the objectives, leading consumer branding and engagement initiatives, and developing power of data.” marketing campaigns to launch new products, generate leads and drive sales. Her experience includes high-profile work with leading national, regional and local brands like McDonald›s, Whole Foods, JCPenney, Radio Shack, Tillamook, Haggen Food and Pharmacy, etc. across multiple retail industries. Marketing is in her blood and she thrives in the role of motivating people to take action. - 15 - Share this e-book:
  16. data (continued)Enable people to find places and friends Make discovery relevant Build an active community of brand promotersSolve problems that earn fan loyalty Become the go-to personal assistant Share this e-book:
  17. (continued) (602) 616-1895 Share this e-book: