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International digital health and care congress 2014 - Breakouts: Friday, Session Two


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International digital health and care congress 2014 - Breakouts: Friday, Session Two

Published in: Healthcare
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International digital health and care congress 2014 - Breakouts: Friday, Session Two

  1. 1. Breakout sessions Friday, Session Two
  2. 2. F2A: Digital tools to aid prevention and rehabilitation Presentation Speaker Stroke Association Self-Help Assistant (SASHA) Kristina Barrick, Business Opportunity Developer, Stroke Association Chris Rennison, Deputy Director – Performance and Development, Stroke Association Popup Clinic: Your health in your hands Bruce Hellman, Chief Executive, uMotif Digital Health, United Kingdom User-centred improvements to the Diabetes UK online risk score Helen Dickens, Healthy Behaviour Lead, Diabetes UK Graeme Manuel-Jones, Digital Communications Manager, Diabetes UK
  3. 3. F2B: Digitally enabled services to support staff and patients Presentation Speaker Applying Computational Creativity to Health and Social Care City University London Registered Nursing Home Association An approach to the design of internet delivered services for those near the end of life Dr Richard Pope, Clinical Director, Dynamic Health Systems Digital mobile community glaucoma care Jeremy Diamond, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Bristol Eye Hospital and Medical Director, Newmedica
  4. 4. F2C: Sharing digital information to aid clinicians in decision- making Presentation Speaker Mersey Burns App - Assessing Major Burns Rowan Pritchard Jones, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, St. Helens & Knowlsey NHS Trust CLIC - A new smart phone application for the secure transfer of clinical images Dr Tim Knowles, CT1 ACCS Anaesthetics, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust “The Decision Before the Incision”: Touch Surgery for Intraoperative Decision Making in Surgical Training Imperial College, London
  5. 5. F2D: Active aging to promote independence as people age Presentation Speaker Cognitive Support Technology for Transitions age service users Amy Moore, Joint Commissioner Transitions, Learning Skills and Prevention and Adults and Family Wellbeing, Buckinghamshire County Council Adam Willison, Joint Commissioning Manager - Assistive Technology, Adults and Family Wellbeing, Buckinghamshire County Council Age is no barrier to using healthcare technology: A mobile working demonstration of cognitive assessment and training for the elderly Melissa Andison, Interim Team Lead and Occupational Therapist, Community Rehabilitation Team (Westminster), Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust A holistic and person-centered approach to telecare: socio-health collaboration Edurne Alonso Morán, Collaborative Biostatician researcher OSATEK, S.A., Public Company, Basque Government, Spain
  6. 6. F2E: Supporting behaviour change for those with long-term conditions through the use of apps Presentation Speaker Bolton Relapse Prevention Project Julie Aulton, Clinical Advisor , d2 Digital by Design MeHab - prototyping alcohol reduction services for under 30s Rupert Tebb, Strategy Director, Paper Using technology to help people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) increase their physical activity – the ‘SMART3' project Claire Bentley, Research Associate, School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), The University of Sheffield
  7. 7. F2F: Hospital-based innovations Presentation Speaker Directing specialist care through alerting to mobile devices Dr Michael Bedford, Renal Research Registrar, Kent Kidney Research Group, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust Patient Entertainment and Therapeutic System Laurence Bradley, Programme Director, Systemic Innovation, BT health Iain Hennessey, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and Clinical Lead for Innovation, Alder Hey Children's Hospital Transforming the outpatient experience through the use of assistive technology Dr Tom Davis, GP Clinical Advisor, Assistive Technology Joint Commissioning, Buckinghamshire County Council