Textual Analysis: Kerrang!


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Textual Analysis: Kerrang!

  1. 1. Textual Analysis 2: Kerrang! Magazine By Jack Bonser
  2. 2. Front Cover:
  3. 3. • Typically aimed at 15 to 19 year olds.• The bands that appear at the top of the page in images clearly indicate the type of genres within this magazine, and therefor people know what to expect.• The fact that the main band o the front cover also shows that the age group of this is 15- 19 because they are holding Xbox 360 controllers, which is again mainly aimed at teenagers.• It also says the bands that are also starred in the magazine at the bottom of the page, again giving the potential customer clear indication to the genre of the magazine.• At the top right hand side of the page, it says ‘5 AMAZING POSTERS, which would appeal to teenagers who would like to decorate their bedrooms for example.• The fact the magazine name is behind the main band featured on the front cover, shows the assumption that looking at the top and the bottom of the page showing the bands being starred, assume that you will know that it is ‘KERRANG!’ magazine.
  4. 4. • It says in the middle of the page on the right hand side, it says the you have the chance to win ‘OVER £600 WORTH OF SIGNED IRON MAIDEN SWAG!’. This aiming to persuade people to buying it, as they would probably be into Iron Maiden if they are by this magazine.• The band featured where dark colours which stand out clearly from the white background.• The type of clothing the band are also wearing will also hint the genre to people, as it suggests a rock band.• Also the fact that it says ‘WIN A PS3’ also makes the magazine more appealing to the target age group, 15-19 year olds.• By the amount of text being shown on the front cover, it suggests that it is quite packed full of information and news and band and upcoming bands.
  5. 5. Contents:
  6. 6. • Again following with the house style; similar house style to that used of Rock Sound; turquoise writing to show main headings. Major contrasting colours black yellow are used to make headings stand out.• Contents at the top of the page in a bright colour makes it easily identifiably where you are in the magazine.• The character on the front page in a member of the new and upcoming band called ‘Black Veil Brides’. It shows an action shot of the band member singing, which would make the reader want to reader further on in the full interview and may want to know what the concert was like.• Page numbers clearly indicated on the right hand side of the page , next to the main heading of that page.• It also has main titles or categories which help the customer narrow down their search for something more specific in the magazine.• At the bottom of the page there is an article explaining why this specific edition of Kerrang! Is a special game issue. This will help attract more customers who would be into games consoles.• As the picture takes up half the page it connotes the importance of the band, and how it may be of particular interest to the reader.• The dark colours and makeup being warn by the band member in the big action shot picture , connotes a hint to the type of music and genre that the band sing.
  7. 7. Double- Page Spread:
  8. 8. • On the left hand side of the page, there is a very blunt and brief quote on a new and upcoming band. “THIS WILL TAKE YOUR HEAD OFF” connotes an extremity which will quickly garb he readers attention and make them want to read on.• The quote as described as above is shown in opposite colour of text and background, this makes the quote stand out more and easier to read.• In the yellow bubble near the middle of the page, it asks a a band member what was there first ever game console they had, this refers back to the special games console edition.• At the start of the main text article, the start is clearly indicated by the giant letter ‘E’.• The start of each paragraph following after the first paragraph, is almost given a highlighted word at the top of the paragraph which acts almost as a sub heading.• At the very bottom right hand corner of the page it says when a track from the band featured will be released and who will publish