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  1. 1. Preliminary Vs. Final Production A Comparison Between .
  2. 2. • As my focus was not a big success, I had to do a lot of the research myself.• I went for the childish, or ‘amateur’ effect here, which connotes that the it is a school newsletter, and done by a student.• I tried to follow house style, with the blue, white and black colour text, which are used in the Ratcliffe logo.• I wrote ‘Lloyd The Media Success’ in blue, as blue is the main dominant colour in the logo, and connotes that he is good at media.• Looking back at this, there are so many things I would have done differently, and because I ‘rushed’ it, I found the outcome to be quite poor, as to what I could have done if I managed my time properly.
  3. 3. • In order for my magazine to be successful, it had to be conventional, and to do this I needed to find out about by target audience , and from my focus group, my group liked the current idea of red, white and black for the house style, but as the process went along you can see that there were some changes made.• The artist is making some hand gestures, (which can’t actually be seen to well on this photo) which connotes that it is a street genre magazine, as hand gestures are stereotypically associated with the street genre.• The artist is placed in front of the masthead ‘Amped’ which connotes that the artists is up and coming and also should be taken note of. And also that the consumer is assumed to know the masthead of the magazine by being partly hidden, and by the artists featured on the page. Other artists are placed around the page, which simply just didnt’t block the
  4. 4. Overall• My preliminary task was an extremely poor attempt by me and would haver changed so many things, to be some what of equal quality of my final production. I feel that I managed I was able to use the failings of my preliminary and use them to my advantage on the final production. There are many things that I would have done differently that I could have done to make my preliminary much better, and also more conventional and appealing to my target audience.• I would have used a different image of the waterfall at the front of the school, simply to make the image clearer on the newsletter. I would have also used a different image of my student, probably doing an activity to make it more conventional. The decision as to what fonts to use would not be rushed, and fonts would have been chosen more carefully. Also the actual logo would have been embedded and general placements on the page would be made different and more conventional.