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OpenMiracle is an open source accounting software, ie its source code is available free of cost for life time. It is an attempt to make software accounting package available to the common man. It includes all the traditional accounting package features and also contains some additional features. The software is easy to use and helps you to manage your business accounts efficiently.
OpenMiracle is suitable for business of any scale and type. Some of its interesting features include the ability to generate barcode automatically, easy management of Dot Matrix printer settings, godown and rack wise item management, support for multiple currencies, support for setting of multiple pricing levels, POS for quick invoice generation etc. the generation and management of financial statements has also easier.

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  • OpenMiracle Pvt. Ltd. A complete accounting package developers. OpenMiracle is open source accounting package, the company focused on to the primary accounting market on the world, it seems like the bottom level approach, our main aim to set the accounting market as per user requirement, we can do it by using open source concept, in this we can help other
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Accounting software free

  1. 1. Complete Accounting Software
  2. 2. Know More  About us  Overview of the product  Special Features  Module wise features  System requirements  Software specification
  3. 3. About us OpenMiracle Pvt. Ltd. A complete accounting package developers. OpenMiracle is open source accounting package, the company focused on to the primary accounting market on the world, it seems like the bottom level approach, our main aim to set the accounting market as per user requirement, we can do it by using open source concept, in this we can help other
  4. 4. Overview OpenMiracle is application software that records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial balance. It functions as an accounting information system. The software can be used to record transactions, maintain account balances, and prepare financial statements and reports. OpenMiracle is a system of recording financial transactions on a computer across a full range of accounting options almost invariably dependent upon the size of business being catered for.
  5. 5. Special features • • • • • • • • • Option for creating up to 1000 company database Option for viewing reports of different Vouchers Option for setting default currency so that default currency with be loaded automatically at the time of starting system Option for setting different financial period , closed financial year can be opened if user wants to do so Various settings which can be enabled or disabled at any time Better back up , restore facility so that users are free from issue of system crash Provides multi user environment Handles multi currency , exchange rate of currencies are taken automatically Option for setting multiple units for products
  6. 6. Special features • • • • • • • • • • Provides option for generating and printing of barcodes Maintain bill by bill details of parties Maintain payroll accounting Handles budgeting Automatic calculation of tax Option for setting price list Option for setting seasonal rate Provides manufacturing journal keeping registers of all vouchers Option for transferring goods between go downs and racks
  7. 7. Special features • o o o o o • • • • • • Option for selecting the method for stock value calculation : we provides following methods : FIFO Average cost method Height Cost Low Cost Last Purchase Rate Keeping address book / telephone directory for easy access Graphical User Interface with Context Sensitive Help Short cut keys, key board navigation for easy access Option for adding printers No special training is needed for running the system Paper usage can be completely eliminated by using this system
  8. 8. Special features • • • • • • Account ledger We provide common account groups and ledgers besides that users can create their own ledgers. Ledgers can be created as one by one or multiple ledgers under a group Go down, Rack Keeps the records of location in which products are stored so that it can be searched easily. Go down wise reports are also available . Maintain batch, MFD, EXPD of each batches Contra voucher Handles all bank deposit and withdrawal. Payment /receipt voucher Handles all cheque, cash payments, receipt of company /payment, receipt can be done against a bill or directly. Multiple payment / receipt can be done in a single voucher Journal voucher It’s for adding miscellaneous accounts. The gap between actual and expected ledger balance can be adjusted here. Credit Note/Debit Note It is for making adjustments against credit and debit balance .
  9. 9. Special features • PDC payable /Receivable • • Clearance of PDC will be done later. PDC clearance • • • • It’s the option for handling the cheque that are given or received as Post dated. It’s for clearing the cheque that are given or received as Post date. The cheque may be cleared or may be bounced. The changes according to it will be done by the system automatically Bank reconciliation It’s for matching the statements provided by bank and the account book kept by company Purchase order /Sales order Complex purchase, sales order process are handled efficiently. Here user can set the due date of order. Order can be cancelled by user Material receipt/ delivery note Option for handling goods received before receiving bill, goods delivered before issuing bill Rejection out /in Rejecting of goods that are received via material receipt, rejecting back of goods that are delivered due to damage or any other reason
  10. 10. Special features • Purchase, Sales • Purchase return, sales return • • • Purchase, sales modules of accounting is handled very easily. Purchase can be done against order, material receipt or directly .similarly sales can be done against Quotation,order, delivery note directly. Changes to the stock and accounts will be done automatically The returning of damaged items can be done easily. Return may be against an invoice. Direct returning is also possible Physical stock The gap between actual and expected stock can be adjusted here. Bill Allocation It is used to display all parties allocated bills. Stock journal Efficiently keeping records of row materials of a finished goods, cost for row materials, its effective cost
  11. 11. Special features • Financial year • Suffix prefix settings • • • A company can create any number of financial periods and can be closed as per wish. Entry can be done in a closed financial year if they want to do so It’s the option for setting a specified sequence for voucher numbers. Suffix prefix can be set to all vouchers Budgeting Easy way for setting budget and analyzing the budget variance Payroll o o o o o o Option for creating different pay heads Option for adding designations and employees under each designation Option for setting holidays Keeps attendance record Setting bonus / deduction for employees Generating salary , pay slip for each month Voucher Type Settings It’s the option for creating different voucher as user’s wish. Can set the tax settings for each voucher also.
  12. 12. Special features • User management o Option for creating different users with different privilege level for providing high level of security o Option for blocking delinquent users o Keep track of activities of each users • Reports: • Reminders o o o o o o o Powerful reports from each section Navigation form reports to lower level till the vouchers Almost all financial reports like profit and loss , balance sheet etc are available The fields in reports can be decided by users Sales man reports Area , market wise reports Reports of fast moving , slow moving reports o o o o Reminders for order on due , purchase ,sales on due etc Product expiry report Low stock reminder Option for settings users own reminders
  13. 13. System Requirements • • • • • Required processor :Pentium 90 MHz or faster Required RAM :128 MB (256 or more recommended) 25 MB of available hard-disk space for installation CD-ROM drive (only for installation) 1,024x768 display (1,280x800 recommended) Software Specification • • • • Operating system Technology Front end Back end : .Net framework 2.0 version compactable software platform : Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 4.0 : C#.NET : Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  14. 14. OpenMiracle Level 1, Startup Village, Kinfra Hitech Park, Kalamassery, Cochin. India – 683503 Phone: +91 (0) 494 301 8449 E-mail:
  15. 15. Thank you …