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Media corrections

  1. 1. After going over through my draft of my production, I finallynailed down on some, and most of the major floors in myproduction. On the next few slides are lists of the corrections ofmy products.My corrections vary from fonts to effects on image, to the sizesof the images.
  2. 2. Front Cover• An artist effect has been created on the main/ dominant image. This made the image stand out more from the background.• I created a motion blur effect on the brick wall background, again to main the main/dominant image of the artist stand out more.• The size of the main image, got re-sized, my teacher advised me to do this, as, big main images were conventional throughout most magazines.• I also created a „gradient effect‟ on the “Win a free holiday to MYC!” – this made the text stand out more, and to simply make it look better and more conventional with the dark colour theme.• Artist effect again put on the masthead „Amped‟ to, again make it stead out, and to make it look more conventional.• Other general re-arrangements and re-sizes of features o the page.• Font changes; „Bauhaus 93‟ „Braggadocio‟These fonts just made my front cover look more conventional.
  3. 3. Contents Page• The masthead is now only „Inside‟, and was made bigger and bolder, and to make it more conventional.• The main/dominant image made a lot bigger.• The black corner was removed, simply looked better without it.• The actual contents text was made smaller, as small fonts are conventional throughout magazines.• A brief description was added placed next to the artists name. This helped the reader out as they would know what was being featured about that artists. For example „Album Review‟.• As was advised by my teacher I was able to add a photo of an music artist from school, which I previously took at a gig they were performing at.• A caption was added to the photo as this was conventional throughout magazines.• Another image was added which I personally created using Photoshop.• I added a white background, simply made the page look a lot better
  4. 4. Double Page Spread (Left Page)• Mast Head made a lot bigger, conventional throughout other magazines.• “Anything Is possible” made horizontal, and a 3D effect placed on it. Font used was Stone Sans ITC TT.• The actual fact file has been made bigger, and a red outline effect placed on it. The font used for this was Abadi MT condensed Extra Bold, which made the text easier to read and looked better.• The picture was changed to a bigger, clearer one. The background of this picture blurred out with a motion blur effect, which made the image stand out more.• A red effect placed around the actual artist.• General rearrangements and removes throughout the page, which just made the page look cleaner, and enabled me to make the main image bigger.
  5. 5. Double Page Spread (Right Page)• The image where my artist was stood in a car park was removed, to make more room available for more questions.• I changes the font to a more conventional one which was Bauhaus 93.• And other general rearrangements through out the page to make it look cleaner.• Also, I changed the background to colour to grey.