GoFrugal RayMedi Solution                                    For                           Sanitary Ware Retailer         ...
Table of Contents1 Introduction2 Business Benefits2.1 Benefits3 Billing Management3.1 Billing3.2 Billing Security3.3 Deliv...
9 Supplier management9.1 Supplier - Management10 Ease Of Use10.1 Flexible11 MIS Reports11.1 Configuration11.2 Overview11.3...
1 IntroductionRayMedi POS is a comprehensive business management solution including flexible POS billing, trading, invento...
3.1 Billing      • Flexible and easy to use billing screen that helps in faster checkouts.      • Authorization control ba...
• A very useful option available called Quick add customer from billing screen with minimal key strokes to make        bil...
• Sales order can have discounts, price levels, rate validations, cost can be shown in alphabets etc      • Shipping addre...
• Change selling allows to change selling price of items. Change selling screen can be configured to update       purchase...
• Inventory status allows phasing out of product step by step like making the product unavailable for purchase       order...
• Reorder list can be generated based on Current stock level, items billed in last n days, etc. Items can be ordered for  ...
• Flexibility to configure additional attributes attached to item in all inward screens for eg: Additional data can be    ...
• A new purchase invoice can be made easily by just choosing any old purchase invoice.5.7 Truck Load / Unload Management  ...
• Bank Reconciliation Statement Maintenance      • Cash flow and Fund flow statement analysis available based on month, gr...
• All statutory registers like sales register, purchase register etc are maintained automatically      • Ageing reports fo...
• Schemes and offer integration in sales      • Multiple price levels supported. Price level can be set based on customer ...
10.1 Flexible      • 100% keyboard operation. No need to use mouse. This helps you handle customers efficiently in the bil...
• Complete list of sales, purchase, inventory, accounts and business intelligence reports.      • Comprehensive purchase a...
for pilferage      • Tracking of all unsaved invoices help prevent POS fraud. When customer does not wait for the invoice ...
year + UniqID]. In this unique ID will start from 1 and go on upto N after which it will reset only when month or       ye...
• RayMedi Service Management manages all aspects in service industry it is available as a addon in RayMedi POS          wh...
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Sanitary ware point of sales


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Sanitary ware point of sales

  1. 1. GoFrugal RayMedi Solution For Sanitary Ware Retailer Product Presented RayMedi Point Of Sale 7 Professional Edition GoFrugal Technologies Private Limited III/D, Old No.13A, New No.209,Kaashyap Enclave, Velachery Main Road, Chennai-42 Phone No.044 4223 7800 / 4223 7900 Fax No.42022218 TIN NO:33660984327/2004-05 CST NO:799896/15.12.2004 ST NO:AACCG2423JST00102/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 1/20
  2. 2. Table of Contents1 Introduction2 Business Benefits2.1 Benefits3 Billing Management3.1 Billing3.2 Billing Security3.3 Delivery Management3.4 Price Control3.5 Printing Bill3.6 Sales Man3.7 Sales Order3.8 Tendering3.9 Till Management3.10 Promotions and Scheme Management3.11 Ease Of Use3.12 Configuration4 Inventory Management4.1 Change selling4.2 Gift Voucher Management4.3 Inventory4.4 Mark up / Down4.5 Opening Stock4.6 Physical Stock Audit4.7 Reorder4.8 Repacking4.9 Returns Management4.10 Stock Transfer5 Inwards Management5.1 Price Drop5.2 Purchase Management5.3 Purchase Order5.4 Purchase Schemes5.5 Sales Returns Management5.6 Ease Of Use5.7 Truck Load / Unload Management6 Accounts6.1 Accounts Security6.2 Cheque management6.3 Comprehensive6.4 Ease Of Use Accounts6.5 Flexible reports7 Business Configuration7.1 Configuration Overview8 Customer Management8.1 Customer8.2 Loyalty Management02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 2/20
  3. 3. 9 Supplier management9.1 Supplier - Management10 Ease Of Use10.1 Flexible11 MIS Reports11.1 Configuration11.2 Overview11.3 Reports12 Printing12.1 Print13 Security Management13.1 Security13.2 Audit14 Barcode Management14.1 Barcode Features15 Statutory Compliance15.1 Vat Reporter16 Maintenance Tool16.1 Patch Manager17 Support Tool17.1 Doctor18 Related Products18.1 Products19 Specification or System Requirements19.1 POS Accessory Integration19.2 POS Hardware Supported19.3 Vendors Name20 Standard Supported02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 3/20
  4. 4. 1 IntroductionRayMedi POS is a comprehensive business management solution including flexible POS billing, trading, inventorymanagement, accounts, customer management and business intelligence for users who want to compete and thrive in thecurrent challenging environment. RayMedi is designed with easy, intuitive and user friendly GUI which leads to very lesssupport and training. The below is the partial listing of the features available in product as lots of features are gettingadded in product in every release.2 Business BenefitsRayMedi provides various business benefits to its user that helps them in saving cost, providing better customer servicevia managing customer relationships to cross-sell and up-sell, good supplier management, accurate management ofinventory, etc.2.1 Benefits • Significant improvements in reduction of customer sales transaction time. Helps you do more transactions per counter thus reducing the number of checkout counters and the hardware investment • Accurate business closing with very little manual work help you minimize the time it takes after the last sale to close business for the day. Gives peace of mind and reduced hassles in store operations • Ease of use and simplicity reduces the training time and the robustness minimizes the inadvertent errors made by POS operators. As there is lots of churn among POS operators, this is one of the biggest benefits of RayMedi point of sale • Reduction in fraudulent returns. It is estimated that retail stores lose about 0.5% of sales due to fraudulent returns. Managing returns in a systematic and authorized manner efficiently eliminates loss due to returns • Accurate recording of all inventory transactions lead to better inventory management and increases service levels by preventing lost sales opportunities • Flexible and comprehensive inventory classification to suit your business needs. Such inventory classification can be specific to each department. • Highly informative reorder module helps you increase your inventory turn and facilitates higher competitiveness and increased net margin • Flexible physical inventory module facilitates measuring inventory loss on a daily basis to identify reasons for inventory loss and take preventive action • The price level formula and the price levels make sure the selling prices are fixed correctly, as per your gross margin goals for given product / category. It reduces manual work and leaves the review to fewer products where the purchase price, landed cost and selling prices changes • Focus on calculating the landed cost accurately to help fix the selling price and measure the gross margin. With your suppliers coming up with innovative and complex offers, the need to get the accurate landed cost based on goods receipt entry is very critical to the success of your business • 100% audit of all operations. Audit log help investigate issues to learn about the operational issue including security lapse and help you take steps to prevent them in future. • Comprehensive security module helps to have control on every part of product. • RayMedi products are made for future. RayMedi offers many add-on products to leverage progress in technology such as web, internet, mobile, etc.3 Billing ManagementBilling means total amount charged to a customer. It is the final checkout the customer does.02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 4/20
  5. 5. 3.1 Billing • Flexible and easy to use billing screen that helps in faster checkouts. • Authorization control based stock update from sales for quick billing that can be adjusted later • Customer can be made mandatory or optional to suite as per business needs. • Support for items to be given as free in billing. • Integrated with all POS accessories such as barcode scanner, cash drawer, pole display, receipt printer, weighing scale, etc. • Support for multiple inventory type such as standard, serialized, matrix, assembly, kit, gift voucher etc including multi-dimensional item entry (color, size, style, design). • All LOV (List Of Values) can be sorted based on item name, code, description, rates, alias, etc. • Provisions to give shipping details in sales bill which means actual customer address and shipping address can be different. • Multiple discounts can be given in sales bill either based on bill or based on items. • Conversion based billing can be done like buying in n unit and selling in n units. • Quotation can be converted to Sales order or Bill on just a click of button. • Authorization controlled option to accept sales return in the sales billing screen itself. Option for cash settlement, credit note or adjustment of sales return amount in the sale made. • Easy access key for reprint of old bills helps in reducing time spent over counter by customer. • Integrated service module. Job card can be converted to bill with material consumed details. • Delivery note or Sales order can be tendered for advance amount that can be adjusted in sales bill later. • Support for manual bill numbers. • Dispatch entry can be made for customer wise bill wise which helps to track LR details. • Product-wise message configuration for showing the message at the time of selling the product. This can be used for cross-selling, up-selling and giving product specific instructions to the customer both Static and dynamic supported • Option to print sales invoice as tax invoice [for customers who have registered with VAT and want input VAT credit for their purchases from you] or as retail invoice [for consumers]. The print format can be automatically selected based on customer type • Items delivered or items marked for deliver can be printed at the bottom of the bill under a separate heading, as applicable • Option to track lost sales opportunity when customer enquirers about a product that is not available, if the POS staff tries to bill it, it is recorded as a lost sales. Such lost sales opportunity help track customer needs and demand and help in procurement and store planning • Offline billing when the server is down due to hardware or network failure, the clients can continue to bill. Each time the client starts up, it downloads the price information from the server and is used for offline billing. When the server comes back, the billed information are uploaded to the server and normal operations are restored • Configuration to set the default quantity to bill. In stores where all items have barcode label, the default quantity to bill is set to 1 so that every item must be scanned. This help accurate invoicing of what is carried by the customer. • Bill skipping : When you switch to manual mode, due to hardware failure, power-cut or any other reasons you can skip invoice numbers to resume billing with the system as soon as system becomes available. The skipped invoices can be entered into the system when you find time. This way you can resume system operation after disruptions. • Weighing scale integrated item scanning supported in billing. • Complete analysis for item purchase days Vs sales analysis helps in maintaining efficient inventory turnover ratio. • Manufacture wise sales analysis helps in knowing manufacturer or brand better. • Minimum margin for each and every product can be controlled based on minimum selling price configuration • Sales advice slips can be prepared on each floor of which one copy is handed over to customer that customer can present at billing counter to have invoice done automatically without re entry of all items. This can be scanned or manually entered in system.02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 5/20
  6. 6. • A very useful option available called Quick add customer from billing screen with minimal key strokes to make billing faster. • Session management in billing • Quotation can be made with discounts, conversions or price levels. • Make a new invoice based on previous sales transaction. • Option to input petty expenses from billing counters. • Save invoice with single key stroke at billing point and take payment at cash counter. • Option to configure and specify Minimum bill amount for cash discount. • Quotation can have sales price defined based on Margin %.3.2 Billing Security • All screen operation on billing screen are access controlled for eg: access controlled line discount and bill discounts etc.3.3 Delivery Management • Comprehensive delivery management and collection tracking pending delivery bills can be assigned to the delivery boys and receipt from those delivery bills can be tracked. • All tender options available like cash, credit card, coupon, cheque, gift voucher, credit, etc.3.4 Price Control • Minimum selling price can be set for items to ensure no loss happens. There can be different minimum selling price for cash and credit transaction. • Access controlled and authorized price override. Whether to allow rate edit for a product is part of the product master and so the price override can be controlled for each and every product • Access controlled option to select the price level on which to invoice a customer. Again, the entire invoice can be made on the price level or only a particular product(s) invoiced on the price level.3.5 Printing Bill • Invoice printing on plain as well as preprinted stationary • The sales order and delivery challan reference number(s) can be printed in the invoice.3.6 Sales Man • Master to define sales man / representative commission based on product or based on category. In the invoice screen, the sales man / representative name can be specified for the invoice or for each product. This help get reports on sales man commission accurately • Product Age based commission for salesman • Provisions to set salesman commission bill wise or item wise3.7 Sales Order • Sales order(s) can be converted into delivery challan or sales invoice on click of a key. No need to reenter the order details again. • Easy to take sales order over phone. Customer can be located using phone number, customer name or any other details of the customer such as apartment name, street name etc. Sales order can have the preferred date and time of delivery for the customer02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 6/20
  7. 7. • Sales order can have discounts, price levels, rate validations, cost can be shown in alphabets etc • Shipping address can be given in sales order. • Option to authorize qty while converting sales order to sales3.8 Tendering • Multiple, configurable and extensible tendering options including mixed tender options. Customers can pay for their purchase the way they want & it is accounted for accurately in a quick and easy way • Comprehensive tender master using which new tender types can be created with details such as excess tendering allowed or not, surcharge details and denomination details etc. • Save cash invoice with single key press3.9 Till Management • Till manager: Till / Counter closing includes all tender instruments such as cash, credit card charge slips, coupons, gift vouchers, sales return items etc. • Userwise and tillwise / counterwise business closing report as per your need. When users are assigned to different counters during the day, they can be given cash drawer for each day. They take their cash drawer to the counter they work in. In this case, userwise closing can be done when they finish their shift • Blind till / counter / user shift closing with tender and denomination details. This help measure short / excess accurately.3.10 Promotions and Scheme Management • Comprehensive Promotions and scheme management - can manage all kinds of promotional schemes. • Promotions based on date range, free products, buy one and get x free, quantity purchase schemes, combination of schemes, buy for N amount get N % off, etc. • Promotions can be set based on a Promotion Family which facilitates flexible grouping. • Schemes can be scheduled for date range or even for specified period during a day like (happy hours schemes).3.11 Ease Of Use • In Sales, Delivery Note, Sales Return, Sales Order and Quotation transaction screen last 10 transactions for selected item can be configured to display at the bottom of the screen.3.12 ConfigurationPassword can be made mandatory for each tender.Transactions like Sales, Delivery Note, Transfer Out, Stock transfer and Delivery Note Returns can be locked for previousn days based on configurations.4 Inventory ManagementInventory management or inventory control means an attempt to balance inventory needs and requirements with the needto minimize costs resulting from obtaining and holding inventory.4.1 Change selling02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 7/20
  8. 8. • Change selling allows to change selling price of items. Change selling screen can be configured to update purchase price, MRP and cost of items based on secure access. • Change selling data can be grouped based on various parameters like purchase rate, selling price, MRP and landing cost based on configuration which helps in effective management of data. • If Items are having unique barcode feature enabled than change selling can be done for each barcode value qty wise. • Change selling can be done to Discount from regular price: The prices of the affected items will be discounted by the percentage entered. For example, if the item has a regular price of Rs.100 and the percentage entered is 10% (effectively, Rs.10), the Price change Wizard will update the price to be Rs.90. The calculation formula is as follows: [100 - (100 x 10%)] = 90. • Change selling can be done to Markup from cost: The prices of all the affected items will be set based on a percentage markup from their respective costs. For example, if an affected item has a cost of Rs.50, and the percentage entered is 50% (effectively Rs.25), then the items new price will be Rs.75 or as calculated: [50 + (50 x 50%)] = 75. • Change selling can be done to Offset from regular price: The prices of all the affected items are set so that the entered amount is added to the current price. For example, if an affected item has a price of Rs.110 and the amount entered is 25, the Price change Wizard will update the price to be 135. The calculation formula is as follows: 110 + 25 = 135 • Change selling can be done to Offset from cost: The prices of all the affected items are set so that the entered amount is added to the current cost. For example, if an affected item has a price of Rs.110, a cost of Rs.50, and the amount entered is 75, the Price change Wizard will then update the price to be Rs.125. The calculation formula is as follows: 50 + 75 = 125.4.2 Gift Voucher Management • Support for complete gift voucher life cycle tracking from gift voucher creation, sale, redemption and lost gift voucher handling • Gift vouchers can have validity associated with then which is validated in billing. Gift voucher validity can be based on Gift voucher creation date or from date of sales. • Gift voucher can have value defined based on Sales rate for eg: If a customer is returning some items worth Rs 500 and taking exchange goods worth Rs 400 only then he can be given a gift voucher for balance Rs100. • Capability to redeem third party issued gift vouchers make is possible to redeem gift voucher issued directly by brands to customers.4.3 Inventory • Material issue and receipt module helps to control and manage outsourced work. It helps in setting up a standard work flow procedure that can be followed with ease. • Damage or Wastage entry facilitates accounting for the floor returns with the reason for wastage • Item transaction history is very useful to know and track the full item flow. • Complete stock movement and analysis can be managed and tracked. • Assembly type products can be defined. Assembly means virtual grouping of products. • Inventory can be managed for item based on serial numbers for warranty requirements. • Detailed stock status reporting based on supplier, manufacture, category etc • Flexible and easy to configure product categorization that suite as per business needs. • Facility to maintain manufacturer product code and my product code : Facilitates correspondence with the manufacturer using the vendor product codes • With barcode, inventory can have the purchase reference to aid in tracking the inventory item to the purchase invoice in which it is received02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 8/20
  9. 9. • Inventory status allows phasing out of product step by step like making the product unavailable for purchase orders, goods receipt, sales, sales return before the product is stopped • Comprehensive stock and sales statement for your inventory management needs • Configurable options to calculate landed cost for the items based on offers given by suppliers. Such accurate landed cost calculation is very important to arrive at the selling price and to earn the target gross margin. Based on the product purchased, the landed cost can be configured to include/exclude cash discount etc. • Stock age analysis is available which is very essential to know as it helps in tracking and finding the age of stock which in turn helps to know working capital requirements. • Inventory Age can be tracked and non moving stock can be promoted more to have higher incentive to customers or salesman. • Stock update helps to maintain Inventory correctly any discrepancy in stock can be managed and tracked from here. • Stock update helps to manage inventory better as it provides flexibility to change batch no, MRP, Selling, Purchase and Expiry date. • Item transaction history for full product details • Multiple EAN code can be tracked • Picking list generation • Tracking of stock based on location, rack, shelf, bin, etc.4.4 Mark up / Down • Automatic selling price fixing based on Pre-configured price fixing algorithm for each product or category of products. Using the price fixing algorithm, you can configure the round-off policy, price ends with configuration like near, upper, lower etc. • Automatic selling price fixing based on Pre-configured price fixing algorithm for each product. • Mark Up means selling price can be set based on Landing cost or Purchase price where as mark down means setting selling price by marking down MRP. Mark Up / Down can be in percentage or amount • Mark Up / Down down can be defined based on Category, Item, Distributor and Manufacture.4.5 Opening Stock • Opening stock entry to take stock input at initial phase of software implementation • Opening stock entry can be done as to effect on Day one means (to take effect on entered date). For instance when software was installed billing was started with negative billing i.e. without stock intake this situation can be over come. • Opening stock can be done based on conversion like stock can be entered in cartoons, Bundles, dozens etc4.6 Physical Stock Audit • PDT [handheld barcode scanner with memory] based stock audit - automatic generation of stock discrepancy report based on computer and physical stock, correction of discrepancy Etc. This makes daily stock taking easier and enables accurate measure of pilferage4.7 Reorder • Comprehensive reorder module helps you finalize your orders quickly. All information required to order such as the weekly sales for the previous month, the minimum and maximum sales in each week for the product, sales during previous season of the year [for festivals] etc. are available. This helps you with optimal orders in line with your sales expectations. • Configurable inventory level both in terms of quantity, number of days sale or stock value.02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 9/20
  10. 10. • Reorder list can be generated based on Current stock level, items billed in last n days, etc. Items can be ordered for n days based on previous sales history. • Distributor wise reorder can be done based on minimum stock level, last n days of sales etc • Reorder can be done based on Sales order received pending and actual stock quantity left4.8 Repacking • The short/excess and wastage measurement help reduce inventory loss4.9 Returns Management • Returns Management Expiry / Damage / Breakage tracking and convert as purchase returns.4.10 Stock Transfer • Stock transfer between locations just by click of a key • Discrepancy analysis for stock transfer • Acknowledgements for stock transfer5 Inwards ManagementInward management means procedure for maintaining material receipt effectively5.1 Price Drop • Price drop management when suppliers give credit note based on sales achieved, there is a need to rework the landed cost based on credit received for achieving the sales target. Only by doing this, retail business owners and managers can know the actual landed cost and the gross margin earned on the sale • Price protection manages and tracks for inventory gain or loss including claims settlement.5.2 Purchase Management • Extensible purchase entry screen to meet your business needs : As per your business needs, you can create fields in purchase entry for entering amounts and create separate ledgers under appropriate group. You can also duplicate the calculation using which the purchase invoice amount is calculated. This way RayMedi follows the same calculation as the supplier invoice it is easy to match every invoice data with the purchase entry form input • Purchase DC can be converted to Purchase. • Option to adjust credit notes, purchase returns etc. while entering the goods receipt • Print difference for already printed purchase invoice • View history for previous purchases from same distributor • View outstanding from purchase • Purchase Invoice to be kept as pending until discrepancy is solved • Parcel Entry can be easily converted into purchase without reentering all details. • Item distributor list for easy of purchase invoice creation. Items pertaining to specific distributors are created automatically by RayMedi that helps in easy of purchase entry. • F-form supported for interstate purchases • C-Form supported for interstate customers • Setting selling price at the time of purchase or Purchase DC entry is flexible as it can be based on invoice wise, item wise profit % or else based on markup /down.02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 10/20
  11. 11. • Flexibility to configure additional attributes attached to item in all inward screens for eg: Additional data can be captured at time of purchase or receipt note. • Conversion based purchase can be done like buying in n unit and selling in n units. • Option in purchase to hold a particular invoices items payment as it is having some discrepancy. • Authentication details are captured in purchase • Selling price can be rounded in purchase as per the configuration defined. • Consignment purchase type helps in take of goods based on consignment so that system will prompt whatever goods are sold as per consignment purchase that much goods amount only needs to be paid to supplier. • Products Category based search is provide in all Inwards screens • Purchase entry can be done faster as multiple formats of matrix LOV are provided. • All LOV sorting can be done based on Item name, Code, description, rate etc • Purchase rate can be entered in alphanumeric in purchase based on configuration. • Minimum / Maximum reorder qty, Rack / Shelf / Box Position columns can be updated instantly at the time of purchase. • A purchase can be saved as Temp purchase which provides flexibility in entering full / part purchase invoice [that can be edited and saved in normal mode later] also this feature is very useful if Owner / Store manager wants to control each and every invoice before taking effect in stocks. • In Purchase screen Formula for calculation of bill amount can be defined for a group of suppliers or individual suppliers this formula helps to configure RayMedi as per supplier invoice calculation needs. • Receipt note returns can be received in system. • Configuration for restrict to allow to add /delete new items to Purchase / Receipt Note if Purchase Order is converted to Purchase / Receipt Note. • Transactions like Purchase, Receipt Note, Transfer In, Purchase Return and Receipt Note Returns can be locked for previous n days based on configurations. • Configuration can be done to set Purchase Order requires authentication if purchase order value exceeds X amount5.3 Purchase Order • Multiple Purchase order can be converted to Purchase or Purchase DC based on simple key stroke. • Distributor wise items can be loaded in Purchase Order for easy of ordering. • Pending purchase order details to help analysis inventory better. • Purchase order can be placed to a supplier based on last purchase order issued to that distributor based on single key stroke.5.4 Purchase Schemes • Integrated purchase schemes • Purchase scheme target Vs achievement reports5.5 Sales Returns Management • Replacement purchase type is supported which helps in easy intake of replacement products. • Purchase return can be adjusted in purchase • Full purchase can be returned based on a single key stroke. • Purchase return can be done without selecting distributor, software will automatically generate distributor wise different purchase return. • Purchase return can be made based on cost price or purchase price depending upon supplier need.5.6 Ease Of Use02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 11/20
  12. 12. • A new purchase invoice can be made easily by just choosing any old purchase invoice.5.7 Truck Load / Unload Management • Management of bundles via Parcel entry • Lr and transporter details in purchase can be linked via parcel entry.6 AccountsAccounts is the system of recording, verifying, and reporting of the value of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in thebooks of account. Accounting is a system that provides quantitative information about finances.6.1 Accounts Security • Administrator control to create user based access levels with passwords • Restricted access to the screens depending on the user. • Screen wise operations can be restricted or allowed based on password6.2 Cheque management • Cheque management helps in managing receivables and payables in efficient manner thus leaving less chances for error and mistakes • Cheque printing • Cheque Issue management • Cheque-in-Transit management • Cheque management like Deposit, Bounce, Represent and Post dated Cheque tracking, • Cheque book maintenance.6.3 Comprehensive • Trial Balance and Profit & Loss can be generated • Balance Sheet can be generated • Complete drill down from every report makes its user interface easy to use • All types of vouchers entry are supported in RayMedi TRAC • Multi company accounting • Supports both Single entry and Double entry method of entry system • Annual Accounting maintenance means the ledger balances can be maintained year wise • Virtual outstanding maintenance • Comprehensive tracking of receipts with reconciliation for all receipt instruments • Independent Account dimension configuration for each account group such as asset, liability, income, expense etc. • Support to implement cost center, profit center etc. using account dimensions as per business and operational management needs • Easy & powerful interface for bill to bill payment / receipt adjustment • Facility to enter multiple types of discounts and charges at the time of payment / receipt • Comprehensive on-account / excess adjustment mechanism • Rules can be associated with account dimensions to implement TDS, FBT, depreciation etc. as per statutory compliance and business needs • Multi company voucher entry • Multi currency supported02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 12/20
  13. 13. • Bank Reconciliation Statement Maintenance • Cash flow and Fund flow statement analysis available based on month, group and Ledger wise. • Ratio analsyis can be done based on Current ratio, Quick ratio, Working capital turnover, Asset turnover, Receivables turnover ratio, Payable turnover ratio, etc which makes business analytical information available at a click. • Option to calculate interest on outstanding bills • Category support helps to group accounting ledgers as per required catgeories. This helps in many ways like supporting cost center [cost center is a category], departments and departmentwise reports [department is a category], project accounting [where project is a category], etc. Using this categorywise reports can be taken. This category configuration will not disturb the normal Account group --> Ledger tree structure. • Rule definition and enforcement means rules can be defined by user this can be simple to complex rules that can be enforced at the time of transactions. The simple rules can be ones like, donot allow any direct expense voucher alone for a user X, donot allow petrol expenses above Rs.1000/- a month to be entered by user Y, when the rent paid is above Rs.20,000/- deduct TDS at the rate of xx% and put the TDS amount in the TDS A/C - Rent Paid ledger. There are many more great things that are possible with the rule support.6.4 Ease Of Use Accounts • User designable Voucher and Cheque printouts • Voucher templates can be used to manage formulated vouchers like TDS, FBT, etc. • Screen based configurable settings to customize accounts software as per needs • Flexible Voucher Series and numbering System based on voucher type settings configuration • User configurable Masters and Vouchers to suite as per business needs • Reports can be customized as per needs based on Configurable reports tool • Voucher entry while viewing reports and vice-Versa • Accounts search interface to locate accounting entries based on any information • Tool to merge ledgers and groups to facilitate effective management of chart of accounts • Configurable screen shortcut keys to make screens accessible in less key stroke • Receipts can be auto or manually adjusted in bill adjustment screen • Opening balance can be maintained year wise. • Group wise Payment/Receipt bill settlements. Ledgers can be grouped and settled. (Can be useful for group of suppliers / customer, etc) • Option to lock last years data once year end process is completed • Division wise accounts maintenance supported means if a company is having multiple divisions accounts can maintained separately or combined • Flexible user interface to see party wise outstanding with all details for better clarity • Bank reconciliation statement report can be generated based on bank reconsile date which makes this statement user friendly to compare with bank statement. • Company wise backup and restore facility which makes RayMedi Trac handy means it can be installed in multiple system like home pc, auditors pc etc where his actual data can be imported for analysis or view purpose.6.5 Flexible reports • Cheque counterfoil management helps to track Cheque in systematic manner • All report supports both Draft mode & Windows mode printout • Report can be exported to Excel • Petty cash report • Analysis report like Purchase/Sales analysis, Outstanding age wise analysis, etc • Customizable Party ledger and outstanding reports with 40 column reports • VAT registers / reports02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 13/20
  14. 14. • All statutory registers like sales register, purchase register etc are maintained automatically • Ageing reports for receivables (outstanding) and payables • Graphical representation of ledger reports • Tree format of printout of Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance sheet for better understanding • Summarized sales figures in day book reports helps in proper analysis • Option to view Consolidate day wise summary • Day wise expense summary report. • Graphical chart representation of all reports makes analytical data understandable like Funds flow & Cash flow statement, Income & Expenses analysis, Asset & Liability statement, Outstanding, All ledger groups transacted amount & balance with last year comparison,etc. • In ledger report option is available to merge two ledgers which make ledger view simpler, this output will be shown in merged form that can be printed.7 Business ConfigurationRayMedi provides many business configurations that helps in customizing software as per user needs.7.1 Configuration Overview • Product images can be given in LOV for reference. • Listing of items with multiple criteria and facility to search/filter to the specific item. • Multiple company, division and location : Each company can have its own document formats, business configuration settings etc. The division and location are independent so that each division can be in multiple locations. • Allow sales rate edit in billing. • Show profit margin in billing screen. • Option in Inwards to take previous deductions and additions details from previous purchase details to save entry time in inwards. • Landing cost calculation can be defined based on various parameters. • Purchase return and Sales return can have item wise reason can be be optional or mandatory based on configuration. • Item code can be made editable based on configuration. • Option based change selling to allow change for Selling price, Landing cost, MRP or Purchase price. • Sales return can be made optional or compulsory to be taken only with bill or without bill based on configuration. • Item wise comments can be given in Sales , sale Order and Quotation based on configuration. • Multiple printing profile for sales bill can be activated based on configuration. • Option to post all purchase and sales ledger separately in Accounts. • All List of values can be configured. • Sales order can have approval process for qty conversion to bill. • Purchase return can be done only to a specific distributor from where purchase has been done option can be activated based on business configuration. • Sales order can be made based on authorization if available stock is less.8 Customer ManagementCustomer management means customers are happy with your service, loyalty is managed correctly, customer purchasehistory is available etc. RayMedi has many features that leads to effective and better customer management.8.1 Customer02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 14/20
  15. 15. • Schemes and offer integration in sales • Multiple price levels supported. Price level can be set based on customer and product Can setup different price levels (unlimited) - based on product/item or category - Can fix the price of the item depending on the purchase price or per the demand. Helps in fixing the optimum selling price if the same item is purchased at different rates • Previous purchase history can be viewed for specific item for specific customer. • Comprehensive customer master with customer type & invoice/delivery addresses • Create customer types such as Corporate, Retailer, Consumer, Wholesaler, etc. as per your business need and set price level / discount for each customer type. • Customer category or customer can be linked to a price level. • Warranty status of product can be viewed. • Complete customer analysis history based on Product, Returns, Delivery challans, Credit notes, Debit notes etc. • Add and modify customer information. • Track all customer relevant data including customer id, multiple addresses, phone no, birthday, anniversary date, spouse info, child info, etc. • Generates membership ID card - automatic and manual. • Option to configure and mark whether quick add customer to save as customer ledger. • Customers can be excluded or added in loyalty programme based on settings in customer master • Payment terms and conditions can be recorded in customer master.8.2 Loyalty Management • Customer loyalty based scheme can be defined that allows to create a program to encourage specific actions and repeat business from the customers. • Products can be excluded from the loyalty program. Similarly, loyalty points on the sale value can be different for different products • Loyalty program helps to convert a irregular customer to a regular customer and encourage participation in surveys and promotions • Loyalty program can be created based on Bill or item within it can be based on amount or points • Complete analysis available on loyalty program based on items and bill wise. • Customer Loyalty points or amount can be redeemed via loyalty redemption9 Supplier managementSupplier management means lower inventories, shortage avoidance, and increased capital utilization.9.1 Supplier - Management • Comprehensive reorder module helps you to manage with optimal orders in line with your sales expectations. • Detailed purchase module helps in analyzing the most reasonable supplier for a specific product based on previous purchase history. • RayMedi help to manage supplier better with providing all type of analysis like Purchase order wise, product wise, category wise, Purchase product margin summary, supplier wise return, purchase schemes supplier wise etc • In purchase screen supplier name will be marked in red if payment is overdue. • Supplier can be categorized based on Buying Type [Material or Service] available in Supplier master.10 Ease Of UseEasy of use means software is very user friendly, flexible and easy to use02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 15/20
  16. 16. 10.1 Flexible • 100% keyboard operation. No need to use mouse. This helps you handle customers efficiently in the billing counter • POS keyboard mapping based on your frequently used functions and familiarity • Locate the item quickly using EAN/UPC/GTIN code, item code, item name, alias code, short name etc. Multiple list of value interfaces to locate the item quickly as per your trade need including fast switching from one to another • Category based selection of items, either in a single form or in a series of forms, facilitates accurate selection of items. This is useful to select items based on brand, fabric, size type of classification • Temporary saving of invoices when there is an issue with the POS terminal. When the POS terminal restarts, the invoice in progress loads again making it easy to resume invoicing from where you left • Stock ledger to get complete details on all stock transaction on a given SKU. The same can be exported to excel. • Item manager tools to manage duplicate items mistakenly created due to miss spelling, updating additional attributes attached to items for better management of masters. • Merge manager to merge company, distributor, items and customers. • Drill down option in most of reports • Multi language supported • Reprint screen : A screen where most of the transactions can be reprinted based on filter selection which facilitates ease in use. • User friendly User Interface for managing bulk updates in master like item, supplier, customer, etc. Bulk update is very useful tool to updated several column values with shingle shot it is like updating data in excel.11 MIS ReportsMIS reports (Management Information System) means report that are used to support decision making, analyzing thetrend, analyzing competition,11.1 Configuration • Powerful report administration tool users can configure the reports and add to MyReports section • Users can create customized report templates by defining and selecting fields. • Report personalization (you can configure how you want to see the reports) for eg: grouping in reports, customizing columns display order, reports can be configured as related reports and all type of filters can be customized • Can export to Text, Excel, HTML or PDF.11.2 Overview • Dash board represents data in graphical format for Sales and Gross profit for daily and monthly. Actual Vs Target ratio. • Business flash card to get overview of full business in a snap shot. • Competitor info tracking • Foot print measurement helps in analysis of foot falls and conversion ratio in shop. • Ability to see reports from Internet explorer browser from remote locations11.3 Reports • More than 350+ Predefined reports with option to configure additional sub-reports02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 16/20
  17. 17. • Complete list of sales, purchase, inventory, accounts and business intelligence reports. • Comprehensive purchase analysis item wise, distributor wise, manufacturer wise, category wise and purchase rate wise, MRP wise helps to manage distributor relationship better. • Complete sales analysis based on counter, customer, items, distributors, manufactures, sales-man, Category wise, Areas wise, Rack wise etc helps to create a comfortable atmosphere for customers. • Inventory analysis reports such as Dead stock report, wastage report, products having MRP and selling price same, low margin products etc helps reordering process to be profitable. • Detailed analysis on fast moving, slow moving, non moving based on distributor, product, manufacturer, category wise etc • Customer analysis for Top n customer for the given period. Non ordering or purchasing customer • Complete reorder analysis based on excess stock, short stock, dead stock, non moving stock, fast moving etc • Sales man analysis target based slab wise commissions, commission due, outstanding, returns and price wise • Complete analysis on category • Loyalty analysis • Price drop analysis distributor and product wise • Profit margin analysis item wise, category wise, distributor wise, customer wise, salesman wise etc • Comprehensive tracking on same product purchased from different vendors with different purchase cost. • Customer category wise reports12 Printing12.1 Print • Design your printed document formats. You can design the document format for all documents such as sales invoice, delivery challan, sales order, purchase order, goods receipt entry, credit note, debit note, payment vouchers, sales quotations etc. • Sales invoice can be printed on 40/60/80/135 column printers. Printout can be dot matrix, thermal, inkjet, laser printers • Many pre-designed sales invoice formats available as per your business unique needs. Sales invoice can show regular price and customer special price with todays savings, sales invoice with accumulated loyalty points upto this purchase, sales invoice with MRP and our store price with savings from your store etc. are available • Sales invoice can be reprinted. Options available to mark the sales invoice reprint as duplicate bill / copy bill etc. • Printing for every transaction can be configured to show preview before printing • Easy to design print format : Drag and drop the fields in each one of the section like header, detail and footer sections. • Supports text [DOS] and graphical [Windows] printing. • Design for multiple stationary types : plain paper and pre-printed stationary. • Barcode sticker can be designed and printed. • Export to pdf and same can be sent as a email.13 Security Management13.1 Security • Roles can have exception attached. • Restricted access to the screens depending on the user or role. • Screen wise operations can be restricted or allowed based on password. For eg; clearing billing screen can be configured password based. • Option for the user to hide screens within there control. • Prevent POS fraud. POS fraud is one of the biggest losses for the retailer. RayMedi POS security configuration help retail business owner plug all holes. The audit log of all POS operation help retrospect and identify the reason02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 17/20
  18. 18. for pilferage • Tracking of all unsaved invoices help prevent POS fraud. When customer does not wait for the invoice but makes the payment and goes away, the invoice could be saved without saving and printing. This encourages POS fraud. But, such closing of unsaved invoices can be access controlled so that supervisor authorization is a must for closing the invoice attempt without saving. Also, such unsaved invoice closing are logged to prevent supervisor and POS staff working together • Role has multi levels of security that can be controlled very flexibly.13.2 Audit • Comprehensive auditing of all transactions helps in finding discrepancy. Some of the examples of audited transactions in POS operations are item void, bill void, cash drawer opening / closing, auditing of price lookup, aborted bill attempts, canceled bills, edited bills, etc. • Audit tracking is based on very flexible user interface with all type of search options available that can be drilled down to transaction level. Excellent control and insightful reports make it easy to manage. • 100% audit of all operations. Audit log help investigate issues to learn about the operational issue including security lapse and help you take steps to prevent them in future. • RayMedi Audit helps to trace and have control over frauds. • With the audit log you can prevent bad practices becoming bad habits. You can also use the information to analyze exceptions to find the root cause and fix responsibility and prevent them in future.14 Barcode ManagementA bar code is the small image of lines (bars) and spaces that is affixed to retail store items, identification cards, and postalmail to identify a particular product number, rate, location etc. The code uses a sequence of vertical bars and spaces torepresent numbers and other symbols.14.1 Barcode Features • Supports barcode scanning: Verified with all leading barcode scanner vendors and POS hardware vendor equipments. • Multiple barcode formats for items supported • Customizable barcode printing options based on profiles that can be linked with items. • Extensible barcode label design to help in accurate invoicing to customers and for accurate inventory tracking : In most of the food and grocery stores, the same products in the shelf may have different selling prices due to the difference in purchase cost. This is especially true when the barcode label carries the selling price, as it is not prudent to remove all products from the shelf, re sticker them and put them back in the shelf, when there is a price change. In this case, the sales invoice must have the price as in the label of the product carried by the customer. With RayMedi POS, you can make the price information part of the barcode label so that when each item is scanned the bill carries the right price and the inventory is adjusted for the right PLU • Barcode font integrated with the printing tool so barcode can be printed on laser printer. Using this barcode can be generated for transaction numbers in the document (so that one can scan the transaction by scanning the document and use other advanced features) • Weighing scale integrated and barcode from weighing scale can be printed that are readable at POS End. • Support for Unique barcode generation based on each item each qty that helps in complete product life cycle tracking. For instance purchase reference number can be embedded in barcode itself. • Supports for Unique barcode per item per goods inwards serial number based. • Salesman code can be printed as barcode for scanning in billing • In Barcode generation provision added to generate unique barcode combination based on [Item code + month +02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 18/20
  19. 19. year + UniqID]. In this unique ID will start from 1 and go on upto N after which it will reset only when month or year changes this provides comprehensive item tracking barcode.15 Statutory Compliance15.1 Vat Reporter • The VAT Reporter is a 100% VAT enabled tool and can generated configurable VAT reports for all states. • VAT commodity master to configure the VAT commodity code as per your compliance needs. HSIN code can also be used for VAT commodity code • Sales register and Purchase register can be generated separately only for exempted items. It can be generated customer or distributor type wise • Vat reporter can be configured to be shown with surcharge or without surcharge • E-filing of VAT return supported • Vat reporter is having various configuration that will make VAT reporter suit as per your business needs16 Maintenance Tool16.1 Patch Manager • Patch Manager helps in periodic updates that can be done for latest and updated release to be available17 Support Tool17.1 Doctor • RayMedi Database verification tools helps in fixing and restoring errors related to database index, structure, versions, etc. • Options to Export and Import windows registry. • Checks for local and remote printer reachability. • Test to analysis printer response time. • Option to clear printer buffer18 Related Products18.1 Products • Retail Chain Management Solutions for two store chains for regional / national chains. • RayMedi NetTrade for automating order receipt from customers and sending electronic invoices to them. Complete business process between trading parties. Automated resulting in elimination of data entry and increasing the order / delivery accuracy, improvement in service levels and customer satisfaction. • RayMedi Weborder for customers to place orders, track delivery, to know about offers and outstanding details. In online portal customers can upload / update their stock and sales statement • RayMedi WebReporter enables real-time access to your business information. All reports are viewable from browser when you are away from your business. RayMedi WebReporter helps your store manager to keep track of the activities of the store. • RayMedi Alerts for sending business related SMS to suppliers, customers, staff and management on exceptions, promotion information and reports. SMS are sent in real time from the distribution package Sales and Distribution Management Solution for Manufacturers. • RayMedi Desktop is an unique security tool to protect your POS and PCs desktop. It helps to restrict unauthorized access. • Queue Bust is a mobile POS directly connected to server database or works in offline mode. This means, the retailer opens a counter with the mobile POS when there is huge crowd at the point of sale.02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 19/20
  20. 20. • RayMedi Service Management manages all aspects in service industry it is available as a addon in RayMedi POS which includes warranty and AMC tracking.19 Specification or System RequirementsPentium IV or AMD Processor with minimum 512 MB RAM, 20 GB Hard Disk, OS Windows XP SP 2, Vista Sp1 andhigher SVGA Monitor and CD-ROM drive. For more details please visithttp://www.gofrugal.com/POS/Point-of-sale-system-requirement.html19.1 POS Accessory Integration • Barcode Scanner • Barcode Printer • Pole Display • Cash Drawer • MSR and MICR readers • Weighing scale19.2 POS Hardware Supported • Bartronics EXTREDGE POS • HCL POS • IBM POS • Epson POS • Touch screen monitors and LCDs19.3 Vendors Name • Zebra20 Standard SupportedCodes we support [EAN/UPC/GTIN, code 128 et.al.].Note: RayMedi software comes in different editions features will vary as per editions. If local language / touchscreen are needed, they are supported only in RayMediRPOS6.5. This document is for information purpose only. GoFrugal Technologies makes no warranties, express, implied or statutory as to the information in thisdocument. RayMedi is a trademark of GoFrugal Technologies. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.© 2004-2012 GoFrugal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.02/01/2012 www.gofrugal.com 20/20