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Tara Hunt - Your Social Media Strategy Wont Save You


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Being friendly and helpful on Facebook and Twitter won't make your app succeed. In this valuable session, Tara will explain how to think 'customer centrically', put user happiness first, reward enthusiasts, learn not launch and raise whuffie. She'll also explain the difference between 'Influencers' and 'Enthusiasts' and why it's important to reach the latter. Don't miss it!

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Tara Hunt - Your Social Media Strategy Wont Save You

  1. 1. your social media strategy won’t save you by tara ‘missrogue’ hunt
  2. 2. twitter isn’t the answer.
  3. 3. facebook isn’t the answer.
  4. 4. NOT the answer.
  5. 5. why? media doesn’t scale media is only a band-aid networks are about...being social is at an all-time low
  6. 6. it doesn’t scale
  7. 7. nepotism
  8. 8.
  9. 9. “Craigslist gets more traffic than either eBay or Amazon .com. eBay has more than 16,000 employees. Amazon has more than 20,000. Craigslist has 30.” sept 2009, wired magazine
  10. 10. craig’s social media strategy #1
  11. 11. craig’s social media strategy #2
  12. 12. what scales is creating a useful, working site that listens to its users...
  13. 13. but... craigslist’s design is ass!
  14. 14. 30 # of staff members.
  15. 15. 30!
  16. 16. # of social media gurus?
  17. 17. 0
  18. 18. it’s just a bandaid
  19. 19.
  20. 20. “We’re not here to replace existing channels of communications and customer care... (which channels would those be?) ...but to complement them.” hmmmmm....
  21. 21. “Tip for Rogers: instead of hiring ppl for Twitter, why not try hiring ppl to answer your freakin’ phones?”
  22. 22. social networks are for being... SOCIAL!!
  23. 23. “we are wired to connect” Goleman on the findings of his research.
  24. 24. reasons why adults & teens use online networks adults teens Stay in touch with friends 89% 91% Make plans with friends 57 72 Make new friends 49 49 Organize with others for an event, issue or cause 43 n/a Make new business or professional contacts 28 n/a Promote yourself or your work 28 n/a Flirt 20 17
  25. 25. the single biggest influences in our lives are our friends
  26. 26. aiuapr
  27. 27. wired mag: 12 sep 09
  28. 28. the social networks aren’t really changing us that much... • historically, studies have shown people maintain between 4 and 7 close friends at any given time • in 2007, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, discussing the social graph - we can grow our friend capacity! • social scientists wondered whether the web had changed our ability to have more close friends • Christakis and Fowler analyzed a universities data (students who had 110 average friends) and looked at close vs ‘internet’ friends • Christakis and Fowler found that the average Facebook user actually had 6.6 close friends
  29. 29. trust is at an all- time low
  30. 30. trust deficit
  31. 31. 18% trust what they read in ads to be the truth. info: ADWeek dec09
  32. 32. 38% trust business to do the right thing info: Edelman 2009
  33. 33. 42% believe in ghosts info: Poll Harris Interactive 2009
  34. 34. 76% believe in miracles info: Poll Harris Interactive 2009
  35. 35. so...who can we trust?
  36. 36. 89% expect to be able to interact with brands. stat: WebProNews Oct09
  37. 37. #fail
  38. 38. most businesses are community tourists
  39. 39. telltale signs of tourism: “these natives have quite the life! mañana, baby!” “s/he spends her whole day socializing and having fun on twitter/facebook! wish I could get paid for that!” “when you cut through all of the ‘inane babble’, there are some valuable posts on twitter.”
  40. 40. big communities business freakin gap
  41. 41. value disparity
  42. 42. how?
  43. 43. shifting our values 1. forget ‘social media strategies’ -- think people-centric business strategies 2. forget marketing -- think raising customer happiness 3. forget influencers -- think enthusiasts 4. forget campaigns -- think learning cycles 5. go deeper than trust -- raise whuffie
  44. 44. people-centric
  45. 45. social media isn’t a strategy, it’s one of the communication tools available.
  46. 46. not people-centric • Thinking about every • Trying to get people to person as a consumer ‘fan’ you - celebrate - someone who either you and your consumes or doesn’t company. Making it all consume your product about how awesome your product and/or • Only seeing your service is. customers through the lens of their behaviour • Thinking in terms of around your product or sending the right service signals and reaching the right influencers.
  47. 47. people-centric • Thinking about people in • Measure like it matters. a complex manner. Good numbers have Whether it is buying or stories behind them. You their personal lives. Not have 100,000 facebook slicing to suit a specific fans? What the heck sales goal. does that mean? • Being concerned about • Listening. Collaborating. serving your existing Integrating feedback. customers - helping Learning and innovating them really rock. Helping with all of the great them achieve their goals. feedback and interaction.
  48. 48. it’s not about you... it’s about them
  49. 49. creating customer happiness
  50. 50. what makes people happy? • autonomy (feeling that your activities are self-chosen and self-endorsed) • competence (feeling that you are effective in your activities) • relatedness (feeling a sense of closeness with others) • self-esteem (set-point, or the person’s natural propensity to happiness) from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, published by the American Psychological Association (APA).
  51. 51. rewarding enthusiasts
  52. 52. Influencers Enthusiasts probably haven’t tried your have tried and LOVE your product product are really busy and have are dying to get YOUR multiple companies trying to attention get their attention have an audience of various have a sizable audience sizes, but with your help could grow that audience will move onto the next will remain loyal as long as product review tomorrow you rock their world aren’t guaranteed to give have already sung your you a good review praises
  53. 53. versus
  54. 54. launch learn limited time campaign ongoing process - no end less planning up front and more putting stuff out to lots of planning up front, customers, getting feedback, leading up to the big launch learning, tweaking, rinse, repeat. pull (with a small amount of push push) about customer acquisition about customer satisfaction if the word grows slowly, lots of time for grassroots campaign may be over b4 growing of buzz - and by the people catch wind. time it tips, it’ll be better!
  55. 55. whuffie
  56. 56. generosity abounds in online communities
  57. 57. the gift economy
  58. 58. deposits examples: helping someone solve a problem attending community events showing real interest in what someone else is working on using your network to do something good for the community demonstrating you implement people’s suggestions
  59. 59. withdrawals examples: asking someone else for a favor promoting your own events or sales asking for an introduction to someone in their network (intro up) acting competitively name dropping pitching someone
  60. 60. and social media?
  61. 61. aiuapr
  62. 62. we are lucky that these tools allow our customers to connect, speak out, talk back and share more readily with their friends.
  63. 63. #win
  64. 64. licensing: share/remix/spread ... but don’t forget to attribute. many photos from:
  65. 65. contact me: Tara ‘missrogue’ Hunt @missrogue montreal, quebec, canada 514-679-2951
  66. 66. Order Whuffie today!